Plowing Up the Field (continued)

(continued from p. 16)

which he was working, and with a crackle-snap of vertebra, he clawed himself erect to find -- yes, you guessed it. The fall had done the trick, and the sciatica was gone.. .A n d while on the subject of Earl, and his home town of Crescent, the unerring boys at the post office sent the entire Oklahoma bundle of Jan.-Feb. ABERREE's out still tied, and even our Enid subscribers five days later began getting their magazines stamped "Missent to Crescent, Okla." Earl? Well, two weeks later he hadn't received his yet, so we don't know where it was "missent" to...

Dr. W. R. Binkley of Portland, Ore., reports making a MEST clear on a flying trip to Texas -- but to offset this accomplishment, he also admits he stopped in Oklahoma City and Norman for a quick look-see again at once familiar territory, and didn't make Enid and The ABERREE office. There will be a 10-second pause while we take the good doctor out to our mental woodshed... Hardin Walsh of Los Angeles, in "Scientology Explained" in the March issue of MYSTIC Magazine, tells how Scientology probes "past lives" to relieve aberrated actions of now, and how Scientology can be used by modern business and professional people to increase happiness and efficiency. It's an excellent article on its subject -- but when Dr. Walsh gives the address of the HASI as New York city, we're wondering if this was a typographical slip, or was Dr. Walsh being prophetic? The HASI hasn't moved to a new location for several months now, and the scenery around Washington must be getting pretty stale...We hear by our reliable "grapevine" that one of the HASI officials was gloating over The ABERREE's two-month delay in reporting his return to the U.S. from England. For the information of any other reader who also may have taken note of this item, we hasten to explain that unimportant things often get pushed around from month to month...

A Western Congress has been called by several California Scientologists, led by Dr. J. Burton Farber. This will be held in the San Francisco area between March 7 and 11. Dr. "Nibs" has been invited as the principal speaker and guest, and Dr. Nibs, Sr., has been asked to make the opening address by transatlantic telephone from London... Max Freedom Long admits he doesn't snort quite so derisively any more at the so-called "flying

saucers" since he's beginning to accept, more and more, Meade Layne's 10-year-old theory that the things materialize from and dematerialize into the surrounding "Etheric" world. Well, we could be convinced -- IF the right little green men came and twisted our arm ... Ivor Darreg of Los Angeles, believing that the "Search for Bridey Murphy" story being published serially in so many newspapers has made the time "ripe" for such material, has rushed into mimeographed form h i s manuscript, "Journeys Through the Unconscious". And as we scanned its 34 pages, we were reminded of some auditing sessions (our own and by other auditors) in which digging up former material existences was all the rage -- hunting for that elusive "service facsimile". It's too bad Dianetics couldn't have made itself similarly known to the public a few years ago, but the "Bridey Murphy" book is enjoying some good promotion and press agentry, something Dianetics and Scientology always have suffered from the exact opposite of ... To show the impact the Colorado hypnotist's story is having, a 19-year-old Shawnee, Okla., news dealer took his own life because, he said, he was curious about the Bridey Murphy story, and wanted to investigate it in person. Such acts, of course, can only help the religious hierarchies who see in Bridey's revelations of what happens after "death" a threat to their well-greased "gravy trains"...

Capitol Carnival Carousel

WASHINGTON, 12 Feb. -- To any of you who saw this heading and expected to read a lot of low-down, we apologize. There ain't no low-down. Since the graduation of the students who have been furnishing the information for this column, The ABERREE is left with no semantic representation in the Scientology Capital. Anyone want to volunteer? The job doesn't pay much -- unless the reporter is satisfied with a firm anchorage on the top ladder of Fame.

Mad Wad's Loose Again

The long promised and long-awaited WAD II, which WAD I said wouldn't happen, finally did! And to those who know the special type of humor used by Curtis Janke, of not-enough- shes-boygan, Wis., the wait was not in vain. He's still funny -- despite his recent trip to Scientology Center for some training and processing.

Scientology, however, does creep into the columns of WAD II. First, it seems that Curtis has audited out some of his Second Dynamic, and the subject of sex seldom raises its clownish head, as it so often did in WAD I. Also, there was a forthright and unhumorous name-calling attack in red ink against the "asses" who, in their ignorance, sneer at and lampoon Scientology.

Noteworthy is the improved mechanical appearance of WAD II over WAD I -- with its evened right margins, the use of colored ink, and a sampling of vari-colored papers. Curtis is now using the same type of duplicator that midwifed The ABERREE, and despite its improved appearance, he says he doesn't like it. For a machine that gave him as much trouble as this one is supposed to, we can see where Funnyman Janke is even greater as a perfectionist than as a humorist. And he does all right at that, too. If he didn't take his humor so damn' seriously.

"Ugh! heap big show-off. Big boom. No say nothing."