Volume 8, Issue 7, page 14

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(send your questions addressed to LOUIS. care The ABERREE. Box
528. Enid. enclosing a stamped. 3 elf -addressed
envelope. For those who wish personal replies. a minimum
contribution of *2 per question should be included.)

DEAR LOUIS --Is there a war Pending?-P.S., San Francisco, Calif.

DEAR FRIEND-We areinvolved in a war -- right now. It is a war of
nerves, which is far deadlier than all the
bombs one could drop. Man looks to man for his answer, yet his
answer lies within himself -and the Golden Key to
heaven on earth is love.


DEAR LOUIS --Would you help me find my broach again?--M. G. ,
Washington, D.C.

DEAR FRIEND --Mark my word this is the last time I'll flni that
silly diamond broach of yours. It's under the
bathroom sink behind the toilet paper. When you find it this
time, please put it into your safety deposit box and
don't bother me. kfter all, I do have more important things to do.


DRAR LOUIS - Do you receive spirit consunication?-L.K., Lily
Date, N. Y.

DEAR FRIEND -- I am no t a SPIRITUALIST, but since the Father is
Spirit rather than what we term material.
I suppose you could say I have communicated with spirit--THE
SPIRIT. I did have an interesting experience some
years ago. I was doing consultation-work in Hollywood. A woman
called me one evening, desiring a consultation
thenext morn-but since I was booked all that day. I offered to
give her an evening appointment. The next evening
came anda dainty woman arrived, gave her name, and we had a
consultation that lasted several hours. When she left
she said, "Tell my husband that I love himvery much."' I thought
this strange. However. I said "Good nightl" and
closed the door. Just then the phone rang. The voice on


the other end said, "This is Mr. I am the husband of the lady you
were to have the appointment with." I interrupted.
"But your wife just left:' "You must be mistaken," the man said,
"That couldn't have been my wife." So I described
the woman and the man began to cry. "I don't understand," I said.
The man gained his composure somewhat. 00my
wife was killed in an automobile accident this afternoon. May I
come over?" We talked for quite a few hours. He
told me he and his wife were on the verge of a divorce, and that
was her reason in coming to see me. Three days later
I attended a funeral -- and there lay the woman I had talked
with. I'm still not a spiritualist--but there islife after the
thing we call death.


.DEAR LOUIS--Ny wife and I ~njoy your column so much that it
Presents somett*atof a Probtem. We both
dive for The AB9RRN9 when it comes - thus a hassle. What would
you suggest?--Mr. and Mrs. P.M., Denver,

DEAR FRIENDS --I've got the perfect answer Q thinkl. Why not get
two subscriptions to The ABERREE.
Then you can have a his and hers.


DgAR LOUIS -- What are some of the books on your current reading
list? -- L.M., Los Angeles, Calif.

DEAR L.M. --There is a current book on the market that is very
worth reading and studying. It is called " The
Ninth Hpur" by John Dobbs

published by Greenwich BOW Publishers, 489 Fifth Av., New York
17,.N.Y. Price is $3.50

The author is a very gooi -friend of mine and a wonderful god's

DNAR LOUIS--What kind winter "II the gast have?LV. B., Chicago,

DEAR M. B. --I look for a record cold spell to h i t the eastern
section of the United States. The snow will be
very heavy and piled high--especially so in December and January.
This brings unusual floods in the spring. Why
don't you come to Arizona for the winter? We will be swimming at
Christmas time.


DgAR L09IS--I've just heard of.ffuna. Can you explain this to
me?-C;T., ransas City, No.

DEAR FRIEND--rAs lunderstand it, Huna is a metaphysical
philosophy with overtones of Drimitive methods. It
is at


tributed to the Hawaiian Isl-
ands. The main idea is using
affirmations, chants, and the
such to gain spiritual and ma-
terial advantage. I would not
recommend it to the nelphuste.

DgAR LOUIS--How is Subud making out nation-wise?--J.M., 9vanston,

DEAR J.M.--If you have read my column you know my feelings on
this situation, but I understand it is fading
from the scene. Of course'there will be a few of the fringe
lunatics that will hang on to their thrill-kick, plus the few
that make their daily bread from this Godless cult.


D9AR LOUIS-Do you ever use hypnotism in your work?-L.M.,
Baltimore, Md.

DEAR L.M.--Hypnotism is for the trained-and not a play toy.
Frankly speaking, I think it is being abused. No, I
do not use it.

DgAR LOUIS_-Why do they atways stick your column in the back of
The ABERREE? We think you're the
best?--B.M., Los Angeles, Calif.

DEAR FRIEND -- Honey Child, I'm with you - -but after al I ,
don't you usually save the
dessert for last?


DgAR LOUIS--rou always sign your letters ".Yours in Li ht". What,
do you mean by "Lighl"?J.K., Rantan,

DEAR SIR--There is but one Light and man has affixed many titles
tothis Light. Some call
it God. some the Father; to some it is Truth. But. regard

ess of our terminology. it is the All of our Life, for without
Light we have darkness. and
in darkness there is an end.

DEAR LOUIS Now did you lose our weight? - D.B., Boston, Ess.

DEAR D.B.--TbePather guided
me to a very wonderful physi-
cian by the name of Ethel
Crie, and she, with the Fath-
er's help, has taken off 25
pounds. I donot know the exact
process she is using but it has
to do with balancing the body.

DgAR LOUIS--P.,at is the AeY to self -xastery?--1.L., Yew t6rk,

DEAR FRIEND --My concept of self-mastery (the Mysticology

conceptl is Totality makes self-mastery. By this we mean

balance in all phases of spiritual and material patterns.

You master self when you lose self and become God.