Volume 2, Issue 10, page 21

("Dear Editor", continued from page 20)

but it did exactly as Jim predicted: it gave me a very much increased awareness of my muscles and
internal functioning, something
which is very beautifhl and satisfactory to re-establish. Also, the
next time - when I'm out with a group
of folk, and, dutifully following
Jim's teaching, I'm agreeing with
the right ideas of everybody, and
some guy tells me I'm a namby-pamby
without any ideas of my own -- I'll
let fly with a rock-like fist, and
that guy will revise his opinion!
Huh, I'll teach people not to agree
with my agreements!

"Seriously, tho , I am very
much changed for the better. Besides my improved body control I
have a delightful set of new attitudes, ones which very happily allow me to fit in with people wherever I an. Listening to Jim's excellent tapes on the work of the
Marinates of the past, I've developed a whole load of new and
deeper understanding. Particularly
did I enjoy Jim's tapes on popular
music, in which he shows the extraordinary amount of truth that is
constantly being thrown at us from
our radio and T.V. sets...

"Regarding my article, I'm glad
you're publishing it, but my spirits did sink a bit when I read your
remark about sub-editing it to the
point of 'butchering'... However,
I'm in your hands, darn you, so go
ahead as you feel you must...

"The next time I'm out in the
States, I shall probably have more
time -- and I shall do a whole load
of really tough calisthenics - and
you might have an iron-muscled
glishman on you in an aggressive
mood. I'll have a purpose and my
method may resemble a bulldozer...

"It's been very wonderful seeing
your great country and meeting your
screwy but fine countrymen. I am
determined that one day I and my
wife will go to and stay in America
to work for a few years. Mebbe we'll
stay if we become sufficiently Americanized and, of course, screwy
into the bargain!" -- Kenneth Hart,
Richmansworth, Herts., England.

"Your Editorial in the Jan.-Feb.
issue made a lot of sense to me. As
a matter of fact I thought it was
one of your best Editorials.

"And I don't see why you should
confine yourself to the Editorial
Page, if that's what yau are doing.
As a matter of fact, I'd like to
see some articles by Alpha Hart.

"To Alma Hill's letter I can only say 'Amen'.

"The new format is nice. I got a
kick out of Volney Mathison's ad.

"Boy, there sure are a lot of
people who have THE answer to all
human ills, aren't there? Ugh!" --
Art Coulter, Worthington, Ohio.

"Like the size of the current
ABERREE, and the broadening of its
horizcns by inclusion of the unusual, like Dirks's material. After
reading the F.enan book smeewhat,
found ryself wondering a little
about agreements. Seems to me the
copper screens and paraphernalia
might fall under such a category.
Sort of a mechanical 'crutch' or
something to 'believe will work',
so to say. The real thing is getting people to lie still long enough for their problems to begin to
push into sight, I would guess,
with or without the copper. A step
similar to yogi meditation or the
psychiatrist's couch. The thing I
can believe in is that high-toned
people can radiate theta emanations
and, by exuding understanding, make
it easier for the troubled to bring
hidden problems to the light. But
why quibble with any method, as
long as it does work? I am constantly bemused by the many, many secondary methods that have been used
by later proven 'quack' therapists
(such as the gent out here who used
'color emanations' to effect cures.
Hundreds were cured until his machinery was exposed as being a gadget using a plain electric bulb behind three colors of cellophane paper. It really worked wonders until
the debunking.) This business of
'faith' and 'agreement' is a weird
and wonderful thing to contemplate.
No wonder the Bible decries 'O ye
of little faith!' and the yogis
claim all imperfection to be a matter of illusion. Tne simplicity of
that which underlies all secondaries is what should be contemplated.

