Synergetically Yours

Synergetically Yours


THE PURPOSE of this article is to tell the true story of Don Purcell and his valiant effort to place Dianetics on an ethical . responsible basis. Much of the story is known to "old-timers", but the full story is known to few - and since his death, Don has been subjected to a resumption of the un- fair and unkind attacks that characterized the period 1952-1954. Don and I became very close friends during this period, and he confided to me many things that were never made public, so I was acutely aware of the unjust treatment he received.

Nowadays, Scientologists are full of talk about "overts", "withholds", and "confrontations". Their words and actions would be more credible if it were not for the many overts and withholds that were committed against Don Purcell - and which have recently been resumed. In the face of so monstrous an injustice, they stand convicted of rank hypocrisy.

Don's outstanding trait, to me, was his sincerity. He was deeply devoted to the betterment of man, and Dianetics was to him a cause to which he gave freely and without stint. His motivation in working for Dianetics was deeply idealistic and altruistic. When he first went into Dianetics he was a moderately wealthy man; to it he gave most of that wealth in an effort to keep Dianetics going. When these efforts met only vituperation and abuse, and he realized that unity could not otherwise be achieved, he gave the Dianetic Foundation back to its founder, with no strings attached.

But Iet us telI the story from the beginning.

The Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, after an auspicious start, ran into serious trouble in late 1950 and 1951. Perhaps owing to ove r- enthusiasm, the Foundation found itself deeply in debt - I believe in excess of $100,- 000. These were business obligations - bills due for goods and services rendered-not a di- abolical plot by criminals and Communists. Then, on April 24,1951, the United Press broke the story of Sara Hubbard's divorce action, in which she charged that "competent medical advisers" had found her husband "hopelessly insane", and in need of psychiatric observation. These charges were not true, but the bad publicity was a damaging blow to the Dianetic cause - nor was it helped by the fact that previously there had been a rumor to the effect that Sara was a "clear". Added to this was a

considerable amount of internal dissension, culminating in the withdrawal of five of the seven original members of the Board of Directors. These included John W. Campbell Jr., and Dr. J. A. Winter, whose enthusiastic i ndorsements had played a major role in the great interest Dianetics attracted.

Don Purcell was at his best when the going was tough; and he proved it on this occasion. In a I etter sent to friends dated May 21, 1952 , be tells of it in his own words:

"We have received a great many letters lately requesting us to answer the accusations that have been made by L.Ron Hubbard and James Elliott against myself and the rest of the Foundation personnel. This letter is an answer to these accusations..

"In July of 1950, i*iook the professional course in Elizabeth, N. J. By the time I had finished the course, I knew that Dianetics offered a greater understanding of mind than any other field of investigation in existence. Mind had been a subject of prime interest and study to me for about 20 years.

"While at Elizabeth, I determined todo all I could to assist the advance of Dianetics. This was a strong postulate. Just before I left Plizabeth I asked Ron how I could best serve Dianetics.... He told me to go home to Kansas for the time being and develop as much local interest as possible....

"When things got rough within the Foundation late in 1950, we offered assistance. Our offer was accepted and the Foundation moved to Wichita (in the Spring of 1951.--A.C.).

"Ron was in Havana, Cuba, at the time. He was in bad physical condition and quite sure that he didn't have a friend in the world except me. He had left Los Angeles and gone to Havana because he had been told that psychiatrists had been hired who would examine him and adjudge him insane and have him committed to an institution.

"I finally convinced Ron that I could protect him as a guest in our home until June. He arrived here on April 14. We gave Ron good present-time and helped restore his confidence in people. Ron, Margaret (Mrs. Purcell), and I would sit up until 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning, discussing Dianetics. When Ron's mind is working on this subject, he has no equal.

"As Ron's self-confidence returned, he be


thing out of the past.

It had all been done so simply, too. Come to think it over, and talk it over with your wife as you did that night before dropping off to sleep. i-le day had been the kind of day you'd alway~ wanted. Why hadn't you taken it, then, and all the days.)

You made a clean breast of it, and she was thoughtful. She was silent, until you realized that on your ending the story of the 16 hours with Jesus she had dropped off to sleep.

Jesus must have been working on this, too. Had H e, thus beautifully, told you the most important technique of all for happiness in life, in love, marriage, everything?

"Take it right into sleep with you, as far as you can. with right desire, and so it shall be unto you," the Associate seemed to suggest.

You tried it.

"Tomorrow shall be even.better," you started inward to sleep. "Tomorrow shall be even better ......

"What I do today I do better tomorrow," You changed it a bit, trying for size.

"You'll be with me tomorrow, Sirl" you asked the Associate.

"See you around, of course," you dreamily felt Him saying, rather slangily for such an Associate,"but I need not watch, you know, so long as you watch yourself."

"Tomorrow will be even better," you said drowsily to yourself, pushing the idea ahead of you into sleep like dust before a broom. "Tomorrow will be better!"

It was almost as if it already was better. It was.

"Tomorrow will be better," you thought.

"Tomorrow will be tomorrow - The End