Volume 8, Issue 7, page 12

like a puppet on a string, but could have the advice of his
Wonderful Counselor, which would help him accomplish
his true soul desires.

The conscious thinking mind is the mind of free will. It is
subject to constant change according to man's limited
judgment. Thinking a thing right or true does not make it right
or true, but to seek the advice of the Knower within,
and act on that knowledge, always brings the right result. To
think one knows is not enoughl.it is when one knows
that he knows that the Superconscious is operating. Self

knowledge. is the way to heaven (the uplifte; state of
consciousness). Unless m an has the desire to know the mind
of Christ (the Superconscious), he wanders in a wilderness of
thought, and wastes his opportunity for redeeming his

The subconscious could be called the soil of the soul. As the
ground accepts seed. so the subconscious or feeling
nature accepts thought seed that bring forth fruit after their
own kind. if only true thoughts or suggestions coming
from the Superconscious were accepted. man would soon express his
Divine Image. But due to the faulty judgment
of the conscious mind, the soil of the subconscious is sown with
thorns and thistles that needle man into finding a
solution to his problems. Thus eventually man is forced to seek
truth to find relief. if he is earnest in his search, he
will find the kingdom of heaven within, which Jesus taught and
demonstrated by His pattern life. He will find that
the true purpose of the subconscious, or feeling nature, is to
exalt man's conscious mind into the higher light of the
Superconscious, wherein he can build a body temple according to
the"pattern shown thee in the mount" (or Divine

The object of human life is to give man the opportunity to work
in the world of form and learn how to express
the true perfection of God. "Be ye therefore perfect~feven as
your Father which is in heaven is pe ect.10

"What house will ye build me, saith the Lord, where is the place
of my rest. " This house is not a temple made
of brick and mud as most have interpreted this scripture; it is
the "temple not made with hands.", the purified
physical body transmuted into a body of light

This is accomplished not by dying, as mosi Christians have
supposed, but by living the Life of Christ until the
truth has set you free .

"Know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." "Him whom
the son hathmade free is free indeed", for he
truly possesses his soul - This means one has command of his
subconscious mind, the doer in the body.



gan to develop more and more ambitious schemes to rapidly advance
Dianetics. In fact, he wanted to advance it more
rapidly than the society would accept it. I was chided when I
tried to inject conservatism in these plans.

"The old creditors -from New Jersey were hounding us with
lawsuits.... I suggested we put the old Foundation in
bankruptcy so we would have an opportunity to rebuild without the
pressure of litigation. Ron would not agree to
such strategy. He preferred to have me pay these creditors off as
the occasion arose.

"Finally I arrived a , t the conclusion that we just had to
adjust our spending to our income. My available
cashsurplus was about gone. After informing Ron of this fact,
things were not the same between us. He apparently
did not believe there was an end to my cash and that I

The AB

was just plowing his schemes under by refusing to finance them.

"Ron decided acute measures were called for to raise cash and
initiated his Allied Scientists of the World scheme.
It was a moneyraising scheme launched independently by Ron from
Denver, Colo. Ron solicited funds thru the
mails from many scientists. including scientists working on
secret Government projects. The Department of Justice
became very much interested in his activities and took a dim view
of the whole thing. Ardent work on the part of
the Foundation staff and particularly on the part of Jean Moore
finally got the mess straightened out.

"Our creditors were still pressing hard and finally thk6atened a
liquidating receivership for the Foundation. To
escape this litigation, Ron quit the Foundation. He released all
his interest in the Foundation, implied and
contractual, gave all his stock back to the Foundation. and
resigned. Ron did this to set up a screen between himself
and the creditors. From his subsequent actions, it seems that his
reasons were more deeply seated than he would have
us believe.

"We prepared to file in bankruptcy and Jean Moore sent Ron
immediate notice of the fact ... I received a telegram
from Ron informing me that he was suing me for one milliondollars

del am not trying to destroy Dianetics or Ron Hubbard. I am not
prepared to spend $500,000 for this purpose. All
my liquid assets have already been spent during the past year
trying to build the Foundation, in spite of Ron
Hubbard's talent fo r spending money on wild schemes. I paid the
court approximately $6,000 for the Foundation
and all its assets, copyrights, etc., in order to protect the
investment of cash and work that had been previously put
into these things. I did not receive $500,000 from the American
Medical Association toput the Foundation into
bankruptcy as Ron claims I did. None of the other accusations
made by Ron or Jim Elliott are true. Ron told me in
a recent telephone conversation he made these accusations only
for the purpose of enlisting public opinion on his
side ......

For the next two years, Don worked long and hard on behalf of the
Foundation, supporting its activities at a
loss, doing everything he could to build it up into a reputable
and socially acceptable institution. On advice of his
lawyers, he filed countersuit against Mr. Hubbard; but this was
purely defensive and he several times assured me he
would gladly have dropped his suit had Mr.Hubbard done the same.
Again and again he tried to persuade Mr.
Hubbard to rejoin the Foundation.

One can question Don's judgment in this matter, and I, for one,
did. on several occasions I suggested that he try
to terminate the struggle and let Mr. Hubbard have the Foundation
back again. But Don believed. in Dianetics , and
he continued tohope that some day he could induce Mr. Hubbard to

As time went on, it became increasingly clear that this was not
going to happen. Finally, in August. 1954, Don
gave the Foundation and all its assets back to Mr. Hubbardafter
having spent over $100, 000 on its behalf .

Don died of cancer in June, 1959. In Hubbard I s REALITY
(December, 1959), there appeared a statement,
alleging:"A millionaire in the U.S. once tried to seize all of
Dianetics, but the effort failed. And, sad to tell, the
millionaire died the other day."

The students in Scientology aren't the only ones with " overts "
that shoul d be " run out ".