"You hit a very neat point in
this last editorial where you say
'and here all the "elegies" begin
to bog dorn'. 'Good' and 'Evil' are
part of the 'shuttle' activity of
the limited thought processes. Many
people accept the opposites of GOD
and SATAN, which is a splitting instead of an integrating process. I
rather like how Howes put it, something to the effect that if there
were such an entity as 'Satan', he
suspected him of being 'an agent of

"But of course, one would get a
lot of opposition if one tried to
put across the concept that God is
All, and that whatever place one
chooses to reside in that All, be
it anywhere between the Celestial
and the deepest pit of darkness is
a matter solely of their own selection and responsibility. (much easier to say the Devil tempted and
led me astray than to admit I did
it all with my own little will...
and over how long a ranger of time?
..and also to realize that the solution is to observe what one is
doing and change.) This, of course,
makes it the 'Thetan' who did the
choosing, a little point a lot of
Scientologists may not like to admit. Thus the 'guiding will' (Operating Ihetan) does not 'have a
body' but rather the body is the
physical manifestation or 'image'
of the Thetan. So, as the will
chooses, the body responds as the
corrected image, wouldn't you say?"
-- Marijane Nuttall, Lakeside, Cal.

"The Jan.-Feb. issue of the Aberree was passed into my hands and
I am enjoying it, especially the
mention about the bust of L.R.H.
which I happen to have created.

"Since its color seems to be in
question, I can't resist answering
to say it was intended for a golden
terra cotta but I have often called
it 'theta yellow'. It's possible
that the particular atmosphere of
Washington, D. C., does accentuate
its warm tone. Thanks anyway for
approval of the bust." -- Joyce Barrett, San Francisco Calif.

"This is the second invitation
to join your million readers, and
since I have always been a sucker
for ground floor locations, I an
certainly not going to pass up such
an opportunity at the cost of only
$2. I would like to compliment your
improvement of contents since the
other copy of the paper which you
sent me about a year ago. This one
is even more incomprehensible than
the first I received. Your mailing
list must have been 'stolen' from
the files of the first dianetic organization, which compiled it fran
the list of buyers of the $4 book
which promised me freedom from all
aberrations, in one short lesson. If
I was 'cleared' I cannot tell the
difference -- but maybe I was -- certainly it would be impossible to
determine unless one is able to decipher the meaning of words not
listed in my unabridged dictionary.

"You have my best wishes - that
is if I an authorized to pass out
good wishes without the permission
of the original and sole owner of
the new and only science. In the
event this is not a proper activity
-- passing out good wishes to such
as you -- please consider the said
wish null and void." -- Coke Kimbrough, Chattanooga, Tenn.

"Couldn't resist writing one
more letter to you. There are several reasons for this. Some predictions I'd like to make for one
thing, and because I've just finished reading the last issue of Aberree. It is an interesting issue
but calls for much in the way of

"As to 'what is truth', should
such a subject need discussirg? Obviously yes, but it shouldn't. In
plane geometry, anything so simple
that anyone should be able to see
it is taken for granted. It is 'assumed'. In life, the wiser one becomes the more he can assume. Unfortunately, the most cannon habit
is to assume more and more error
rather than the truth.

"The truth is that which is. Or
one could say: what is, is - regardless as to personal opinions. Nhile
there are no absolutes within reach
of mankind, there is a ddegree which
could be called the 'full truth'.
Any time the truth seems inconsistent, you may be sure that half
truths and mixed truths are involved. A half truth when told as a
full truth becomes an untruth. To
shadow-box against the truth is also a defense mechanism of man. This
has been called 'putting words between yourself and the truth'. The
facts, themselves, are usually very
easy to see when one is looking for

"No doubt, being honest with
one's self is a basic necessity as
to finding facts. Since none is
perfect, it is natural to be a little apprehensive. But 'he who overcomes' his possible weaknesses has
little trouble arriving at conclusions which he 'knows to be correct. Another example that 'shows'
how easy it is to see a definite
truth lies in'personal situations'.
Suppose an innocent man were falsely accused of something. He would
eagerly welcome the truth, and
there would be no chance of him
missing it if it came. He would
also want others to see the truth.
But, were a guilty man to be accused of some deed, without proof,
would he welcome the truth?... The
facts are here and with glaring
clearness; but does man want to see

"Everything in life is a cycle
of itself. As to cycle within cycle, our earth is an example. Savage
tribes live in the jungle. They
claim the land to be theirs. They
have their wars, their weddings,
their form of society, their kings