Volume 2, Issue 10, page 8

(continued from page 7)

processes are aimed at splitting off these
universes, and "Mama" or "Papa" may now be
disposed of in a couple sessions, leaving you
free to make your own decisions.

Another set of procedures is aimed more
or less directly at what old-timers in this
game used to call "getting more attention into
present time". The actual goal is to create
more space, in a sort of subjective sense, for
the person. If he doesn't really feel that he
belongs in a place, he isn't going to notice
much except that which he expects to punish
him for being here.

For those who are familiar with the old
Affinity, Reality, and Communication triangle,
the trend of the last couple years to recog-
nize the "C" corner as much the most important
is continuing. Hence the emphasis upon two-
way communication all the way through any

I have refrained from giving processes in
detail here, as a process used out of context
isn't nearly as effective as it is when used

with the others in the "S L P" and when there
is a broad basic understanding which, as I've
said, I can't begin to give here. I will say,
though, in all sincerity, that from what I
have seen, the students now being graduated
from the Academy in Washington have acquired a
basic understanding of Scientology, as well as
facility in using a few techniques, and have
in a good many instances gotten much improve-
ment in their own cases. Regardless of the
number of times L. R. H. has announced "The
End", it has not yet arrived. The science, or
religion, is still growing in depth of under-
standing and efficiency of techniques. And the
instruction is improving. You find fewer and
fewer persons who consider it all a waste of
time and money. Some of the old-time "rough
cases" have begun to move. It's now a matter
of getting them to hold still long enough to
get processed. I think it's safe to predict
that the results of this ferment should begin
to be noticed on the "surface" of our society
within a couple of years.

Continued Change Can Get Pretty Boring, Too

ACCORDING to the noted authority, T. Inman,
the letters "S" and "Z" are interchange-
able. So also are all the vowels. In old
English, the letters "f" and "s" are iden-
tically written. So far, introductory rehash.

Now, God the Father is said to be the Di-
vine Sire, the All-Seeing-Eye in the apex, the
zero summation of everything.

So, following the Aramaic rote or Inman,
the word "desire" is de-sire, is de-zero; that
is, to fall out with the Old Man (All-ed Mean)
and materialize colonically.

The first passage in the Hebrew morning
service is this declaration of faith: "He is
the lord of the universe, who reigned ere any
creature yet was formed. At the time when all
things were made by His desire, then was His
name proclaimed King."

The Divine Sire is the All-Nothing center,
which is perfect balance. Unbalancing into
males and females, positives and negatives, is
wrought by desiring, which is de-siring. This
is the division of the prime zero into unbal-
anced plus zeros and minus zeros.

The wish is father to the thought. Every
thought is a physical manifestation, an iso-
tope of zero, a de-sire, a de-zero.

It has been propounded that we de-zeroed
on account of boredom. We experience boredom
when and where everything is the same. There
is no diversity in the All-Seeing-Eye, where
all that is seen are zeros within zeros. This
is the Realm of Permanence where there is a
surfeit (sir fiat -- sir seat) of all the husks
of the world.

So change is wanting and wanting is
change and that which we get from wanting we
find wanting. And we, as quickly, get tired
of change as we get bored with sameness.

Consider the terrific change in our life
cycle from the infinitesimal sperm to birth.
Consider how a child breaks its neck, its toys,
and its environment trying to experience quick
changes. But slowly and surely, the acceler-
ated changing peters out and by the age of 40
we are ready to again slow down to a walk, to
a life of changelessness.

Now, the more we desire to get back to
God, the more materially involved and de-sired
and un-Godly we become. "The very act of want-
ing mocks up its unavailability," agrees A.
(devil aught to know) Hart. The very desire to
become One with God prevents its consummation.
Every single thought isa desire, and a de-sire
is a change.

Since thoughts follow each other like
sheep, the Bible calls them sheep, the symbol
of the innocent lamb that must perish (perish

the thought) for the iniquity of our inequity.
Every lost last one of them must be sought out
and returned to the Father's house. Miss a
single thought and you miss the whole.

Following through with the old English
identity of "f" and "s", we can translate the
word "life" to "lies". We express ourselves
truthfully only when we are not looking. Our
so-called conscious life is living a lie.

When the central zero is divided into plus
and minus zeros, mathematics cries, "That's a
lief" and so is that and so is that. No, life
is not what it's cracked up to be.

When the central zero is divided into plus
and minus zeros, mathematics cries, "That's a
lie!", and so is that and so is that. No, life
is not what it's cracked up to be.

The logical conclusion to the "yes and no"
answer to every question is, that on the ma-
terial plane, it is impossible to tell the
whole truth. In the God center it is impossi-
ble to tell a lie. Materiality is a two-dir-
ectional surge. If it's true it's a trio in

Gratification is gyrate-ification. Gyra-
tion is the beginning of matter. Spinning is
spawning. And sire is fire, is fear, is sear,
is sower, is sour.

Perhaps, like most fruits, it was too
sour for us in the center and sweeter at the
periphery. Perhaps we feared the fire that
kept the melting pot of nothing-all. Or, per-
haps, by repulsion of sames, from sheer bore-
dom, we bored the dome, the unnatural dame
the Queen of Heaven that surrounds (sir rounds)
the center. We Sons of God saw the dotters of
men and fell for them. Thus, we automatically
divided ourselves from the Adamic Garden, the
male-female all-den, the guardian dragon. And
we have been split personalities, cracked
eggs, ever since.

Now all the King's horses and all the
King's men can't put Zero together again. And
he was such a good old egg.

A physical technique or that which em-
ploys thinking can only, by its very nature,
involve us in utter hopelessness by enmeshing
us deeper and deeper into the maze of materi-
ality, because thinking is change, and change
is diversity, and diversity is suffering. The
positive thinkers are "positive stinkers".

NOTHING CAN help us. So let's do it to-
gether. To gather effortlessly and automati-
cally all-inclusive in the silence, we can do
nothing in excess, for, in one shot, we are
all there -- there where the known material plus
is X-ed and the unknown psychological X is

U don't know the half of it.