Volume 5, Issue 1, page 14

They are worshiping money and cepts (beliefs) firmly rooted 'time' seems to run in 10-year
materialism, falsity, and so- in their subconscious. The cycles. We had the gay 90s,
cial prestige. And the result subconscious is ruled by a the roaring 20s, and now the
is a state of confusion. In a number of large spirit enti- 50s. So in ten years, more or
national sense, we are hypo- ties. Religious thought is less, comes a change. I think,
crites. And we are opposing very involved. An example: If personally, a change will be a
atheism ( Communism) with our a person is a victim of the blessing in disguise since I
hypocrisy. If Truth is not Catholic entity, and has spe- meet very few, if any, happy
worshiped first, it is not cia) subconscious aberrations, people under our modern way of
worshiped at all. It ceases to he might then be chosen by the thinking and living. A 'fool's
be Truth, if in second place. Catholic invisible entity to paradise', at best .
"The entire mind can be be 'pushed' into prominence. "It is well to realize that
likened to a heaven