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JULY-AUGUST, 1957 ' Vol. IV, No. 4 lnflni
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B. Scn. , HDA, HCA, et al ad infinitum ad nauseum.

POLICY: Don't take it so damn' seriously. The infinit
not reduced to a "split infinity" by wars, tax
who offer to sell him what he already has.

Sib-Policy -- We reserve the right to change our mind
issue, or even from page to page, if we desire.

Sub-Sub-Policy: Each man has the inherent right to be

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to date of publication.

YOU DID, TOO, So you don't been in 1939, ro
CONTRIBUTE TO like polio and tion for Infa
PHONY PLAGUES cancer drives? had its incepti
Maybe you, like Salk vaccine e
so many others , know that these able to reduce
so-called "foundations", in- below the 19 39
stead of reducing the disease this signify t to which they are dedicated, of the polio
are actually doing the oppo- created by the
site. You make no contributions and were "cure
to the ill-advised do-gooders, belief that a
who, in their ignorant inno- jection of d
cence, are trying to divide their bodies r r nation into three categor- sary for them
ies: Those who will die of then, apparent)
polio, those who will die of itself has no
cancer, and those who will die effects than
of heart disease, ter -- except fo: Whether you give a dime to gical effect.
these chiseling foundations or From Dr. J.
not, you, and your neighbors, deau, of Myrtle
are having deducted from your come the follow
pay- checks every week, or a recent book,
month, a share of the entire Common Sense",
fund which supports these or- Cril e , Jr.:
ganizations, You think not? Do "Fear of co
you not know that contributions beaten into the
made to such "welfare" groups until this fear
are deductible f r o m income great an enemy
tax? that the rebels against self... They
such drives must pay, for the have fashioned
support of a budget- ridden cancer. They h
government, what these "altru- sensitive publi
istic" do-gooders list as ex- is approaching
emptions under the contribu- have created
tions column? In other words, `cancer phobia'
the government, and the gov- disease that sp
ernment alone -- whether you to ear. It is
like it or not -- finances these today 'cancer
polio , cancer, and heart foun- more suffering
dations -- plus amyriad smaller , self .
less heinous fear dealers. "The trouble
And how much help do they has become th
do? A publication entitled for all disea
`Morbidity and Mortality"; is- the fear of de
sued by no less an "authority" "It is quit
than a U.S. Government agency , the propaganda
the Department of Health, Edu- serious effect
cation, and Welfare, offers campaigners) as
some statistics that are a bit This is inevit
more than interesting. Immedi- the weapon of
ately after the March of Dimes more actively
began barraging the public- paign against
with its pathos and bathos, structive phil,
the incidence of polio shot up has ever been
sharply, until in 1955, it urns When will w
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ans Voice of "The enough implants in our "bank"
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