Volume 8, Issue 7, page 7



lttrac~ Smart Suckers

Many So-called Metaphysical "'Truths" Are
Labeled Tricks Played on Highbrow Mediums


U C K E R S are born every minute, but
some persons are so certain they
know all the angles that they will
yield o n 1 y to a special type of
pressure. For example, they label
theology and Spiritualism for "imma-
ture minds" - but metaphysics, yoga,
spiritual healing. and clairvoyance
commercials cause them to open wide
their purses, and empty them"to the
last farthing Dianetics/ Scientology
must be included among the"irresisti-
bles ", for it is the champion of "takers"

if you don't have a "last farthing", yo~ can sign a promissory

Certainly they all have some merit, but if people were smart,
they would pick up their winnings (gains) after the
first few passes (lessonsl, as all the above teachings give you a
lift at the start, but like penicillin, there are no
additional values after the first few shots. Unfortunately, the
egotist does not know when his pitcher is full.

Clairvoyance is nothing more than mediumship which has gone
highbrow. moved uptown where the fees are
higher. The Catholic saint, too, was nothing more than a medium
who never cashed in while alive-but the church
cashes in. forever after.

Two outstanding cases of mediums moving uptown are Madam
Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society,
and Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science.
Confidentially. Christian Science derives its name from the fact
it is neither Christian nor science. '

Clairvoyance is glamorized far beyond its capabilities by persons
who deeply visualized it, but never possessed
it. My first-hand contacts with most of the heads of the leading
metaphysical schools have verified this. At best.
they possessed a second grade of psychic sensitivity. None could
demonstrate it at all times, but had to wait for
certain times and certain places. "Little One (L. 0., my wife)"
and I converse with our H. W. (Heaven World) friends
at any hour, anywhere.

The late Elbert Benjamine (C.C.Zain), founder of the Church of
Light. in one of his monthly messages to his
international followers, said, in the spring of 1949, "These are
trying times, w e w i I I have to arm to the teeth."
Since he took on the stature of Jesus to his followers, and led
them to accept his messages as heaven-sent, I asked
him. "Is it possible your message came from the same heaven where
was Jesus. who said, 'Put up th

sword'?" He~later admitted his message was de! rived from
astrological delineation. The message sent out to his
followers here and abroad did not contain what he admitted to me.

I repeat: Clairvoyance is asfallible as the Pope. It contains no
omniscience. and its progno-stications. like the
prices in catalogs, are

NOVEMBER, 1961 T h e A B

subject to change. it i s not clair (clear) voyance (visionl but
is rather a sense of receptivity. They do not see at will,
they do not hear at will. They are communicated with by a H. W.
entity. This I can prove.

At this point, I wish to say with emphasis that L.O. and I are
not Spiritualists. A Spiritualist is one who
believes in and practices that religion. We belong to no church
and are bound by no religion or dogma, L, 0. is not a
medium, as the term is commonly understood. She is a psychic
sensitive, and does not exploit it for money.

The reason for the limited value of clairvoyant reports is, as -I
have previously explained, due to the fact our
Creator gave us our minds with no strings attached. The mind is
as free as the elements, subject to no juggling from
heaven, and like the elements is subject to impingements from
prevailing and constantly changing conditions. For
example: the Cuban invasion,when it was on the horizon, was seen
by our H. W. friends as the possible beginning
of World War III. Its complete failure was obscured by the
whirlpool of exchanges between informants in U.S.A.
and the recipients in Cuba, with many in-the-making counter moves
in the mixing bowl. Why then should anyone
be willing to pay considerable money to schools that claim they
can teach clairvoyance, when : 1. It is doubtful that
they possess it. and/or can teach it. 2. its value i s greatly
overrated. 3. It will not bring advantages that will gain
for you fame, fortune, or power. 4. It may break your heart when
you find you cannot see God from this pinnacle.

Many who visit us hint-some subtly, others boldly-that they would
not expect itfor nothing, "But if you could
ask your H. W. for a winning number, a Wall Street stock that
will go up, where to dig for buried money.... " We
know these people are all good people, for they tellus so. They
must be good-hearted, for they promise to give
considerable to charity. They protest genuinely (even as I did
years ago) that all they want
is to find God-but if on the way He would help them with a
windfall, they could alleviate so
much misery - especially their own. I would have gotten fighting
mad if someone had told me
that even a thief, robber, or pickpocket gladly gives 20 or 30
percent of the loot someone
sets up for them.

We had a visitor from out of town who had sought our advice
feverishly many times. This
sincere gentleman was only interested in finding God. He had
spent lotsof money, and
sleepless, searching nights. We sympathized with him and promised
to help him get answers for
himself thru his own planchette. on his second visit after
preliminaries, we asked him to sit
with the planchette. In his own home at best he could get only
unintelligible scribbling, but
we managed to get several letters and unrelated words. We thought
the sitting a success,
altho the friend showed disappointment. His third visit the
following week brought