Volume 8, Issue 7, page 3

NOVENBER, 1961 LReousant Voice of 'The Infinite.'
JERRE for Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn,

Ekuma JE

Pluto, ~Zdiydokumzruskehen


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POLICY: Don't take it so damn' serious
i t "!y

The infiniteness of Man a no red e~ to a-split infinity" by wars

or"experts" who seek to sell him wha~ he already has in an
infinite amount.

Sub-Policy: We reserve the right to change our minds f r o m i
ssue to i ssue. or even from page to page. if we desire.

Sub-Sub-Policy: Each Man b as the inherent right to be his own
and only"Authority"-with his wife's permission.

Sub-Sub-Sub-Policy: We have*no objection to ..educated guesses"
about Man's destiny - if there's no price tag to it, and if the
guesser has no objection to
our guessing that he's only guessing.


##In the beginning was the Word ... J. And we're not sure but
what it might have been better had that been the end
of it. of the"WDrd", we mean.

0# And the Word was God." But that's where even the literal
interpreters of the Bible begin doubling up in
amorphous puerility. Even tho both the Word and God are defined
with much more clarity than are 99 percent of the
other puzzles in the Bible, for some reason none of these
dedicated "students" and oracles accept all of St. John's
dictionary. "A" is O.K., but not "B". Now, what John really meant

Unlike these coin-operated parrots, who have traded their think -
tanks for recorded hypotheses, we don't know
what John meant - if anything. All we know is what he said. And
as we thumb thru a pile of metaphysical and
religious magazines that offer ways of life (and death) for the
multitude, we're practically convinced John was right.
The Word IS God. At least, it's God to too many persons in this
era of oral and printed yak-yak.

The minister shouts to his captive audience, in a voice resonant
with clerical passion , the WORDS held himself
learned in a WORD-college. The congregation, at its various
places of disassembly, takes with it the sermon - the
message - the WORDS-just heard-words which are supposed to guide
and protect them until next Sunday's word-
barrage. They have learned to worship "the WORD" -and the meaning
is lost in rhetoric..

The Bible is a book of words - including those of St. John
defining God. Innumerable sects and self-styled
religions have been formed around disputable interpretations of
these words-yet probably none could talk
intelligently for more than a split second on Life

here or hereafter - without consulting "The Word" to back them
up. "The Bible says..:'; "It says here in..."; "Our
minister says..."; "I read an article the other day which
said..." Words, words, words. Truly, as John said. "And the
Word was God." It still is.

Long-winded haranguers give lip service towords-from the pulpits,
on radio, over television. Bulls, encyclicals,
promulgations put more words on paper, giving them the aura of
law if not of reason.

And if one thinks the fault is all in religion, he has only to
examine a statute, or legal document, to see how
words can be chained together in inimical confusion. Half the
cases in our Courts are made possible because
attorneys can exact a fee for disagreeing with other attorneys on
the meaning of ambiguous words, calledin all
seriousness- "laws".

Our I ibraries - public and private-bulge with books that seek to
show how man must live for peaceful
coexistence with other men. Magazines and newspapers use tons and
tons of paper to present similar hopes to a
confused populace. Yet we probably are closer to all-out
destruction of humanity in a war to end war than ever
before in history. We read the WORDS, and know not what they say.
"Love I' is a four-letter WORDand the number
of letters used to spell it is about the full extent of
agreement. Altho we are importuned to"love everybody".-
suggest "love" to a stranger of the opposite sex and you'll get
your face caved in. "The brotherhood of man" is a
fight between nations, a controversy between races --or a war
among one's own race for different treatment,of another
race. Peace is an armed truce, in which nations go bankrupt
building weapons and training killers for the

we hope will never come. One nation parades God even on its
currency, not because it IS a nation obeying the
dictates of God but because the WORDS are a slap in the face to
another nation that denies the existence of a God.

Yes, The Word is God - and we worship the word - as well as the
paper on which it is printed.

A wordsmith discovers a meaning for a truism that has been known
and in the public domain forcenturies.
Strutting his own perspicacity, he writes a book, or books about
it, protects his WORDS by copyright, and sits
back to bask in aPpreciation. When material demands exceed book
royalties. he looks around for more revenue,
which quite often is the modus operandi of all new wordologies.
wordics, wordisms, wordosophies, and so forth.

He attracts a loyal following, who deify and quote the "Master"
by thehour andby the ton - but take away their
books and/ortapes, andthey would be tonguetied. Few know what
they are saying-but they have a fairly good
memory of what has been said. The words, in the image of the
"Master", are carved majestically in the royal purple
of Valhalla. A certificate orso (sooner or later) SAYS they are
proficient "believers". And so they are . But
theyareNOT"The Word", butworshipers of The WORD. Because they
have so filled their lives with "other Gods"
(other WORDS1, they have left no room for Gods/WORDS of their
own. They can't know for believing. They
cannot explore the virgin forest of fact because they have locked
themselves in behind the fences of others' words.

"And the word was God."

These are words, too. But how else are you going to fill a
20-page magazine?