Volume 10, Issue 6, page 5

FOREWORD -- Nothing can be written about Dianetics
and Scientology without acknowledging our debt to
L.R.Hubbard for his pioneer work in originating and
developing thea, and this I a^ very glad to do.

The books to which I refer in the following article," Dianetics: Modern Science of Mental Health",
"Advanced Procedures and Axioms", "Handbook for
Preclears", and "What to Audit" are all by Hubbard.

I would like to emphasize that what I have to
say is necessarily a series of Woad generalizations, and stated in over-simplified and rather
dogmatic terms. Please, therefore,bear in mind that
this is not the word of an Authority. It is one
man's opinion ^hich could not have been formulated
without the help of ^y good friends Robert M.
Churchill, Phoenix, Ariz., and Mary and Allan Miles
of Bristol.

HE BASIC idea of "Dianetics: Modern
Science of Mental Health" (referred
to as 'first book') was that there
was an analytical mind and a reactive bank, and that the latter could
be cleared by running engrams, especially in the prenatal area where
a key engram called 'basic -basic'

could be located, 'run,- basic
by repetition.

This technique was modified in Advanced
procedure by the identification of basic-basic
as the "*service facsimile engram", usually
located in the vicinity of birth and the use
of more precise auditing tools to locate, and
effort processing to run this engram out. The
theory was advanced by the idea of self-determinism and, in particular, the recognition of
the self-determined decisions to use the aberrative postulates or considerations of the
service facsimile to "explain failure and excite sympathy". In passing, I think this book
was one of the most lucid and inspired written
by Hubbard.

Why didn't these ideas work in practice?
Many persons could and did experience considerable gains by the use of the simple firstbook technique of exhaustion of engrams by
repetition, particularly so in relief from
physical ailments, behavior patterns, and so
on that were interfering with every-day life.
However, the main stumbling block was the fact
that perhaps the majority of preclears were
not able to run more than the lighter engrams,
i. e. were not able to confront the reactive
(ED.NOTE s-In the book, "Scientology 8-80", the
"Service Facsimile" is defined as "the first time a
person uses a death facsimile against-any of the
dynamics (usually against his fellow mat) and recognizes that it is non-survival to himself. It is
the incident the preclear picks up and uses to explain each of his failures." Usually found far
back on the Time Track.)