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WORD WAS GOD." says the John Gospel~tfgiv_
ing us the only definite description the

biblical God that has descended from the

prehistoric world; and we shall pinpoint

this God by solving the secret of the Lost

WORD. The trail leads directly to the

We have examined the Brittanica and Americana encyclopedias as to
the Sphinx. and from them condense the
following data:

The oldest and greatest of ancient symbols that have come down to
us is the Sphinxt the Greek name of the
image. which means to bind tight, to squeeze. The Egyptians
called the Sphinx Hu or Neb.

The type perhaps originated in Egypt, and was borrowed from there
by Greek art. As the figure was found more
often on tombs, Milchhofer inferred that it was a symbol of death.

In the mythology of ancient Egypt, the Sphinx represented the
solar deity, Ra. All ancient nations seem to have
held these monstrous beings of various shapes and forms as
objects of awe, compelling adorationt worship.

The Arabian traveler and historian, Abdullatif (1161-1231 A. D.),
in referring to the Sphinx at Gizeh, s aid: At a
little more than an arrow's flight from the pyramids is a
colossal figure of a head and neck projecting from the sand;
and the name of the figure is 'Father of Terrors'.

"In spite of its enormous size, everything was in proportion
tonature... In a face of such colossal size, it is not
known how the sculptor could have been able to preserve the exact
proportions of every part, as nature presented
him with no model of a similar colossus, or anything at all
comparable" (DeSacy's Trans.l.

We observe that as late as the 13th Century A.D., this image was
still buried up to its neck in the windblown
sand of the desert, as it had been for ages before, when first
found by the most ancient Egyptians, who knew no
more than we do about those who made it.

An inscription of the Fourth Dynasty, extending back 6,000 years,
mentioned the Sphinx as then being a
monument so old that all data of its origin were lost, and that
it had been discovered by accident, buried in the sand,
beneath which it had stood for ages unknown.

When the sand was cleared away, the workers were amazed to find
the image, 189 feet long, was carved from
solid stone. It is the oldest symbol of the ancient masters ever
discovered, and some authors believe the image was
constructed about 30,000 B.C.

The Sphinx symbolized the Sacred Four Elementsm-fire. air, water,
earth-also called the Four Gospelers, and
indicated by the four fixed signs of the Zodiac, which are
divided into three groups--cardinal, fixed, and dual signs.

The cardinal signs - Ariest Libra, Cancer t and Capricorn -
portrayed the active principle of the Universe, the
driving, vivifying force. The fixed signs-Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius.

This Is What Happened ---


Lucky was a little blue-eyed ball of innocence when he came to
live with us in 1952. He was also one of the
strangest kittens V ve ever seen. and I've seen olentv

No matter what I gave Lucky at mealtime, he would always leave
one small bite in his food dish, and a few
drops of milk in his bowl. After eating his meal, he would sit by
my husband's chair with all the patience of his
species, waiting for my husband to rough him up.

During the daytime, he would"collect" bits of bark, leaves, small
stones, and bugs. These be would bring to the
house and"store" in the corner behind the front door. I would
leave his collection alone as long as possible before
getting the dustpan to clean it all out again. Lucky would be
very insulted and bell igerent for a f ew days but
always started over .

When he was about three or four months old, we discovered another
odd habit of his. He prayed! Each evening
when he came in the house , he would jump on the sofa, where he
would sit on his haunches and lay his paws on
the armrest. Placing his little nose on his paws, he would close
his eyes and"talk". When he had flnished with
his"prayers", he would jumpdown for a good scuffling.

We mentioned this habit to our neighbors who insisted on watching
it. All of us watched this for about two
months, until a new neighbor moved in. of course, she heard about
it and came over one evening to see for herself.

"I don't know what passed between her and Lucky, but she knelt
down by one of the chairs. Lucky turned and
looked straight at her, curled his lips back, and gave one
nasty-bitter "Ps-s-s-t-t !" She went out the door and has
never returned. Lucky jumped down from the sofa, and to my
knowledge has not "prayed"

since. - Lounna Julaine, Taxpa, Fla.



not make the connections.

Here are some rules which may help:

1. Mistrust all immediate answers, because the chances are that
when your reply comes at once, your objective
mind is speaking to you. It is well to repeat the question at
each period of meditation for several days.

2. Examine the answer closely when it comes in the form of words,
and consider it well because the objective
mind invariably expresses itself in words and sometimes in a long
dissertation. Universal Consciousness usually
conveys the answer to your mind in an impression or conviction.

3. Test the answer by your reason until your intuition has been
fully awakened and can tell where the answer
came from. For example, suppose you ask for advice and the answer
shocks your sense of justice or truth, or
expediency or probability. Sit in judgment upon it.

4. Deity will usually answer your question at an unexpected
moment, when your objective mind is off guard.

If mistakes should be made intbe beginning, your implicit trust
in Deity will render such mistakes harmless and
ultimately turn them to

Taurus-indicated a steadfastness, repose, and persistence. The
dual signs -Gemini, Virgo

Sagittarius, and Pisces-related to adaptability and harmonize the
lower self with the higher. That is the beginning of
astrological sci

ence. (Continued in the next issuel