Volume 8, Issue 7, page 9




Part 10. CHAPTER VIII- -THE SPIRIT WITHIN -W Tou HAD finished the
day's work, the work for
which you were being paid I which provided your livelihood. You
were driving home and there was a great
satisfaction in you. You couldn"t remember when you had felt so
pleased with the day. Instantly you realized it was
not the day that pleased you, but yourself

No regrets followed you home o; Pde in the seat beside you. You
bad been irritated with no one, had
irritated no one in your turn. The work hadn't been boring
because you had wholly done it. There had been no
skimping. You hadn't taken unauthorized coffee breaks
-by"unauthorized", you meant you hadn't stolen any of the
company's time on the pretense that coffee was called for.

You'd never, these last few years, cared much for your job. Now
you had learned, in just one day, that there were
things about it you had never discovered. There was work in it I
of course, and come right down to it, it was the
Father's Work. You'd discovered that, the greatest discovery of
all. You'd done it with the Father Is hands, brains,
with your own Great God Self. the Father's bestowal of
personality upon you. Seeing it thus, you realized a great
old truth: that anything worth doing was worth doing well.

You 'd deliberately done all the obviously useful things you'd
never before taken the time to do because they
hadn't been, specifically. paid for or included in your contract
of employment. You'd even dropped a few suggestions
in the box. among them this:

"If I do my work as Jesus did His, and would do mine if He were
holding down my job, I'd have nothing to regret
or be concerned about. and the whole job would be better, move
faster. 11
The boss, reading that, would likely be embarrassed, wondering
what sort of.person would offer such a
suggestion. You'd signed your name, too, defying criticism. The
boss might think you'd "got religion", but down
inside you'd always had it, real-ly. So had everyone, monitored
by conscience. but nobody used it. Leastwise you
hadn't. That was another thing: you hadn't criticized anyone
else, even inside yourself. How could you, not really
knowing anyone else - tho you'd always felt you knew others even
better than you knew yourself.

"Judge not that ye be not judgedi"Your Associate had said this
long ago. Just now you'd followed thru, and
everybody seemed to have been nicer all the day thru!

"What you think is what you are! " you felt your Associate. there
beside you. saying it. "Maybe you'll remember
that when I'm with you hereafter more in spirit.... 11
But then, wasn't He always in spirit? Were you not, also? In the
flesh. but in the spirit I

too, where you did your best work. Like today, for instance. when
you worked thru spirit rather than thru animal
man. Animal man was all right, but he needed his constant wedding
to spirit to make it possible to live with him.

There was joy on the journey home. You didn't even try to look
ahead expecting complaints from the wife, or
the kids, or demands for details of the day's happenings. How
many times had you thought, and sometimes even
snapped out:

"It's been badenough to live thru the day's irritations once. Why
insist on making me live them over?"

It had never been fair. She had always been interested in your
work, believed you to be interested in hers. Since
you had enjoyed the day's work, you should enjoy telling the
family. They'd enjoy telling you, too.

You always listened to the radio, then read the newspaper. You
hated being interrupted during the hearing or the
perusal. Now it was going to be fun. This you knew. It would be
fun because you'd live it with them, and make
them live the day's satisfaction with you. And going over it
might show flaws which could be repaired tomorrow.
That you'd not thought of before. But didn't all Nature
recapitulate? God did it with everything that grew. That was
the secret of evolution, its vast mystery. You were part of
Nature. You even ran a lot of it. You were one of the
gods of the Three Lower Kingdoms of animal, mineral, and
vegetable . You were quite a fellow if you allowed
yourself to be.

You drove carefully, easily, pleased that somehow you could think
so clearly and drive so well atthe same time.
How many things could a man do at the same time if he put his
mind to it?

de I said," said your Associate, "that where two or three are
gathered together in my name, there am I also in the
midst of them."

He left it there, for you to pick up. How many twos and threes,
thruout the Universe, were gathered together at a
given time, any time in the name of the Christ? Jillionsl And
Jesus had said further:

"That which I do ye may do also and greater things, for I go to
the Fatherl"

There was, then, no end to what man could do, all of it happy if
he elected for it to be -
he elected himself to unhappiness and imbalance, didn't he?

You had to hold back to keep your spirit from speeding your car
above the speed limitmore
above than you were in the havit of driving.

There was such a tireless lilt in you. If you could take it into
the home with you....

So, you took it in.

You talked about the office, your work, as you never had before.
You drew the whole family
in. And when one of the kids interposed something irrelevant, it
turned out to be, when
pursued to its conclusion, of great interest to everybody. Of
great importance, too.

You wouldn't have traded the day for any