It's So Simple to Audit, Phoenix Congress Told (continued)

long communication lags. While one Preclear might be ready for the next command within seconds or minutes, another would bog down for even as much as an hour or possibly more.

Each question is asked over and over until there no longer is a lag in answering.

Finding three spots in the room and three spots in the body alternately will bring exteriorization, Mr. Hubbard said, if the auditor will remedy havingness in between. This is done by finding out what the Preclear thinks he can have, and altering its quality until the mock-up of the object snaps into the body. The mock-up can be dim or flimsy, and doesn't even have to concern an object the Preclear or auditor thinks is bothering the Preclear. The main thing, in running havingness, is to get mass, not quality.

Mr. Hubbard said that you'd only have to print the first section of the First Book and add a short chapter on Havingness to bring the book up to date with modern techniques. He stated that you could run an engram by mocking up its duplicate and bringing it in on the Preclear -- whether he's in the body or exteriorized. "If a Black V would mock up black planets and pull them in on him, he'd start getting mock-ups. This is Dianetics, come to life," Mr. Hubbard said.

The less specific you are, the better: after an accident, it isn't necessary to spot the scene or the car -- you even could have him mock up the Empire State Building and pull that in on him.

In one of his lectures, Mr. Hubbard dwelt at length on changes in his Theta-MEST theory, stating that theta is the solver of problems, while MEST is a problem to be solved.

"When Mother says 'You're a Problem', she's saying 'You're the physical universe'," Hubbard said.

The auditor-preclear set-up is the auditor is being theta and there to solve problems, while the preclear has set himself up as MEST and a problem to be solved. Your only chance to help him is to bring him to the point where he's a solver of his own problems.

If you can understand this Theta-MEST theory, Mr. Hubbard said, your own case will start to break up.

The willingness to grant beingness and the ability to duplicate and the ability to heal are parallel, Mr. Hubbard said.

"The new technique is entirely toward the Third Dynamic," Mr. Hubbard explained in an interview after the lectures. "The body itself is a problem in the Third Dynamic." Opening Procedure has busted the difference between having Scientology and not having Scientology."

Paralleling the lecture on how simple auditing can be was the distribution to Congress delegates of Issue 31-G of The JOURNAL, which was made up of an article by Jack Horner, entitled "Any Two People Can Do It". This outlines, in a few easy exercises, a complete auditing procedure.

Possible Market for E-Meters?

Lie detector tests tried on full-blooded Indians show absolutely no reaction, Dr. W. H. Donahue, director of Oklahoma Mental Health, and O. K. Bivens, State Crime Bureau director, reported recently. Donahue credits the even graph, which has no quivers whatever, to the Indians' "stoic nature."

Donahue said the lie detectors used depended on blood pressure, respiration, pulse, and palm sweat. None of these showed any changes.

This is only true of full-blooded Indians, the director said. Those with mixed blood show definite reactions.

Because we forgot to mention a price in our last issue, some thought the NOTES ON THE DOCTORATE COURSE are now $25. That's only the next-to-the-last copy -- when we get that low. They're still $7.50 as long as they last.