Mathison Wins Fight For E-Meter Patents | Dr. Howes Discusses... The Catechism

Mathison Wins Fight For E-Meter Patents

A two-year fight with the U.S. patent office over whether the electropsychometer is a patentable instrument has been won, according to a report from Volney G. Mathison, its inventor.

Volney claims that in 1951, the patent office offered to allow eight limited claims, pertaining to specific instruments. He appealed to the U.S. Patent Board, and two years after the appeal, all eight basic claims were allowed. The patent, Volney says, applies to the idea of the use of any type of hand-held electrode, any type of electronic bridge, and any type of indicating meter. This allowance covers 100 or more possible models.

The "E-meter", as the instrument is known in the "field", was built at the request of L. Ron Hubbard, and immediately became almost a badge for the practicing auditor.

Dr. Howes Discusses... The Catechism

Ronald B. Howes, who recently fled Colorado Springs when it was discovered his "Doctor" degree was a mock-up with which no university ever had agreed, has returned to the faith of his childhood, the Catholic Church, and several of the group that surrounded him in Colorado Springs are taking "instruction". If the ex-Dr. picks up titles in the Church as fast as he did in Dianetics, there are those who think they'll soon be calling him "Saint Ron"--possibly even before this magazine goes to press

Reports are that Dr. J. Burton Farber's Church of Scientology in California has a friendly competitor, calling itself "The Church of Basic Christianity". Recently, it issued a handful of "ordinations", which consisted of a pass card and a one-sentence sermon: "Don't ever take this or yourself too seriously".

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