Because two Oklahoma state officials refused to actively support Mrs. Willie Murray's candidacy for governor, her husband, the incumbent governor, fired them. Others have been warned.

When a few elderly women of Sharpsburg, Md., demanded an ordinance banning shorts, Mayor Koontz told the press about it. The ordinance failed, but because the city found itself censured and ridiculed throughout the nation, the City Council muzzled its mayor: no more news unless the Council approves, in writing.

Each dead Red Chinese soldier cost more than 50,000 rounds of small-arms fire, an instructor at the Army Infantry School at Fort Benning, Ga., reports. This, he said, compares to 208 rounds it took a Confederate rifleman, using muskets, to kill one Yankee at the battle of Chickamauga.

Oklahoma voters have been subjected to a new torture: talking marathons, in which two candidates for governor each harangued over radio and television for more than 24 hours without stopping, Victims admitted that even a singing soap commercial sounded good when Candidates William Coe and William Gill finally shut up.

Because of investigations and security charges against some of the scientists at the radar laboratories at Fort Monmouth, N.J., "roughly a dozen" top scientists in atomic energy have resigned in protest. It may get to the point where research and national security will be completely in the hands of the suspicious snoops.

After the eighth death in Brooklyn, doctors were warned against indiscriminate use of penicillin. It seems that in some cases, penicillin taken orally, such as in chewing gum, can make a person allergic to it in the form of injections.

When the U.S. returned "freedom of the seas" to a 450-mile area in the Pacific, it was assumed the A- and H-bomb tests at Bikini and Eniwetok were over. In the meantime, radioactive ashes that fell on natives, removed hundreds of miles from their Marshall Island homes, made more than half of them ill. Medical aid was sent them.

New Army script is under fire. It seems that models used for the women on it are so unbeautiful no one wants to keep it, spend it, or accept it.

Some 500 hunters gathered at Randlette, Okla., for a much publicized wolf hunt; became angry when 10 farmers obtained a court injunction to keep their wheat from being trompled and destroyed. Women, who had prepared food for 500 for three days, were the unhappiest.

South American diplomats are incensed. They think our "hemisphereal solidity" is threatened because New York's Governor Dewey, commenting on the high price of coffee, suggested Americans switch to milk because it's "healthier, cheaper, and more plentiful" than coffee.

It sounds like a good way to put your competitor out of business: a St. Louis newspaper, which also operates a TV station, bought time on another TV station for the broadcast of the McCarthy-Army hearings in Washington.