Volume 5, Issue 5, page 6

This is the mechanism controlling the,
cycle of action.

There is no action in existence,
whether it be the orbiting electron or
the financier making a million, whereby
a gain can be achieved without a relative
loss. Nor can the Democrat-Republican
political "game" ever be other than a
cycle of action, for in each succeeding
age controlling "Authority ", once started
from the level of the "controlled ", from
which position, thru directed action, it
achieved the gain of controlling "Authority", only to have lost its potential
force, when, in its turn, it was soon
compelled to "reverse axial position",
and return from whence it came.

When we come to consider the degree of
relative limitation in action direction
of force and counterforce, the demonstration is so easily observed in the polar
oceans, or the kitchen fridge. The iceberg is water, it formed from water, and
it unforms as water, and no matter the
temperature degree to which it may be reduced, it remains as in its moment of
formation: approximately one-tenth above
water, seen or "known", and approximately
nine-tenths below water, unseen or " unknown". So must the "known" remain in exactly that proportion to the "unknown" --
"From everlasting to everlasting". Truly,
"The more we know, the more there is to
know . "
So must force be limited in its direction of action relative to the reciprocal
direction limitation of its counterforce.
and had each the gift of speech, they
could assuringly repeat to each other
that sentence written so long ago, "I
will come again". Without the lie of time
there could not be the truth of eternity.
Without the lie of death there could not
be the truth of life.

Assuredly, we will come again.
of simplicity. QUO
Theta, as a "kind of energy" and "no Book-Auditor Looks Back
thing", having existence in totality,
without horizon , and with unlimited abil- (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4)
ity, is in action as cause in the twin from it, and are still using the first
postulation producing the effect of force book with reasonable success.
and counterforce in the nucleus and elec- Hubbard is nothing if not enthusiastic
trop, wherein there can be no beginning and evidence of it permeated every page
and no ending. The primary state of ener- of the book. The outline was basically
getic existence is motion which enables workable. There were safeguards to have
the opposing masses to change their rela- prevented every silly error that became
tive positions in directed action. commonplace rather than happenstance, yet
The of action obtained by the no one seems to have read any of the
gain o "Don'ts", only the "Dos", and therefore,
electron is only achieved by the loss of the first big fall that came along was on
potential force to its nucleus. When the hand before the year was out simply beelectron has expended a proportion of its cause the Auditor's Code, as it was
potential force to the tolerance limit, in called was more extensively brokeneven
exchange for action, the nucleus has then than the Ten Commandments Moses brought
gained in relative force potential. The down from Mount Sinai.
nuclear in force And, as people started hitting heavily
gain potential now com- occluded periods of serious invalidation
pels the electron to reverse its axial from their beloved allies, they started
position which simultaneously reverses jumping overboard like crazy to avoid
its action direction. The reversal of di- having to dive in there and face up to a
rection from nuclear force enables the few grim facts of life.
electron to regain its force potential, (Continued in October issue)
simple form comprising the gas hydrogen,
where action limitation is so easily observed.

The hydrogen atom has but one nucleus
and one electron. The electron orbits its
nucleus at a speed of approximately 600
miles per second. There is an energy, gap
between each of approximately two-billionths of an inch. This gap could be
10,000 miles were we considering the dimensions ofa football anda grain of sand.

We are indebted to some groups of
brilliant scientists for extending our
knowledge relating to energy and mass occupying intergalactic space. This has
been achieved by means of the radio telescope devised within recent years. The
radio telescope receives signals originating in atoms composing the various stellar bodies. The hydrogen atom is a prolific "top line" performer.

While the electron is rotating in the
same direction as the nucleus, there is
no signal emission to be received by the
"saucers" (radio telescope) in various
locations on the surface of our planet.
For some "unknown reason" the electron
swiftly rotates on its own axis, from
which moment it assumes a reversal of
direction relative to its nucleus, and in
the same moment an emission of signal
energy occurs. The signal has a wavelength of exactly 21.1049 centimeters.

But for the existence of the fundamental law limiting direction of action, the
electron could continue in a fixed axial
rotation for ever and ever. This, of
course, would achieve an absolute in direction which we already know is unattainable. There is no alternative to the
CYCLE of action.

The mechanics behind the law of limitation of action which insure the continuance of the cycle in all action is a
truly wonderful device in all its beauty
6 The R B E R R E E SEPTEMBER, 1958