Over the Editor's Shoulder (continued)

time. By the time 'Aberree' No. 2 arrived, I was GLAD to receive it and GRATEFUL. Every word of it hit the spot. I especially appreciated your article on 'How Optimum is a Clear?' It was greatly needed to clear up a lot of confusion on the subject.

"Then out of a 'Clear' sky the 'Ghost' was back in circulation again, and everybody was happy. Now, I find I've just GOT to have BOTH." -- Mae J. Paquette, New York.

"Can anything good come out of Nazareth? I used to take a band to Enid for the Tri-State (band festival) back in the '30's." -- Dr. W.E. Binkley, Portland, Ore.

"Leaving out Pages 9-16 is a dirty trick. You must be a devil indeed!" -- T.D. Malkin, Philadelphia, Penn.

"I'm strictly an amateur in Scientology; majority of what little I know I picked up at the Phoenix Congress in December. I am now trying to organize a group here in Globe; anyone who feels they can donate any suggestions which will help, will certainly appreciate them.

"I enjoy reading the Aberree, even though I don't know half the time what I'm reading. Only one thing bothers me: quit picking on Arizona until you've visited Globe." -- C.E.Carnahan, Globe, Ariz.

"You're just the fellow who can tell a Scientologist his bloated Somethingness is in the way of his nothingness becoming an operating Thetan." -- Donald Schaeffer, Long Beach, Calif.

"I got another 'jolt' from the Journal -- certification based on Producing a 'clear' of the committee's choosing -- IN TEN HOURS!..I'm beginning to think the doctors and the A.M.A. must have been pretty damned neurotic to put up such a fuss four years ago about the likelihood of dianetics taking the bread from their mouths. 'Tis now possible to 'clear' a person and leave all physical ailments intact and under the doctor's care. This will be good news for the average preclear who hates to give up a sympathy exciter, as well as to the doctors once threatened with extinction of their patients due to dazzling good health that the old Dogpatch Style Clear called for.

"And all in ten hours yet! With 50 percent of the whacks already in that shape (merely exteriorized) this is getting to be a much simpler racket than it was when we were trying to knock out somatics by getting the grief and terror charges that held them in present time -- or tougher -- run it all the way out via engram chains.

"Well, that's the modern trend: speed it up! Mass production!" -- Bob Arentz, Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Welcome back to the good country: And to the 'able people'!" -- Gen. Crist, Wichita, Kas.

"I did very much enjoy the sample copy you sent me so be sure to send me the missing pages. You sure made a good point on that Scientology and Dianetics are the same, and who is to say which is faster? Sometimes one, sometimes the other. We only want results and the one word, if there can be a word, is "Flexibility". Or, if you will let yourself go to the extreme opposites, you will have complete freedom of flexibility to enjoy a very happy medium." -- J. H. Betz, Bridgeport, Conn.

"We, my husband and I, enjoy your more serious articles. Life must be serious! Actually, though, there was a definite need for some factual material on the great state of 'Optimum'. We believe you said the things that needed to be said very well.

"We operate a center for the furthering of Scientologists' cases in Tacoma, and for the teaching and processing of people who desire to change. We have about 20-26 who meet here every Tuesday nite for group processing, and on the last Saturday nite of each