Volume 10, Issue 6, page 14

I may have done just that,"
Reid writes . "I have written
to Mr. Khruschev -- enclosing a
copy of the Communist article"
-- and, we suppose, advising
him of India's reaction toward
a pro-Communist article in a
religious magazine (since India
and Russia are supposed to be
friendly, even if China and
India aren't). Just shows how
easy it is for us to delve in
crooked politics and intrigue
-- in a world where lies, bribery, and suspicion are rampant
on such abroad scale...
j If it gets to the point
where each side in a legal
controversy must use his own
tape recorder to make a transcript of the proceedings because those conducting the
hearing can't be trusted, this
nation will have been reduced
to a pretty sorry state. But
that's the allegation Morris
Katzen makes against the Post
Office Department. The hearing
resulting in his being barred
from the mails took place in
Washington. Mc., on 6 March,
1962. Katzen appealed, asking
for a transcript of the evidence. It finally arrived -- on
21 August, 1963. "I was shocked
to find that the portion that
I wanted to quote you is not
even in the transcript, a n d
that testimony has been altered, that I am quoted as saying
what I did not say, and that
the Complainant and the Hearing Examiner are credited with
saying what they did not say
at the hearing... My big story
was shot by the fact that the
transcript does not give a
true account of what was said
at the hearing." Regardless of
how we personally feel about
Katzen's theories, we think an
investigation is in order. If
Katzen needs a memory course,
that's one thing, but if those
conducting such hearings are
able to doctor the evidence to
make an appeal almost impossible of success, then we need
another march on Washington.
And this time, we suggest one
of the party carry a rope.
(It's so nice to coil around
you if you have to sleep in the
park. 'Twill keep off rattlesnakes, 'tis said. )...

We were hoping to have a
picture -- that's why this item
is at the end of the column --
but something happened to it.
Anyhow, to all except the parents (especially the mother),
all babies look alike -- and we
suppose this is true also of
Hen John Rolfs J r., son of
,jam-Zoe D (the former
Zoe Nickerson) Rolfs, born on
that this is only a beginning
and I am not yet ready to comment on its advantages except,
it can prove very interesting.
Besides, if this. is an ability
anyone can acquire, then those
spots or blurs we see sometimes floating before the eyes
can be brought into proper
focus so they can be recognized for what they are.
"As a starter, a hair will
do. Bring it close to your
eyes or directly over the eyeglasses until it becomes
blurred. Then keep on watching. Observe its size, how it
becomes transparent, how what
is a streak at first will resolve as tubes that make up
the hair. If you are lucky you
can hold down a live one by
pulling it over your eye while
still attached to your head --
you might even watch it grow!
Try it at different distances,
with or without glasses (if
you wear them). Use any suitable background to set it off.
Pay\ particular attention to
the rim of the glasses while
you are doing this; you just
might get another surprise.
"I hit on it by accident. I
don't see why others cannot do
the same thing. Results should
be available within minutes.
All it takes is the knowledge
that it can be done.
"As far as I know, it does
not hurt my eyes. I can observe improvement over the
past two years. One thing is
sure -- they did clear up. Anybody willing to try?
"Yes, sir, The ABERREE gives
me plenty to think about. I go
for anything that will help me
to improve my perceptions.
O.K., so the writer is not always able to do consistently
what he implies can be done.
So what? These things take
time to develop. To be able to
write about it, he must have
given it some 'thought, has
made observations which are
true to him at the very least,
and he is willing to let others in on it. Is that so bad?
"Where would I be if it
were not for guys like this.
Limping and complaining, blaming everyone else but myself.
Maybe I cannot do all the
things they say can be done,
but I sure try to make it true
to me if I can. That's a thing
each has to work out for himself. As a result, I feel better and better, tho I am in
the upper 60' s.
"Not everything turned out
as Ron Hubbard said; strayed
away from it some years ago.

But, his first book did get me
started on a path it is not
likely I would have found any
other way.
"Take The ABERREE for examOCTOBER, 1963
"My observations tell me

"I am so grateful to you
for that page of pictures in
ABERREE. Wish you would do it
often. (ED. NOTE -- Any ideas on
how we can get more pictures --
other than closing shop and
going out after them, as we
had to do for those at Harmony
Grove? .
"I have just returned from
a month in San Jose, Calif.
What you wrote about the freeways is true. Anyone going out
there had better get local
maps first. I spent an hour
going round and round in San
Francisco when I first arrived.
Every turn either took me onto
a bridge or away from my goal .
"Am reading Martin Mayer 's
"The Schools". Paper bound,
$1.45, Doubleday-Anchor. Wonderful fresh view by a reporter
who took three years to learn
ALL of it. Educators call it
the 'best book on education '.
Really takes psychologists
over their humps." -- Lee Lockhart, Box 1138, lily, Nev.
"Here is something interesting for someone to try as an
experiment. It seems the naked
eye is capable to see a hair
plus a few other things in all
details. The eyes can bring it
in correct focus even at a
distance of 6-12 inches. Anyhow, I can any time at will.
"The question is: is this a
freak on my part, or is it
something that has been overlooked, with the assumption it
cannot be done; but, it can be
acquired by anyone who is
willing to try. Up to now, I
have not found anyone who did;
they all think I am kidding,
or feel sorry for my state of
imagination .
20 July, at Fairfax, Va., and
weighing in at 7% pounds. Congratulations to the parents.