It's So Simple to Audit, Phoenix Congress Told

It's So Simple to Audit, Phoenix Congress Told

Auditors, who have spent months and years -- plus large sums in tuition fees -- learning to be a competent Scientologist, were told at the Phoenix Congress June 5 to 8 just how simple it all is.

All an auditor need have his preclear do, L. Ron Hubbard said, is:

1. Duplicate anything he's looking at

2. Spot some spots in space, and

3. Remedy havingness.

This concatenation, Mr. Hubbard said, makes you an auditor.

For really tough cases, you have the preclear BE a problem, and BE others who are BEing problems. Below the "tough case level", you have the preclear find out what he can BE until he gets a certainty.

This technique, Mr. Hubbard said, linked with "Technique 30", will -- even in the hands of beginners -- get results far and above the fondest expectations of the most experienced auditors using the most advanced techniques back in the days of Dianetics.

Technique 30 has as its basic application the principle of Opening Procedure. In Technique 30, the preclear picks spots on opposite walls, or selects two dissimilar objects at some distance from each other in the room, and walks from one spot or object to the other at the auditor's command. He is told to put his finger on the spot, or pick up the object, tell its color, weight, and temperature, and in the case of the article, replace it in exactly the same location it was before he picked it up. Then he goes to the opposite article, or spot, and the procedure is repeated. This continues for hours, if necessary, with the command unvarying, until the preclear comes up through the entire tone scale, from apathy about the assignment to anger, antagonism, and finally, he should even get to the point where he's cheerful about carrying out the commands. There's not supposed to be even fatigue (for the preclear) no matter how long the process is continued.

Mr. Hubbard said that the symbol "30" to designate this technique was chosen because of its connotation among communications workers -- especially radio and news men -- where "30" long has been accepted as meaning "finish" or "the end". This ends a long chain of 8's and combinations of 8's started more than a year ago which linked infinity (oo) and the thetan (o). Few present at the Congress were ready to believe that Mr. Hubbard means this in its full sense and that there will be no new techniques. Instead, they interpret the use of "30" as applying to the fact auditing now is directed toward the Third Dynamic instead of the First, and the Thetan (o) still is an important consideration in all processing.

In being an auditor, Mr. Hubbard said, don't put the spot in pictures, but in actual places in the physical universe. Check the distance and direction, for example, of the school room, and put the spot in the room -- not in a picture of the room. This brings the spots up to present time.

If the preclear starts feeling ill while running this process, have him mock up his body doing "what it wants to do -- flopping out of control and vomiting".

The only time an auditor fails is when he doesn't wait long enough on extended communication lags. It may be minutes, or even hours, Mr. Hubbard said, before a preclear has the answer to an auditor's command, and the case will be retarted to the amount the auditor interrupts, either from a mistaken belief the preclear isn't cooperating, or because the auditor believes he must earn his money and act professional.

Viewpoint Straight Wire, Mr. Hubbard said, is still a potent process, but isn't recommended for groups because of the (Turn Page)