Volume 2, Issue 7, page 14

14 The ABA, November, 1955
a carrot you hold in front ' P S Ch0~0 Academy, went home feeling

of a donkey to draw him on y gy fine t h e other night a n d
to the "little more" that WASHINGTON, Oct. 10 -- The was operated for appendiciis always just ahead.

Welgos said they are ad- big thing in Washington is tie the next morning. She --
ding to their short course L.R.H. s recent- dep artu-' Py
work n before you read this.
booklets at the rate of one for England, where he will Scientologists recover rapevery two weeks or so, and teach a unit of the Advanced idly, you know.
intend to revise and reis- Clinical Course. Presumably There've been some chansue some of their earlier he can still give D.Scn.'s es made. John Sanborn is
publications, now out of in England. We're glad he about three inches taller
print, Part of this revis- got things straightened out

ion calls for the deletion with the Home Ministry (com- and many pounds heavier
and simplification of all than in days of yore. Per
Dianetic terminology. pares with our Dept. of In- haps this is why Ability is
As for Scientology, Jim tenor in some ways) which
thinks it is too far ahead at one time frowned upon getting thinner.
hear that of the acceptance level of his returning to teach. ex-HASIte
Ralph Swanson was around
the general public at this Suzie and family are join- the Academy the other day.
time. As one who started ing him there, and probably He's been off in a corner
with L. Ron Hubbard back in will arrive before you read since his tiff with Bill
Elizabeth, N.J., he is making a collection of Hub- Wis` Young, but perhaps he's
bard's works, which h e The activities of the heard ,that auditors are
thinks will be valuable re- many operations here are making money these days,
search material for future being left in several hands. Absent faces at the old
instructors at Human Eligin- Drs.-Mary Stimpert and Dave corral: In addition to
eering. MUrray are in charge of the Swanson, in case you didn't
And just to show us what Academy. Dr. Julia Lewis know, the following haven't
a lousy interviewer we were, is running the Guidance been seen around the HASI
the Rev. Jim had his office Center. Don Breeding is lately: John Galusha, D.D.,
send us a taped interview handling tapes, John San- D.Scn.,. Ken Barrett, D.D.,.
with Bob Smith, made for -bait is editing the not-so- D.Scn,.-, Bob Sutton, D.D.,
the Minneapolis Dianetic handsome-any-more Ability, D.Scn., (and Freddie). What
Group. This answered most am: Dr. Carole Hadley runs with Steves being in New
of the questions we hadn't (or-at least is connected York, it looks like a new
asked. And how it answered with) the Silver Spring guard has arisen to replace
them! Business Service. A few the not-so-old one.

Accompanying Welgos on _c0
his lecture tour was Mrs. "Drs." and "Revs." may have THEN AND NOW
been McDade,. one of his been gained or lost in this
Engineering s udents, list; our apologies for any 1954 -- "I Promise You:

-ec- mistakes . anyone taking the Advanced,
Some eastern judge urges The Rev. Dick Steves, D. Clinical Courses will never
a law to keep manufacturers D., D.Scn., has one to New have to pay for another
from making cars that gone in Scientology." --
ng go York to run an ad in one of LRH to the "Get Thee Behind

more than 70 miles an hour. their newspapers, which Me Thetan" (3rd) Unit.
Which is fitting. Laws are will no doubt be delighted 1955 -- "To D.Scn's-! (ACC
made to keep things as they with the additional revenue. graduates). Two-week reare -- to prevent progress The ad goes like this, in fresher and modernizing
and most judges have dedi- case you_ haven't seen it course for $75. Offer good
cated themselves to status elsewhere in Ability: ",I for a limited time only." --
quo hokum infinitum ad nau- will talk to anyone for you ABILITY 14.

seum. Which, in plain Eng- about anything. Call GR-r-r -owelish, means "If grandpa did- 54996 between 4 & 6 P.M. Lightening only strikes

nit, don't". Rev. John Plotznik, Church black sheep.
works, you no longer need i[:
it, nor feel a need for it, an
Jim said. If you still
think you need it, the o
therapy hasn't worked. o
Welgos pointed out that #u
man must handle his social, iL:
family, and other environ- g~4o~oQpus
mental problems before he's ~.ti 1 lJ
ready for larger goals -- like
of Scientology, 2345 Low
Road". Ron and the users
of this ad (so far, Dr.
Burke Belknap and Rev. Elaine Taylor) say that it
works wonders. Steves, incidentally, went at Ron's

Dr. Carole Yeager, erstwhile receptionist for the