Volume 8, Issue 7, page 8

writing almost from the instant he started with the board. His
first question was,"Will I
sell my transistors?" The planchette was now writing like
mad."When?""How soon?" Even as the
board was answering, he could not wait, but was asking L. 0.
similar questions to get faster
answers. I called a halt to this farce, but our friend was so
enthused by the successful
writing that he did not sense what we saw as a violation of
spiritual ethics. Next day, he
called us on the phone, complaining his board would not move for

Metaphysical schools have made claims that they have first-band
proof thru clairvoyance
that Atlantis did exist. This and other of their extraordinary
teachings are unquestionably
truthful, having been attested to by prominent clairvoyants down
thru the ages.

L.O. has visited the moon, the planet Mars, the bottom of the
Pacific ocean, and the
Florians, a people living in a town called Templetown located in
the bow Is of the earth. These
visits were made while she was in deep hypnotic sleep. Later, in
sessions which were not
hypnotic, she sat in reverie, giving a running account of
revisits to these places to double
check her first findings, all of which were carefully recorded.

In every other department of our wedded life, I am her "Shatzie"
(treasurel, but because
at this date I do not regard these trips as actually having taken
place, I am on her "bad boy
list". Over a period of time, I have been trying many other
avenues of experimentation, but altbo
I am positive L. 0. did not fabricate, I am equally certain that
these visits were an
excursion that she was taken on by our H. W. friends who enjoyed
our amazement while it was

Atlantis, the seven - fold constitution of man, evolutionary
rounds on successive planets,
and other Rosicrucian and Theosophical teachings which have been
attested by clairvoyance '
stand equally unprovable and in my estimation invalid.

Returning to Dianetics/Scientology, when I used to process people
asking them to "be three
feet behind your head", and they answered, "Yes", I knew they
were lying, even as I had I
ied. L. Ron Hubbard devotees who resent this may have their
revenge by performing this feat
for money. I can guarantee a packed Madison Square Garden, with
ticket-paying customers who
would gladly come to see L.R.H. or any of his "doctors" "Be three
feet behind his head", on a double-your-
money-back if not performed.

Many write us for answers on psychic unfoldment, life after
death, activities in the H.
W., and healing. Altho we do not accept money, we evade no
questions concerning our teachings
or others. There is one point at which we become disturbed. When
people harp on the
inconsistencies and shortcomings of the school and lessons for
which they are paying-yet
continue paying there while still peppering us With questions f
or better answers, without
even thinking to send a stamped envelope for their personal
answers-we feel this is an
imposition ,

There are many who have wailed thru pages of The ABERREE Of how
they are suffering. Many
hands are eager to take their money, but none brings relief. Most
of those who have
complained the hardest that they have suffered the most are the
least given to listening. A
highly-rated d-octor said to an aunt of mine , "Please do not
come to see me any more. You
are not a credit to my practice. You Pay my fee, but you do not
follow my instructions."

The mind that is strong is not necessarily healthy. William
Bendix used to say. "Don't

8 The RE

bother me with facts; my head is made up."

Several with whom I sympathized took insult when I suggested they
first will have to
change their way of thinking-which brought on their malady-before
we could help them. others disliked us
instantly when we told them there are no miraculous cures. Many
will only accept their curie
in a package they have visualized, in a form to their liking. Why
do these people ask for
help if they know so much about the kind of healing they need?

I wish to stress that almost all maladies are self-inflicted.
Certainly, ulcers, etc., are
biological facts, but they were started and entrenched by
inharmonious mind activity. The
mind gives birth to almost all dis-eases, and chronic maladies
took years of persistent wrong
actions directed by mind-it was not instantaneous. Not even an
accident is instantaneous.
Insurance companies penalize the "accident prone". Ordinary
people progress slowly toward
their accident, the accident prone runs .

A person who gets insulted when told his wrong thinking has
brought on all his maladies,
and will not listen to correction, is a person who is digging his
grave painfully.

Dale Carnegie used to tell of a druggist whose sympathy for his
customers was so genuine,
he would take on their maladies when he filled their
prescriptions. This was brought about
purely and simply by his intense mind activity, which made him
Pailt of that affliction. He had
to sell his prospering business.

What the mind can do, the mind 'can undo, and what has taken time
to create will take time
to un-create.

I-find considerable agreement with the late Charles Fillmore,
founder of Unity School of
Christianity, who said,"There are no incurable diseases". I would
like to reword that, "No
case is so far gone that healing or alleviation cannot be
started." So, to anyone who is
suffering, start your healing now. Regardless of how impossible
the cure may appear, the first
steps will ease pain and suffering, and may even bring the cure
into focus.

To those who cannot see a formula for healing within the
framework of this article, will
add: You thought yourself into this mess, you can think yourself
out of this mess. An easy start is
to sit or lie, thoroly relaxed, and dream health-three times a
day. 10 or more minutes each time.
Visualize a sea of harmony and float on it. The comfort you get
will be the proof that
healing need not be complex or expensive.

The period of dying canbe made advantageous by eliminatine ~ize
to suffer. This may be effected by
filling your time (the mind c an entertain only one thought at a
time) with meditation and
reflection on how you will use, to advantage - in your new
environment of no physical
limitations-the knowledge and experience you have gained here on



When churches want to save tbe"heatben". they send "missionaries"
to the scene of the so-
called crime. But when these same churches want to "save" the
world from Communism, they do
their preaching in a democracy, half a world away from the very
people who should be educated
about how big a mistake they're I etting their leaders make. Why
isn't infiltration that's
good for the "spiritual heathen" also good for the "political
heathen"? Or maybe it's safer
to incite a war than to infiltrate. And besides I who wants to
have to get out and work for
his living like everybody else, just to prove the superiority of
his knowledge?

E R R E E - NOVEMBER, 1961