Volume 5, Issue 8, page 7

ENE, MENE, tekel upharsin," cried
Daniel. "Man, man, torn apart are
ye." And so it has been. But now,
it seems that our civilization has
finally arrived at the limit of its reaching out and dividing itself: Into many
races, colors and creeds, into many nations, states, and clans, has man divided

There is a limit to everything, and
the law of limitation is forcing a regathering of the divers parts. There is
no escape from the law of cyclic action.
We have reached rock bottom and an undertow is moving to pull the divided waters
back in again. The integrating action of
practically everything under the sun is
curling the breakers back under and in.
Our gyroscopic journey is a curvature of
space, packing more and more of us back
to our point of beginning.

Many of the ancient wars were struggles
to break away from the parent bodies. At
long last we are starting to fight our
way back to ONE again.

The United Nations is a forerunner of
the signs of the times. Little by little,
it is divesting the separate nations of
their nationalism. Straws in the wind
show our own government shearing the
rights and functions of its separate
states and vesting them in the central
Federal body.

Science and exploration, in its many
phases, are being internationalized and
centralized. A World Bank has taken over
the monetary system. The whole world soon
will be using the same dollar, eating the
same food, riding the same vehicles,
talking the same language, wearing the
same clothes, working the same industries,
educating each others' children, destroying themselves with the same firearms,
and going back to the same One God.

In our South, the struggle against integrating the Negro in the schools lies
very much deeper than education alone.
The handwriting is on the wall. The inevitable result will be an increase of
intermingling and intermating. All over
the world, mixed marriages are increasing. Rabbis are complaining publicly that
Judaism may soon lose its identity due to
the many intermarriages. And the same is
true of other minority groups, immigrant
peoples and our own native Indians.

Our civilization is indeed in the
throes of a new birth, and the parental
Ieir i Dr 1,1P
ANY WRITERS in metaphysics, including
Hubbard, have stated that the pineal
gland in important in mental and spiritual development. And many a student
of metaphysics has spent a long hour
in attempts to focus the will to activate the
pineal body.

It recently was my pleasure to run into an
obscure b i t of data in a scientific paper
called "The Systematic Causes of Dental Caries",
by Dr. Royal Lee, in which it was stated that
if there is a deficiency of three of the vitamin complexes, the is a disfunction ar atrophy of the pineal gland.

The complexes mentioned are A, B, and C,
all of which are complexes, and not single
vitamins. Deficiencies of vitamin A are exceedingly common because of the overuse of
synthetic hydrogenated fats in the diet. Since
hydrogenation destroys vitamin E, and vitamin
E is necessary to prevent oxygen in the blood
from destroying vitamin A, then obviously if a
metaphysician uses hydrogenated fat, it would
hardly be possible to give his pineal gland
enough vitamin A to go into operation.

There are more than 22 vitamins in the B
complex, most of which occur only in natural
foods and cannot be made synthetically. Three
of these B vitamins are very cheap to make,
and for advertising and political reasons, are
now found in all "enriched" breads and cereals. They also occur in all common drug store
and multivitamin preparations. There is abundant proof that the B vitamins area synergetic
complex which work together, and when some of
the B vitamins are supplied in a mild overdose
as one gets by eating enriched bread, there is
created a corresponding deficiency in the 19
other parts of the complex not supplied. Thus
it would appear that if a metaphysician were
to use any food stuff or synthetic vitamin in
which he gets an overdosage or imbalance of B
vitamins, he would have a deficiency of B complex, and thus the pineal body would remain in
an unfunctioning condition.

Vitamin C complex is readily destroyed when
poisons enter the body. The antibodies in the
blood are assigned the task of keeping out
foreign invaders, and to do this they are
given vitamin C. By analogy, vitamin C is to
the antibodies what bullets are to a soldier;
without bullets to shoot, the soldier can do
nothing. Or the bullets can be expended in
useless pursuits, leaving none on hand to shoot
the invader, which is somewhat what happens
to vitamin C. Any industrial chemical or vapor,
from the fumes of Clorox to auto exhaust, can
serve to use up the body's supply of vitamin
C, as the antibodies use this vitamin to neutralize foreign molecules. Many of the dyes
and flavoring agents found in modern foods destroy vitamin C on contact, within the body.
Thus to have an accumulation or reservoir of
vitamin C within the body, one either would