Volume 10, Issue 6, page 4

bologna romping with Chico
(Send your complete dream to Lowana Julaine, Box
4221, Sta. 7, Howard St., Tampa, Fla., if you wish
an interpretation. Send $2.00, plus stamped, selfaddressed envelope. Dreams ^ill be published in
this column as space permits only if permission
has been granted.)
I T I S A known fact that no matter what else
we may or may not be able to do, we each
have one thing in common with every other
person on earth -- and that is this: we all
Dreams have a strange essence. An intrigue,
all their own, that no other category of phenomena can compete with. All thru history we
find reference of how dreams have influenced
both the conqueror and the conquered. Due to
this subtle and unconscious influence, kingdoms
have risen and fallen. Nations have been shattered or strengthened on the whims of a dream.

Not only have they influenced the past, but
they are an active part of today.

Have you been puzzled by a strange dream --
one that haunts you for its apparent meaning?
Starting this month, The ABERREE is setting
aside space for the interpretation of dreams,
and I' v e been elected to do the honors. I am
proud to once again share a part in the pages
of this publication.

Most of you know that I am half Egyptian
and half American Sioux Indian. you also know
that my grandmother received her esoteric
training in the temple of Ra when she was a
priestess and became the tribal seeress. Many
of you know that part of her training was
learning to interpret dreams in the same system that also was taught to the prophets of
the Bible, and which she later taught me.

In order to give you a full and complete
interpretation of your dream, I will need to
know a few things that most interpreters fail
to deal with. First, let us say, that you may
dream of a specific person or animal for seven
nights a week and unless the dream is identical in evey detail, each dream could, and
probably does, have an entirely different psychic warning or spiritual message.

The backgrounds of your dreams have as much,
if not more, factual meaning than the symbol
usually does. If you dream of someone, I will
need to know (1) Is that person someone you
know or have known? (2) Is that person on this
side of the veil, or have they passed over in
what we call death?
Most important is this: It will do you no
good whatsoever to try to "test" me against
some other system by leaving out something
here and there. I will interpret. just exactly
what you send to me, nothing more and nothing
less. So if you want a full interpretation,
then send a full dream. I can promise you that
you will receive one of the most interesting
interpretations you've ever read.

For instance, many psychiatrists will tell
you that to dream of snakes usually represents
suppressed sexual desire, while the "dream
books" say snakes usually indicate worry or
difficulty. Neither of them seem to bother
about where the snake is located or what it is

Before I would even try to interpret this
symbol, I would want to know whether the snake
was in the yard or in the house. I would also
want to know whether you touched it, killed
it, ran from it, or if you stood seemingly
petrified with fear. Those are the surrounding
factors that give a definite meaning to that
specific symbol. The location and action are
very important to the interpretation.

The psychiatrist will tell you that to
dream of birds indicates that you long for
freedom. The "dream book" indication is that
of success or good news. Neither seems to
bother about asking if the bird was a sparrow
or a hawk. There is a vast difference between
those two birds and their Biblical meanings.

Here are some dreams we have permission to
MRS. C. B. -- I don't know how I got into this
position, but I was standing with my back
against a tree. In front of me was a big scorpion. It was so huge the claws were on either
side of me, and reached way behind me. Its
stinger was right over my head and every time
I tried to move, the stinger would sweep in
front of my face. I felt as if I had to get in
the house but w as too scared to move.

INTERPRETATION -- I just hope you see that
"friend" for what they are before he or she
sees what a weakling you would be under the
circumstances. If you don't watch your step,
you will be "pinned dorn." by the most poisonous kind of person. This person will surround
you with friendship that you can't get away
from easily. They will take advantage of your
good nature if they can and then laugh at you.
Being in the open means you probably will recognize a false sob-story when you hear it.
Don't be a weakling, as you have a true friend
(represented by the tree) backing you up. Start
sobbing right back at them. Don't worry, they'll get the point. Since the stinger didn't
touch you, you are safe.