Volume 2, Issue 10, page 7

New Techniques - and the End Is Not Yet

From Stability to Turmoil Again

MY LAST installment promised to reveal
how Scientologists go about bettering
the lot of mankind. There has been a
silence, since Scientologists have had this
thoroughly overhauled for them in the last few
months. Now, your editor and mine has prodded
me for the rest of the story, and all I've
been doing is gaping at the flood of new ideas
and techniques. But I've found a small stabilizing factor: The Washington Congress, with
the release of Issue 5 of "S L P", or "Six
Levels of Processing". (Issues 6 and 7 already
have been issued, and are slight revisions of
Steps One and Two, but they are nothing earthshaking.)

I can't very well instruct in specific
techniques here