Volume 9, Issue 2, page 4


VERYTHING appears to be built upon an archetype and progresses according to established rules, laws, orders, and customs.
Life processes rotate toward the culmination of particular expression, undoubtedly
divinely instigated and inspired. Imagination can but speculate howsoever worlds and
humanities came into being.

Regardless of what the form and material
world evidences, it boils down to the fact
that we personally are composites of energy,
from our loftiest concept down to our basest
emotion. Supposing then that we were to designate one of those motivating energies such as
Love -- an energy of which the world had not
been particularly cognizant prior to the advent of Christ. Suppose He knew that, and His
purpose in coming was to usher in an age wherein Love, as such an energy, was consciously
implanted in humanity, and they took it from
there, to germinate and bear fruit in the centuries which would follow, it not being His
intention that it come to birth pronto, except
individually according to merit. If He was divine, certainly this was possible. Christ,
knowing the violent impact of the realization
of this powerful energy upon an immature humanity, perhaps echoed this in His statement,
"I came not to bring peace, but a sword."
Well, it's been hundreds of years since His
advent. In spite of the fact that in the good
old days they fed Christians to lions, and in
more recent time, Jews to the gas chambers, the
concept of "Love thy neighbor", "Do good to
them that hate you", and "Turn the other
cheek", has taken root in man's minds and
hearts; in so many words, "Love has found a
Not too many centuries ago, being "good " in
a service and brotherly sense was limited to
one's family circle, and at most, fulfilling
national duty. With the peopling of new lands,
the discovery, growth, and establishment of
transportation and communication, the idea of
loving others and responsibility for others
has grown parallel therewith until it has
reached national and international levels,
which is demonstrated, of course, in such organizations as the Red Cross, CARE, and countless other humanitarian undertakings on a world
scale that no history of which we have any
record gave evidence of.

This brings us back to the mention of the
concept of Love as Christ taught, as something
not meant to come to birth overnight.

Can you imagine what a world this would be
if one bright and sunny day, every adult rose
from his or her bed, each determined to go
forth into the world carrying out his or her
own personal concept of being good to others --
such as is preached daily from pulpits all over
the world and has been for hundreds of years?
Imagine the squabbling and bickering that
would probably break out in world wars that
would follow upon each and every man and woman
desperately endeavoring to foist off his or her
personal concept of what being good to others

Imagine everyone trying to give everything
he or she owned to someone else who probably
wouldn't want it either, now that no one else
had any use for it. Do you suppose we would
really realize a Heaven on Earth? In a world
of polar opposites, it would take but the
twinkling of an eye to spark a parallel growth
of hate to balance this unnatural insurge of
the energy and use of Love.

Imagine the resentment that would follow
upon everyone insisting on helping someone
else, and no one wanting anyone else to serve
him or her... all give and no take.

What, if suddenly, nothing material meant
anything to anybody any more? What medium of
exchange, short of complete annihilation, would
or could we have? Let's be practical! How can
we possibly live in a world where no one has
need or want of anything that is in it?
What has the energy of Love got to do with
being a so-called Christed man? Perhaps such
an individual has discovered to his own satisfaction the secret of happiness that lies not
in serving himself, but others. He discovers
Love as an energy and permits it to flow in and
out of him into the world about him. It's only
when that inflow is dammed up that one runs into trouble. Most of the world's, if not individuals', troubles can be attributed to dammed
up and misused energies of which we are made,
The greatest service one can render another
individual is to help that individual find himself, and tO assist him in discovering an expression which satisfies him.

And what nonsense is the talk about being
born equal; or all being born at once, or on
the same footing. Children, as we are aware,
are born every minute daily somewhere on earth.
All are obviously not sired or launched at the
same time. Years, decades, and centuries dovetail in such a way one seldom notices their
passing. Perhaps it is a good thing, too, that
some of our contemporaries are out ahead of
us, for in that respect we have something for
which to strive in their having set an example.

It is an infinitely wise Father Who discreetly permits His prodigals to wend their
ways homeward to His feet one at a time, rather
than all at once, and put a finish to His magnificent obsession, for all appears then to be
but an idea in the mind of God. And what would
He do with all of them if they did all come
clamoring home to His feet at the sane time? No
doubt He, being God, could completely handle
the situation, but it is more likely the collective evolution of man dovetails with other
evolutions, all of which contribute to the
Whole Itself. Man has a tendency, however, to
view himself as the center around which everything else, including evolution, rotates. Maybe as a kingdom this is true. That's it? Man
makes a good fulcrum.

We might mention that Love as an energy
which flows in and thru us outwardly to others
is the very thing which makes for saints and
kings among men. But it doesn't stop there because it is a circle dependent on, upon, and
within itself. In God's consideration of the
creature, He knew that in order to make a Good
Shepherd one has to have a flock to which to
minister: How can a saint become the saint or
the Christed man a Christed man without the
assistance first of the humanity he serves?
The saint can never be too grateful to the
sheep who might turn upon him and martyr him,
thereby placing many stars in his crown. The
secret of the Whole is in sacrifice.

It takes wisdom to be able to serve wisely,
and to be able to give lovingly and graciously,
and at the same time to realize what a privilege it is to be able to serve and give as
well as being permitted to do so.
4 The ABERREE NAY, 1962