150 At Phoenix Congress | Californians Set Up Auditing "Bank"

150 At Phoenix Congress

More than 150 persons, from all parts of the United States, were in attendance at the June Congress of Scientologists held in Phoenix June 5 to 8.

At the end of the Congress, L. Ron Hubbard announced that the $3,827 in receipts from delegates would be used to publish a new book on Scientology, designed for the public as well as the professional auditor. Each of the delegates was promised an autographed copy of the first edition.

The audience was divided into six groups for morning and evening seminars and group processing. These, together with their group leaders, follow:

John Galusha, leader -- Barbara Pool, John McCormick, Evans Farber, Dick Halpern, Miriam St. Georges, J. M. Brand, Tido Churchill, Ross Lamoreaux, Jessie Hampton, Robert Nichols, Stanley Stromfield, Rebecca Jones, O.P. Reese, Julia Barenburg, Myra Carlock, Will Roth, Elda Ilger, Ken Cline, Dorothy Shoop, Catherine Hagin, Ellen Carder, Frank Dake, James Struckmeyer, Mrs. A. B. Marshall, Dorothy Woodgate, Harold Cohn, Alphia Hart.

Dick Steves, leader -- Wayne Dunbar, Geo. Schuler, Julia Lewis, Mary Stimpert, Mrs. August Vogt, Clifford Carnahan, Doug. Simcoe, Patricia Buckan, Daniel Rutenberg, Margaret Scholtz, Verda Kile, Mrs. Flatow, Gertrude Burns, Warren Amster, James Vanjo, Freddie Sutton, Beatrice Beattie, Peggy Conway, Ann Sharpe, Jon Kenworthy, Elsie Shannon, Ethel Adler, Don Schaffer, George Montgomery.

Jack Horner, leader -- Andy Anderson, Russell Goodwin, Richard Powell, Vonne Kathary, Joan Rocke, Herbert Strafello, Carole Yeager, Frank Silver, Tam Owen, Dr. Allan, Warren Collins, George Seidler, Evelyn McGee, Alfred Kozak, Howard Hamilton, Ester Gill, Charles Brown, Irene Kale, Marianna Adams, Anne Pfanner, Melvin Wells, Ethel Esthole, Herbert Williams, Mrs. Harriet Basista, Arthur Kainalika.

Carol Hadley, leader -- Jan Halpern, Lynn Lamoreaux, Harold Snell, Dale Kathary, Harry Ralph, Ruth Roderick, Lee Burgess, Dr. Daphalouis, Mrs. Long, Mrs. Allan, Walter Pearson, Jennie Movitt, Dr. J. Burton Farber, Mary Majiske, Carroll Hennick, Tom Lovejoy, Inga Dake, Jean Struckmeyer, Ed McCormick, Robert Tolman, Clem Johnson, A. B. Marshall, Anne Mandell.

Bob Sutton, leader -- Mrs. Wayne Dunbar, Laura Webster, David Murray, August Vogt, Thomas Carnahan, Ester Matthews, Rick Walker, Harry Crass, James Kile, Fred Frank, Nell Barton, Ruth Wynne, Jesse Pierce, Mrs. Warren Amster, Al Stecker, Arthur McGlinskey, Osborne Cahon, Jeanette Barieau, Leo Stauter, Bud Eubanks, Bob Shannon, Grant Pool, Dodie Schaffer, Mrs. George Montgomery.

Ken Barrett, leader -- John Cooley, Edna Klatzko, Pedro Gotay, Al Duval, Mrs. Robert Nichols, Mrs. Ted Best, Richard Ferg, James Workman, John Farrell, Bob Churchill, Gilbert Bentley, Maxine Savant, Ellen Beall, Pearl Hennick, Fernando Estrada, Gordon Gill, Sandra Kellogg, Betty Young, Nile Adams, Margie McCormick, Estella Castenada, Duch Johnson, Inez Graf, Frank English, Adele Mazurek.

(Note -- The ABERREE assumes no responsibility for those who told wives or husbands they were present, and weren't -- or for names that are misspelled. Alas, we had to interpret Henrietta Hubbard's writing, and our own scribbling after we got home.)

Californians Set Up Auditing "Bank"

An auditing "bank", in which auditors may make arrangements for a package of 5, 10, or 20 hours' processing, has been set up by the California Association of Dianetic Auditors. In return, each member of the bank agrees to give as many hours of processing to another member of the bank as he receives.

Several auditors, some of whom are rated tops in their class, already have subscribed to the bank. Associates also are listed whose activities are limited to reading Self-Analysis to a preclear.

According to the rules, the auditor can transfer his "credits" to another member of his family.