Over the Editor's Shoulder (continued)

for controlling one's mental images! -- Morrison P. Helling, Seattle, Wash.

"The 'field' looks as if a harrow had been over it when you finish with it. Very refreshing!" -- Genevieve Cleary, North Sacramento, Calif.

"Regarding the feud with the GHOST, I'd like to comment that it has been public statements similar to those that Clem has been making during the past year or so that make many people, myself included, wonder about Scientology.

"When a guy enters the field with a big BANG at an obvious 1.5 level, and several years later is still a 1.5, you kinda wonder if this stuff he's peddling is any good.

"'Member the story about the bald headed barber trying to sell the world's most perfect hair restorer?" -- Don C. Maier, Middletown, Penn.

"I have the main books (the original and the Science of Survival), heard Hubbard at the little building on Parkview in LA but never went further. I think when he let himself go, he was searchingly eloquent (mostly lackadaisical) and feel that he was the victim of evil circumstances. The astrologers would say as a Piscean he might expect that." -- Dr. John Xavier Loughran, Glendora, Calif.

"...Are the claims about the possibilities of Theta Clears excessive or unattainable, and just theoretical? You were near Hubbard and the movement, so you can judge. I am very much interested also, but being so far away, I cannot have a personal opinion. I have the whole matter under earnest study, and I hope to reach this state of Theta Clear and then have proof and experience by myself. Till now I am not a stabilized Theta Clear; so, following the advice of Hubbard, I do not produce Theta clears. I cure neurotic people with psychosomatics and neuroses, which means I am only a psychotherapist, and I can bring people till the level of high normals.

"Yet I follow earnestly and with the greatest hope the researches of Hubbard, and I hope that all his claims will be proved attainable in a practical way. Personally, although I write articles in the newspapers, and give many lectures, and I am a very able psychotherapeutist, yet I do not claim more than I can prove; so I have not disappointment from my public...

"Personally I remain a great admirer of Hubbard, as I got much useful knowledge, personal improvement, and improvement of my techniques through him ... It would be useful to us that you report all useful publications on Scientology and Dianetics in The Aberree so that we take knowledge of what is published, with your critical opinion on their value." -- Ath. Athanassoulis, Cairo, Egypt.

"Sane and amusing." -- Stuart D. Pool, East Moline, Ill.

"It's rather encouraging to hear from someone in Oklahoma working in Scientology. So...send me some more of that stuff you call The Aberree." -- W.P. Mullen., Tulsa, Okla.

"The sense of humor is delightful and answers my husband's question: 'Are all Scientologists so deadly serious and lacking in a sense of humor?' ... We wish you the best for your 'Aberree' -- it'll be the best for us, too." -- Muriel Elgin, Bethesda, Md.

"The reading of the sample copy did me more good than 10 hours of intensive processing. What a clever way to help people to face reality and laugh heartily at the same time." -- Gertrude C. Berner, China Lake, Calif.

"I have not decided whether you are 'for' or 'agin' Hubbard." -- J. R. Pate, Samson, Ala.