Volume 2, Issue 10, page 23

("Dear Editor", continued from page 22)

be the only one to-have made this
particular del' at this particu-
lar moment, and finding the verifi-
cation for me's self!

"Another I have been pos-
itively at, and that is the
potentialitie of the so-called
corpus' leaving out the head and
brain of the human animal, even. We
are 'wired' for everything, the
whole gamut of the emotions, fry
anger and fear, up to love and con-
fidence, and these each have fine
shadings that male the Iny of
the organ a crude thing. These var-
ious feelings and thoughts not only
work slowly, but daNne maeentar-
ily, or offeet each other in a may
that when one begins to study it a
bit that is positively dizzying! We
have the it%IS to do all the thiings
in your megiene., believe you me!
If the failure occurs, it is due to
larA of underst , or atten-
tion, or a proper switchlemrding of
that marvelous mechanism just men-
t hane

"Buell a bit on reverence, on
worship (the pre and unsecular
type). Let the emotes lubricate the
marIt you are doing, good though it
is. lb still have the days of the
shadows, and the night time falls
in due course about us and a true
phil.... embraces all this. LRH
up to a point, but slap-
dashery can only carry us so far
and ne have to_ defer to a. better

and broader merit"- - Branwell Say-
welI, St. Thomas, Ont.

"I once lived in Waukanis (near