Volume 2, Issue 10, page 22

("Dear Editor", continued from page 22)

(heads), the same as the modern
world. The modern world surrounds
than and claims the same land. We
have our modern society, etc. This
is a physical cycle within a cycle.
But everything is a copy of everything else, and fiction is a copy
of true life. True life is a copy
of spiritual life; they are counterparts of each other. After reading so many opinions of the truth,
I can well understand what distortions old Lucifer must have forced
upon the hosts of heaven for a
third of them to have succumbed to
his line of reasoning.

"As to purpose versus prestige,
very good. Kenneth Hart sees 'the
score on that subject. The desire
for self-exaltation has made fools
out of a great number of people.
Modern society fairly reeks of it.
Man trying to impress man. And how
can he? Everybody is, himself,
showing off. And what a sign-post
this weakness is. And how it even
helps high taxes. To pay a high tax
and brag about it becomes better
than not having the tax.

"As to the Bible. Did you know
that mankind cannot understand it
at all? An example would be on the
subject of more than one life. In
many places it allows simple deduction for anyone able to deduce as
to the fact that people come again
in the flesh. And there are many,
many other messages. To oppose it
is foolish, like fighting the inevitable.

"Now to predictions. I think
that 1956 is the year to end all
wars. Man will find the bomb to be
much more than he suspected. He
will be glad to forget about the
bomb, and about war. Humanity has
been getting therapy without knowing it and is about to wake up. The
'time of the entiles' is at its
end. 'Gentiles' means those who
control things here on earth. The
'wisdom has been taken from the
wise' - peek at the U. N. members if
you think not. The present false
boom will go bang and fall on the
foundation which isn't there. The
lion will lie down with the lamb
(there's a message here if you can
catch it) - and so on into an era
where reason is master over emotion. From the age of gold to the
golden age - as Friedman would say.

"Enjoy your Aberree and the size
doesn't count. It's the contents."
-- Ludwig G. Rosecrans, Mesa, Ariz.

"Interesting odd bits come to my
attention, as they no doubt did
with Ron. Plato in the Republic
makes the statement that pain and
pleasure are the motion of the
soul. Interesting? The back and
forth, sort of like the ocean.

"I an also amused at Socrates's
dialog on 'What is justice' Well,
a la Friedman, and a la Hubbard,
justice is JUST IS. All being in
motion, any attempt to explain it
will find it altering during the
explanation, and ex-plain is away
from plain. It JUST IS, but we want
an unchanging pattern for justice --
JUST ICE. Frozen? Aren't these
Thetans horribly stuck in the symbol band? Playing on words that
should be dead serious.

"Have had one case of true exteriorization, induced by religious
fervor, and by grounding this preclear, we are bringing about remarkable wisdom. She reports Ron's
data without having read about it,
and then I hand her his confirmation. 'Yes, yes, that's it,' she
replies, and goes on even further
than he, but the amazing thing about all this is her certainty that
I KNOW more than I know I know.
Ron's data again? Unless they have
some tremendous certainty to hang
onto while they experience this, it
is true that they are not grounded,
and may be chasing phenomena in
outer space, not knowing how to get
back. Sending up a rocket is easier
than grounding it. Have another
musical prodigy experiencing something similar. I an the grounder
and the communicator. Each to his
own, and mayhap that is where we
fit, and these are necessary too --
part of the scheme. The guy in outer space is certainly relieved to
find someone on the ground with
whom he can communicate, and who
can direct him back in." -- Alberta
Elliott, Greenville, S. Car.

"You are performing a useful
service. Communication is nothing
to be feared. It's an absolute necessity if any valuable purpose or
result is to come from these various movements to exalt the stature
of mankind. " -- Paul F. O'Neill, Marrero, La.

"Thanks for the increasing interest in Human Engineering. I like
everything about it and have not
yet been disappointed.

"I see LRH is looking again for
a new crop of friends. Does he not
yet know, that if everything is as
he says it is, he would not have
ny reasons to get angry at anybody?

