Volume 2, Issue 10, page 18

Dear Editor:

"Internship, as far as I know,
is my own idea. But it is obvious
that an HCA grad will be invalidated all to pieces if he just tramps
out into the world with his brand
new diploma in his hot little hand.
This two months' internship will
ease him into the certainty that he
can handle enturbulation and invalidation simply because he has during internship...

"Gosh, yes, intensive and retread brought me (my computation)
one step nearer toward my goal. And
my goal right now (has been for
five years, incidentally) is nowhere as big as the infinites goal.
I warn be "AN Ci$IATING HUMAN".
Any goal higher than this in my debased state would be an evasion of
the dynamic of humanity. Let me
solve my own case as an efficient
operating human, and then I'll try
the bigger goals. In the meantime,
I find it considerable fun Just to
be a body, and believe that once
this problem of how to be an OPERATING HUMAN is solved personally,
I'll have little difficulty in
reaching sane of the larger goals.

"Sometime I even feel that until
anyone has accomplished this step
so firmly mid securely that one
lust has it, that the bigger steps,
if accomplished at all, will fail
simply because they have been built
on a poor foundation. I know that
every time I've gone up the pole,
I've had to push myself down, just
to take care of a body that never
did receive the attention and communication, love and respect it so
obviously doesn't deserve. To me,
now, it is a 'What game are we
playing here on earth? And if the
game is being human, why in hell
doesn't anyone really try to play
it? Seems sometimes like every one
I meet has had so many failures as
being a human, that any new game
holds a terrific attraction, but
everyone still wants to play this
new game t ni ove just discovered on
a playing field expressly designed
to play MEST. Ho-hum." -- Len Hamilton, North Wilbrtan, Mass.

"Keep up the good work. You
are doing fine." -- Carl S. Martin, Nampa, Idaho.

"You hit a good note in your editorial. I've been having some
thoughts along the same line. There
is something of very definite value
in this area of thinking but I
haven't come up with it clearly as
yet. I do have a strong feeling
that it is there, though. The whole
chain of thinking in this area was
triggered by a B.I. (Burst of Insight) that hit me one day as to
why I want to help people. Actually
for many years I have been insisting
on helping people. Huh-uh. That
wasn't what I was doing at all. I
was striking back at people. How do
you like this? And that realization
opened up a whole new area for
leisurely investigation...

"Coueism or no Coueism, I'm actually feeling better every day in
every way. Coue might have
somthing but just wasn't able to
communicate it. Communication is a
pretty important function.

"Living is a truly wonderful experience if you just live life as
it cones, using every experience as
a source of knowledge as to how to
live a little better from that
point on." -- Don Purcell, Wichita.

"We do like the Aberree. It
jerks our mind around, sort of
snaps them a bit like you twang a
stretched rubber band. We figure
anything that can arouse the modern
pseudo-scientific mind must be alright. Some good friends visited us
the other evening, happened to see
the Aberree and proceeded to read
it through. Oh, there was an occasional grunt of recognition when we
gave than coffee and pie about 11
P.M. -- F.H. Getz, Lancaster, Penn.

"That editorial of yours is just
about the sanest thing that's cane
down the turnpike in many a long
month. Of course, it happens to
agree with some conclusions that we
reached a couple of years ago when
I got to questioning this 'invalidation of MEST to support theta'
(to express it very loosely) theme
which runs through all the mysticism, religion, etc., and et al
I've looked into.

"The only conclusion I could
reach about this insistence that
the body and the material universe
are nothing and the soul is ALL is
that what you think you MUST have,
can't escape having, is what you
will struggle against and resist.
Now, since we obviously inhabit a
universe which is composed of large
amounts of what is generally called
'matter', and since we create the
large majority of effects in and
upon the universe through our material bodies, it seemed to me that
a state of harmonious co-operation
and peaceful interaction with this-
here matter stuff just MIGHT lead
to some very optimum survival, indeed. And, tried on the action (i.
e., material!) level, so it did. A
second result of this was markedly
surprising having, so to speak,
made our peace with MEST, theta
functioning was markedly increased
and extended.

"Now, maybe this soul, or whatever the gizmo - or no-gizmo - that
operates this collection of MtSI we
call our bodies DoES have an above-
and-beyond state of a no-MIST existence where all is purity and
beauty and no nasty atoms required.
But, b'golly, this here gizmo has
seen fit to associate itself intimately with a sort of atomic .junkyard and to reside among large concentrations of assorted atoms of
various quantities and qualities.
If this gizmo is all people say it
is, it's not going to do so without
some dern good reason or purpose of
its own, and it would be apparent
to a child of two, I think, that
that purpose must be pretty intimately associated with function in
and with the material universe. I
just can't quite imagine its being
here if this is where it DIDN'T
want to be! ('Theta traps' by way
of explanation notwithstanding!
That's just a rationale!)

"It's true that, functioning
through the medium of this atomic-
structure brain and nervous system
that does the major part of the observing and computing for this particular organism, the purpose of
that sentience -- or soul - or gizmo --
that functions it isn't very der
ent to what I call Me. For all I
know, it may just enjoy seeing the
sunrises!... But. it did seem to
this atomic-structured thinking machine in my to story that, having
a purpose in being here, that sentience was going to pursue that
purpose, willy-nilly, and maybe an
investigation into how the physical
surroundings could be USID in some
fashion which would feel good and
agreeable just Mlfirr hasten and enhance the accomplishment of that

I believe firmly that there is
such a thing as a material universe
(meaning granting an achievable
viewpoint from which the material
universe is illusion) and I believe
there is a 'beyondness' and a beyondness beyond beyondness. And as
far as I can stretch my thoughts
and imagination, it goes on and on"
and I see in relation to this all
the things that exist here-now in
this material universe and all of
the things that have been and are
no longer and all of the things
that will be and all of the - call
it "sentience", of what is and has
been and will be, and all the actions and effects and interactions
here and beyond and beyond and beyond, and all the thoughts and emotions and all the interactions of
then -- and it becomes a thing of
tremendous complexi , so complex I
can't pick a stn t path through
it. But I take all that I can sense
and I come down real small and say,
'Here is Sadah, and she is of it
and it is of her - and it's all one

"Then I know a very wonderful
and special thing - this aggregation
of atoms and sentience that responds when someone says 'Sadah!',
this BELONGS here. Why or how isn't
very important. By the very evident
and self-demonstrating fact of existence, this MUST be a proper and
appropriate manifestation, or it
wouldn't be.

"And then there canes another
thought. All these other things are
too, and, being, they and their
ways must be as proper and appropriate in their way as I am in
mine. And thermsee the choices: I
can be to and with these things as
I wish. I can accept and agree with
and cooperate with, or I can say,
'I an better than this! I have
nothing in cannon with that!', and
I can resist and exert my petty opposition - and suffer pain.

"On this level, 'good' and 'evil'
don't signify. 'IS'is all there is.
And since an awfhl lot of what we
call 'matter' is, it seems to me a
tremendous waste of time, enerr,
and effort to around trying to
resist and invalidate this stuff we
call 'matter' and deny its beingness...All I know about it for sure