Volume 2, Issue 10, page 20

"Dear Editor", continued from page 19)

Breuer, Jung, and many others, both
in the work they did and their per-
sonalities, gives invaluable in-
sights into the basis of Dianetics,
etc. I am in process of preparing
an article on Jungian psychology,
which is destined for Dr. Coulter's
CHANGE based on these and other

"With application to Buddhism,
Jung tells us on Page 112 of 'The
Secret of the Golden Flower' that
the Oriental peoples view their
world 'internally'. They project
their feelings seeing then as Gods,
Demons, etc. Bepressaon of psychic
contents is utterly alien to the
Asian texts, and are diametrically
opposed to the spirit of Protest-
antism. The Demons are overcome by
an emotional battle verging on the
physical, and even in dance. In
Jungian terms, the brutal split be-
tween the conscious and the uncons-
cious portions of the psyche is not
deep and clear with them as it is
with us. As a result they live on
neighborly terms with much that we
call illusion. But we repress these
contents, because with them active
we would not be socially acceptable
to our families. But the repressed
contents will not stay repressed
but break through in a distorted
form which Brill labels 'displace-
ment of effect'. These effects we
call psychoses, madness, or if mild,
Coulter's 'protodyne'. It is nec-
essary to live with these materials
on their own terms. To take up Budd-
hism with forceful auditing tech-
niques will drive them deeper, and
the corresponding displaced effects
become autonomous partial systems.
The gods have become diseases. They
are real as long as they are not
recognized as real (projection),
leading to formation of cults. But
they are unreal insofar as the con-
sciousness has begun to detach it-
self fran its contents. I repeat,
one must live with and grow up with
his illusions and phobias. Ninet
percent of Western psychological
methods are what Jung calls 'the
right means in the hands of the
wrong men' On Page 113 of Jung's
'Secret of the Golden Flower', he
tells us that it is not smatter of
unconcern whether one calls some-
thing a 'mania' or a 'god'. To
serve a mania is detestable, but to
serve aged is full of meaning and
leads to a higher spiritual being.
(Not a thetan, since most 'thetans'
seem to be selfish and not very far
from moronic. I use thetans in a
multiordinal sense. It has been de-
fined by IM H as thought, a static
support, etc., but in practice it
tends to manifest as an autaromous
partial system, which is a demon in
eve sense of the term.)...

"Eeman seems to have discovered
something about muscular behavior.
However, his looking for 'unknown
forces' when none is necessary
weakens his case by confusing the
issue. Putting one's hands on an-
other person generates heat, par-
ticularly over such long periods as
he recommends. Heat brings more
circulation of the blood, and the
pressure of the fingers will cause
the marks he describes. Suggestion
to Eeman: Scan over the period in
1919 which started you worrying ov-
er such a small matter. You should
find a trauma of some kind, and
tracing out the effects of same
should straighten out a lot of
things. We humans love to be mysti-
fied! Such 'mysteries' have a prac-
tical use of keeping one's mind off
deeper worries, which most be re-
pressed. Such wilfull repression
creates the despair of the 'audi-
tor' and fattens the doctor's
purse." -- Richard W. Lundberg, San
Jose, Calif.

"If the Aberree gets much better
you'll have to change the name."
-- Janet Hays, Oakland, Calif.

"We all enjoy and appreciate The
Aberree. It has realism and humour.
Jung says somewhere 'Humour is the
Divine in Man' and certainly any
movement that has it excluded is
sort of sticky and unencompassing." --
Sheila Wiley, Secretary, Australian Psychology Centre, Sydney, NSW.

"I like your Aberree very much.
It gives one a clear picture of the
important developments since 'Dia-
netics' appeared." -- Lottie R. Best,
Melbourne, Fla.

"I came away from Human Engin-
eering very much a different Man.
The most obvious manifestation of
my changes were my muscles. After
doing Jam's prescribed morning cal-
isthenics for five weeks, which
every visiting student goes through,
I'm like an iron man! This was rug-
ged stuff to do every morning at
six o'clock when every other good
social being was deep in thick lay-
ers of unconsciousness (i.e., sleep)

Creative Image Therapy

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"THE SECRETS OF THE ANCIENTS" -- What about them?

By Volney G. Mathison

(Inventor of the Eiectropsychometer and author of "Creative Image Therapy".)

Millions of dollars have been lured from the public by
persons offering to reveal various secret psychical philosophies of ancient and vanished civilizations or religions. I
have seen this literature and I deem it excessively overpriced.

The most USEFUL "secrets of the ancients" have long ago
become common knowledge. Perhaps the most important "secret"
of the Middle East was the Arabic system of numerals, with
decimals; in short, plain ARITHMETIC, which is now taught in
every public school on earth -- or you can buy a book on it
for a dollar or so.

Another valuable "secret" of the ancients was elementary GEOMETRY which is also taught nowadays in schools all
over the world. The secret "G" of Masonry stands for "Geometry". In that good and liberal order, this includes exhortations to Get Wisdom Get Knowledge through the study of
Geometry, which seems to symbolize Science.

One can hardly hope. in a few words, to express the
grandeur of the work of great historians who show that most
of the major ancient civilizations collapsed simply because
their philosophies, whether "secret" or not, were CRUD.

How can one cherish or pay out hard-earned cash to learn
the "secrets" of ancient nations that have utterly crumbled
Compared to the ignorant fancies of the ancients, we,
today, do have MODERN SECRETS. We have vast laboratories in
which thousands of engineers and scientists conduct the most
secret and astounding research, creating miracles in chemistry, in electronics, and, above all, in nuclear physics,
which last began destructively but which is now advancing

Our modern secrets are mighty -- yet they ALL rest upon
one BASIC UNDERLYING SECRET -- a secret without which not one
of the others could have been achieved! Fortunately, this
titanic basic secret is not classified government information; it can be and it has been disclosed. This secret is
BOTH ancient and new. Ancient, since it has been in SUBCONSCIOUS USE since the dawn of mankind, yet NEW IN THE

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