Volume 8, Issue 7, page 6

cied, to the detriment of the slaves and planet the slaves also
will improve, since a Ion; chain of assigned guilt will
not hold, on the assigning end, if the assignee has his full
responsibility for the incidents in question.

By the recovery of the most constructive element of the planetary
population, we will, then, effectively assist
the more able (least unable) of the slaves to get out of their
selfimvosed, but none the less binding compulsive
game of destroying cause.

The object of our efforts, aside from the purely aseptic personal
precaution of staying out of the trap, is to get
the slaves out of their game-trap of destruction-of -cause by
first getting the slave-masters out of their compulsive
game of trying to help the slaves. (Please note that as soon as
anybody starts to help, the slaves pile up on his
coattails ten deep, and the second-hand overts start to pile up
on the helper.)

There is such a thing as real co-operation and the true reality
of giving and receiving help, and these are to be
cherished. But avoid the trap, when you wish to help another, of
accepting the ownership of a slave. That y o u can
regret heavily.

Be it freely admitted here that the slave needs real help more
than anybody else, but he cannot, will not, use the
offered help. He will only waste it so that it cannot go to
anybody who can use it.

A slave does not need a master. He wants one in order to destroy
that much more of cause. if you can willingly
grant a slave the right to the beingness of a masterless slave,
and go your way, both you and he will benefit from
your wisdom of choice. you benefit right there and then, and he

There is yet, of course, another variation
of this most ancient trap, and one frequently
used - the subversion of a philosophy to the
end of the destruction of the philosopher. It
worked on many in the early field of Dianetics
and has worked on the psychologists in the so-
called "social sciences", and in pragmatic
politics for many dreary years. if you pro-
nound anh expound your philosophy, sooner or
later - and the "better " your philosophy the
sooner it will happen ("better" being defined
and decided on the basis of promoting the max-
imum survival for the greatest number of dY-
namiesl - some slave will come to you and say:
you know, I said/ did just what you always
tell me, and it has come out very badly for me/
him/them'% At that moment, you have choice and
decision. If you remain aware of the trap, you
can merely ask, "And what do I always tell
you' * )11 When the recital is finished, you can
sit back in amazement at the distortion that
has just been played back as"yourlt philoso-
phy. you can then ask, "And what did you say/
do that gave such bad results?" and await even
further subversions of your teachings.

Here is the mechanism - here is the trapand there, in plain view,
are the trappers. For corroboration, witness the
subversion ' perversion, and outright substitutions, in the
altered versions of the teachings of the great ones:
Gautama. Lao-Tse, Confucius, Jesus, Zarathustra, Muhammed, and
Marlowe '. The action may be readily observed
in the still-coalescing "schools" built around the teachings of
the more modern researchers and philosophers.

We who would be free. must be willing that the rest of the world
also be free. To that end, we must seek out the
most able members of the population and free them that they may
aid us to free the next level of ability. (Note
again this is freedom-to-do, not merely free

.ffieirt~ivs of

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(ED. NOTE - Don't take our word for it; look up these crimes
against humanity in any good encyclooaedia.
Thousands of others never were recorded.)


HE FAMOUS Dead Sea Scrolls tell of a martyred"Teacher of
Righteousness"who lived before the timeof Jesus of
Nazareth. Other sources tell us about the many forgotten

'esaviours" who lived in various centuries of the Christian Era.

Not long after the martyrdom of Jesus, Pontius Pilate ordered the
massacre of Samaritans who came to hear their
"Messiah" on Mount Garizim. Simon Bar Cocheba, widely acclaimed
as "the savior of the Jews", died near
Jerusalem in 135 (A.D.) during the last revolt against the Roman
eMDeror, Hadrian. Sabbatai Zebi (1626-1726) was
crowned as the Messiah of the Jews in 1665 by the population of
Smyrna. He married a girl who escaped from a
nunnery. Sultan Mohammed IV banished him to Albania. Jacob Frank,
the last patriarch of the disciples of Zebi,
was arrested in 1760 by order of the Catholic authorities in
Warsaw. He spent 13 years in jail as a heretic.

One of the greatest Jewish Messiahs was Solomon Molko (1500-1532)
A Portuguese Christian by birth, he
was con6rted to Judaism at a time when Jews were being burned to
death by the thousands. Pope
Clement VII made him his court astrologer because he made many
correct predictions of future
events. When jealous inquisitors asked the death penalty for
Molko , the Pope helped him
escape and the Inquisitors mistakenly burned another Jew who
resembled Molko in appearance.

In 1532, Molko visited the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V at the
imperial council of
Ratisbon. There he PiLblicly announced himself as the "Messiah of
the Jews". Charles V
delivered him to the Inquisition in Mantua, where he was formally
condemned to death by fire.
When the executioner approached to light the fire, Molko was
offered a pardon if he would
recant and return to the bosom of the Church, but he firmly
rejected the offer of mercy.
Chained to the stake, he died a martyr's death . His disciples
did not forget him; they swore
he returned from the dead and appeared to them while they were
praying in their synagogue.



A"tourist state is one that boasts of its weather publicly and
curses it privately.


Big mouths often cover up for small talk.

dom-from.) This is to be a cumulative pattern, and has little or
nothing to do with the
various games o f "powee' now being played by our variegated
governmental idiots. As the
number of awarely capable persons on the planet increases, there
will be less aberration
apparent in the body public, and the rate of progress will rise
even faster.

Confucius was right! It all does begin with you/me. We "Purify"
ourselves. our families ,
our circle of friends, our social groupings, our race, the
universe - but it is = wbo must
start, and do.