Volume 5, Issue 3, page 7

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To Those Who'd Stay as Sweet as They Are, the Evolution of Any Who Dare
Go Into the World to Look at "Life" Makes Them Horrible to Behold
NE SPRING, a polliwog convention was male. Unless it was stopped, the whole
U held in one of the pools on the colony would be decimated of its young
large granite rocks in front of my blood. Unanimously all the scientists
house. Trains in dots of cello- agreed to lend their attention to this
phane brought these polliwogs to the con- problem,
vention. It was a meeting of eminent sci- The Leader was now ready for his reventists, I later learned. elation. It seems that the first one to
With extrasensory perception, I lis- dare this investigation, the one most betened in to the speeches, and was quite loved by the master, had returned, but
startled at what I heard from this group horror of horrors! he was completely
of learned polliwogs. Mighty they were in changed. He had lost his streamlined body
their minutae of observation concerning and tail and had become a monstrosity
their environment, evolution, energy that looked like a dragon. He had huge
source, and Creator. They described things protuberances before and behind, and he
no one ever had seen before, and warned moved in great leaps. Communication was
of the great effects that unseen forces impossible since all this beloved student
were having on the lives of their whole now could do was croak. The master only
world, such as gravity attractions and recognized him because he had so loved
repellents. While listening in, I was him.
swept away by their eloquence, and their The Convention Scientists were greatly
mighty efforts, and their untiring re- moved and alerted by this revelation, and
search. by this experience that had swept the
One of than, ostensibly the leader young beyond their control, and so they
since the others all wagged their tails religiously decided to dedicate all their
when he spoke, startled the congress by efforts toward preserving- thci-rspecies