Volume 10, Issue 6, page 18

ented, and this one will not
be for sale at all. It will be
available on a perpetual lease
basis only, so that it cannot
be resold. There will be a
personal e lectropsychometric
examination of each applicant.
"End of lightning bolts -- and
thanks to those phoning -and
writing that they are enjoying
with me the $3 million dollar
libel award to Butts against
There will be no POST left for
me to sue in re my own libel
case." -- Vo lney G. Mathison,
1214 W. 30, Los Angeles '7, Cal.
"There are a thousand words
and phrases used everyday that
only mean hypnotism , starting
with the word Believe. There
are degrees of hypnotism or
believing, a person in deeper
states believes the hypnotist
and rejects his 5 or 6 senses.
A person educated in school or
church forgets all that he has
learned but is still educated,
or hypnotized, to the degree
of believing in authority. His
censor or mind-rudder has been
set and he will follow the
course, for the censor works
above or outside of hisonscious mind. So you have to
forget your education too, to
wake up.
"Hypnotism is also inherited , and not easy to forget ;
people believed the earth flat
for over 400 years after it was
sailed around and the telescope invented, which showed
other planets to all be round.
Logic of selected facts or
phantasies confirms the particular hypnotism or belief ,
and the censor is the selector.
"Knowing this will not do
the trick of awakening anyone;
it takes some figuring of planet places, enough to see that
mind is geared to planets, and
censoring is s el ection of
planets, in varying degrees.
Too little of one group and
too much of another brings obsession, extreme hypnotism, in
murder, suicide, accident,
sickness, insanity, alcoholism, dope. There are no exceptions, only that other people,
especially the educators' or
converters' horoscopes are also hypnotic influences to the
degree that they are believed
and followed.
"This planetary knowledge
is as important as all other
studies put together because
it shows the nature of the
mind, the nature of religion
as it is and as it ought to
be. The principles of morality
can be better understood. It
exposes the lies or mistakes
that have crept into the Bible.
The good and evil forces that
are represented as men in the
Bible are the benefic and malefic planets, not people of
any certain race, religion, or
belief. This is plainly in the
Bible when your censor does
not obscure it.
"Knowing this much will not
awaken you either. Orthodox or
believing astrologers are
sleeping, due to inherited Bible convictions. You will only
realize this when you begin to
put over a new idea, or try to
get someone to pick up a pencil to begin figuring planetary progressed places. The
arithmetic is simple but the
censor is hard to overcome; he
is like a vicious watchdog;
dangerous to self and others.
Reforming others in prohibiB T 0 - R B T T M U S
Everything rums in cycles. A
smart person will take advantage
of God's law. We show you how to
live according to Mother Nature's
plan. This is the sensible, balanced mry to achieve the most from
life. Make every action coast; no
lost motion. Don't try to swim
ofadnst the tide; wait till the
tide is high for YOU.

All of us have our ups' n' downs ,
but we don't all have mishaps
every time whit a low cycle. Mr.
Churchill had a stroke in 1953
when ha was in a low tide, but he
is still among an.

The ancients knew sod used this
Science; it max than lost for a
time and Ben-Mar vas the first to
introduce it to America.

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tions, inquisitions, war, and
slavery when the Self is glorified and others villified. It
was lately called Nazism, formerly Zionism, or Divine Kingdoms." -- Morris Swenson, New
Age Center, Rt. 1, Box 625,
Camas, Wash.
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I don't know why I enjoy it, I
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humdrum levels of suburbiana!"
-- Florence Hanson, Willondale,
Ont., Canada.

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