Must be pretty rough trying to
make something good, when another
is constantly on the job to dig a
hole for it. Have patience; even he
might eventually learn that he can
learn from others.

"Personally, I am all for 'Lessons in Living'. It is so simple to
understand and helped me out of a
mess. Not that Dianetics or Scientology won't do things they do. But
this is my experience, that without
the information contained in Lessons in Living, I would not have
known what to do with it. Maybe
this is because I was not in a position to take up all those professional courses and had to go it
mostly alone.

"I am not a qualified artist,
but your Art looks fine to me." --
John Schoop, Glen Ellyn, Ill.

"I find that I feel more like I
do now about The Aberree than I did
when I first started taking it." --
John P. Spikes Jr., Akron, Ohio.

"I find a measure of agreement
with Philip Friedman's evaluation
of Krishnamurti. Mr.Friedman would
be just the man to notice that because his function seems to be to
stuff holes with significances.

"I note Don Purcell says that
only if life were an 'accident of
circumstances', life would not have
a purpose. Life could have been
created for a purpose, that purpose
might have been filled or abandoned,
and then one might say life has no
purpose. I, however, would not say
that in either of those cases. Why?
"It is impossible to 'prove' a
teleological creation - there's evidence of conflicting reasons. But
the teleological nature of present
existence -- of the physical universe
and all that impinges upon it -- is
so obvious as not to need proof.
Proof, however, is easy.

"Even if the first event of (or
'events which coalesced into') the
universe was but circumstance, yet
in itself it set up direction toward and limitations about all subsequent eventuality.

"Every particle of the universe
has intents built into it (or, as
Kenneth Hart says, 'purposes').
These intents or purposes make up
'theta', life, nature, basic organizational principles, or whatever
we choose to call it. Chromosomes
are stuffed full of intents; basic
physical particles are teleological
to the point that their behavior
can be quite well predicted. This
could have started by circumstance,
but - by now it would be teleological. We observe that It is.

"I'd like to have you take a new
look at two basic statements in
your editorial for Jan.-Feb., 1956.

"I -- 'Invalidation of the body is
a big business'.

"II -- 'Same day, some "prophet"
is coming forth with the unique
idea that man is in the physical
universe for a purpose -- and THAT

"This is practically a direct
quote from L. Ron Hubbard, who despite some faults is not quite what
you've sometimes said and implied.

"The next statement you make,
'The soul, etc., being perfect - '
is not Hubbardian. The 'soul' has
been so often and so thoroughly invalidated that it only has the possibility of perfection. Let's give
it a little validation processing
and see what transpires." -- Clif
Amsbury, Richmond, Calif.

"I want to quote something written about W. H. Auden. 'People do
not understand that it is possible
to believe in a thing and ridicule
it at the same time'..

"I'd love to write to about half
the people whose letters I read in
your columns, but I probably won't
because there are so many
I'd rather do... I'll keep on reading all the letters anyway, and
some day may send one myself, answering than to the paper instead of
to each one." -- Helene Ackley, Schenectady, N. Y.

"Have been paralyzed from so-called polio for over 30 years,
confined to a wheelchair and unable
to move, up to this moment, a toe.
However, the urge is increasing the
last 10 or more years, and I follow
everything up. Right now, I an
feeling more and more the need for
action-philosophy rather than the
talk-stuff with nothing behind it.
I liked immensely RM Williams's
'Dog-Self' article in this magazine
and want to follow it up...

"Many things are scientific in
this world, and we are just finding
it out! Even the words of the so-
called Bible. I don't mean the
English ones, but the ones back of
them. I have been making a study of
this and it is fascinating. In
fact, one of the most precise measurable type of phenomena that I
know of right now. Every Greek or
Hebrew letter has a divine number,
each word (as far as we know) has
one, and they combine into phrases,
verses, paragraphs, etc., forming a
numerical pattern that has a ratio
of chance to design in the order of
millions to one. It is a wonderful
sensation to go into this first
hand, feeling that MAYBE of all the
so-called Bible-STUDENTS, you might