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or Become a

succes:fu I leader the New
Age Fo free information. write

In , ;r Powers Society P 0. Box
1001. Yucca Valley. Calif.' 77.3

c h 3

lot . 3.00. Anna KnipEi
author; ex?l a, ns arc:na '4 tra:ia
dates. Ta r 0 Cards, a d II al

charades and others in contempor-

ary.re. Ions Much research in-
ed For;m Publishirs 3 24

NV:wbury Street. Boston I . iass.

*SEND FOR your copy of "Waking

the Dreamer Man", y Arthur J

Burks. An on the spot, factuai
2 ccount of the methods and pro .
ledures of MARCAP COUNCIL. Inc..
Lakemont.$Ge.o0rfJ,o.t s a
0 u a t f at , a tpaid. Ask f?r
our ree book I a 77 3

0 THE TRUE BIBLE is Picture Writ

ing In the Stars. $1. Th; planet Saturn is Sat ". ioghiped on
S:turnD:y,:nd he at, h a rh

5 ` I th brew letter L. No:
hT.11 feminine counterpart, Lilith
or Delilah (note L's) is being

photographed; she is a fragmen-

tarl.ri,g like L.s ircling th-
I a r a a soon. hee News-week,
July 3, 1961, Par 63. Her orbit
partly worke out by Dr. Wal-
Zae:at h before 1898. seen crossing
the sun as U.F.O.'s. The Inortant
thing is that she Is lo a ted In
the sign she rules in the star
maps - modern and ancient. In the
first decanate of Virgo, now on


the Equinox opposite the Flyin

Horse. Botfi are very sifnificanf but Lilith Is the most mpo-tant
planet ruling the U S A. now and especially after F;biuar-y 1962
eclipse. (Astrol ers note she
is in Pisces 11, Ve r detriment. ) CLD R I Box 625, Cases, Wash.
colohng &oroscopes $1. 77-lo

0 ORIENTAL SUCCESS BEADS. facsimile of Lana Tibetan Buddhist
Rosary. Unilue. mystifying. fascinat ng. aid to brin :ney,
success. and healing. 64

Success Beads pr:yers,.and complete instruclion $. 25X
usttaid.W.Madel;noHeilgi Bo 25A.

ake les. I rids. g 75.3*

0 SUBUDI Its part in the divine
plan seen b1.on:t2:t -1 le of its
ranks. For in ra n W~rite* Re-
seatch Dept., Ma rca p council

Inc., Lakesont, Ga. 75.5

r 9" 12" $12 50;

- 3:0( 116'W' $30 00.

12 las%nal2eo
Oil-colors. post~ald. None frame..
State ersonage

L;.t Eva Woodford.
Rt. 1. 901 45. Creek . W. V a.

0 FOR FUN AND FUNDS- Color hor 0

3 copes! Want a profitable and interesting career or sideline?
Color horoscope S by a SIM... - method -- RED for signs rul d by
Saturn. Lilith, and maleftcs
(ca~i itals). GREEN for,:ivns ruled

Sun ' Moon,,,and a I letter

planets. B n coloring the first

says ... 'Let us (God and the Logos) make man in our IMAGE. and
after our LIKENES& ..etc.' A cross-reference on
this scripture will show that the IMAGE and LIKENESS here spoken
of is referred to as LOVE, WISDOM,
POWER, and JUSTICE ... these are the attributes man possesses
that puts him above the animals. Reason it out.

"I know that these things I write about will not convert anyone;
that is not my intention. .

"Anyone reading The ABERREE can see that there are many that are
looking for something to base a belief on.
They are reaching out, trying to find the reason for their very
existence. They look to the occult and metaphysical
field for their answers and this may satisfy them but why does
man try to bring GOD down to this level... try to
debase the Almighty by actually believing they can some day be a
part of HIM? This is perhaps a result of the
teachings that false religion has given to men. I can understand
why many become disgusted and go to looking for a
better way to understand about God when I listen to the false
teachings handed out by the clergymen of all faiths.
One cannot learn the Bible in any church: all he can learn is the
rituals or doctrines that will keep him a member of

that particular church.

"If they will give the Bible a chance --and by that I mean real
study of it--if they will out as much effort forth in
searching for the truth in it as they do in their readiness to
accept the spouting of some kook that believes in the
holiness of man ... they will find that it is not an
unreasonable, unreadable conglomeration of nothing. To receive
any knowledge, you must put forth effort. "--Norman Taylol-, 2017
W. Malone, Peoria, Ill.



zine to reach our desk is VIS-
ION, published by Rov Eugene
Davis, of Garrett Park, Md.
Volume 1, Number I is a 32-
page, pocket-size publication,
mostly of Davis's writings-
but this is to its credit, as
all who have read Davis's nu-
merous books will agree. Es-
pecially notable is the long
editorial, in which the entire
subject of metaphysics-espec-
ially the tendency to disinter
an ancient system, label it
"NewAge", and start mulcting
the gullible"trutb seeker"-
is aired and some-of it lament-
ed. VISION will be published
bimonthly, which should give
Roy plenty of time for lec-
turing and teaching ...


day. 6Price 31.00. C & L , Route 1, Box 25, Cases, Washington. 76
. 3 .


VICE name. your address,

your ail.yeoutl Your return address
stamped envelope. Enclose $5 do-
nation. refun d if desired. We
have faith we can help you as we
have others: These rayers are
for the individual: ie work with
doctors or without them. The Na.
tional Con re:.,pf Healers and
Spiritual Eon u rants Inc. Ad-
dre 8 -- Re V. George H. Clark,
pre:ldent 2378 Marion Avenue,
New York 58, N. Y. (Editor, Lec-
turer. Counsel. Hospital. Civics.)

0 CAN YOU CONTROL and use Na

ture's laws constructively? I; not, learn how before natural is W
. used negatively,, could destroy You. You will nd the answers in
the biographical novel.
" Strange Prologue". by Alberta M. O'Connell $4.75. Christopher
Pub.Co., hoston 20, Mass. 73.4*


bership from the Florida Society for Psychical Research, Inc. To
a ustaining members a free handwr I tin6oanalysis. Write Box 6 52

Green ve Springs. Fla. 75.8*1

MARCAP COUNCILInc.. announces

the beginning 'of its publishing
work. Write to: Marcap Council,
Inc. Publishin Co * Lakesont.
Ga for fu If INt of current
ui~hcations. Man authors. Col.

rthur J.Hurks a Teatured writer. 22 of his works now available.

M:ny.. pub II cations on ESP. Past
L ve Case Histor I .igd many

other highly interetisn' d con-

. or t %at,

troversial subjects d

"When Will Yesterday Come?

Dr. E. Blanche Pritc het t and Col.

Arthur J. Burks. Price $5.00,

9osta included. And watch The
BERRI; for future announcements

of great momentum. 75-3

6"WE HAVE EXAMINED THE BODY". by Arthur J. Burks. an exciting
book which tells, in a W armly personal manner. the stor Of t he
author's experiences
in.,The Art. zone desert. with the sleeping

By Dr. John ff. Manas

The most ancient of all divine Arts andSciences known to man
unveiled for his use and benefit. The laws and methods to foresee
the future used by the
most famous of the ancient oracles, the Slbyls and the Prophets
of Israel revealed. The origin of the Christian Religion. Its
rituals. festivals and customs. The
Temples of ESculaplus an d Trof onius In Greece, the first
medical and Psychosomatic clinics.

7hi s i s the mos t documented and authentic book for all to
study. Rare illustrations. J20 pa es

cloth-bound, index. W6b

Postpaid. Send for your copy today to:


152 West 42nd Street
Now York 36, N. Y.