Volume 10, Issue 6, page 9

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barriers which lie at either end of
ordinary life as most of us are
aware of -- the barrier of conception
F land birth (which I will here refer
Ito as one, al tho they are not the
same), and the barrier of death. As
nearly as I can tell from what data
I have and from my own experience,
the soul is immortal, but for most persons a memory block of pain and fear
blocks perception beyond both conception
and death.

This block or barrier can be lifted in a
number of ways. Lifting it will open up perception and make available that which is called
racial memory and that which is called Akashic
records. These two things exist within every
individual; the fact has been adequately demonstrated and can be demonstrated repeatedly.
Some have used them to support a thesis of reincarnation, which I personally doubt. But I
know that these records exist.

The racial memory involves a complete record of how and why the body evolved. I do not
know whether this is a real record, or whether
it is only imaginary, but when the barriers
are broken you will experience these things
which have been called "past lives".

Ordinarily, breaking this block will open
up perception to a high degree. This is why I
gave the games and lighter techniques first -- so
that my students would be able to tolerate
what they found when this happened. With some
of the beingness and identification broken up
and some perception already opened, you should
be better prepared for full awareness. In many
cases when we opened up perception by using
this technique, the individual couldn't tolerate what he saw, and he shut it down. When
properly done on a totally unsuspecting individual, it can develop wide-open perception on
all levels; I have seen this demonstrated.
However, to open up perception all at once
like this is like turning a child loose in a
boiler factory and expecting him to operate the
factory. He can't take it. So you have been
given preparatory games first.

The barriers can be lifted in several ways.
The Yogi approach to it is the suspension of
breathing, and Spiritualists have various
other techniques. We are going to use the
emotional tone scale.

The prerequisite for this lesson is the
ability to express within yourself, within
your body, any emotion which may be suggested
to you or which you may decide is appropriate
-- to be able to express it of your own choice,
and to turn it on and turn it off.

This is the first of the heavy techniques.
It is not an easy or a simple one. It should
^ARNING -- These lessons In "Advanced Perception" are not to be treated lightly -- or delved
In by the curious for idle or questionable
goals. As the Author cautions, they're dangerous -- and it Is suggested two persons with similar intent work as a team. One of the risks involved, Mr. Schroeppel warna, is that some who
successfully develop their advanced perception
"are going to see some things they'd rather not
see". And don't mix with any other technique.
or you may find yourself working at cross-purposes. Which Is no place to find yourself, or
for anyone else to find you -- especially an incompetent psychologist or psychiatrist. They
may get the idea you're as crazy as they are.
not be gone into lightly or without some preparation. A good time for it should be chosen:
Friday night, for instance, if the subject does
not have to work Saturday and Sunday. Both the
subject and the director should be free to
spend two or three hours on the session, and
the subject should be prepared to spend a
couple of days somewhat scattered out, disconnected from the universe and a bit disoriented. It is quite possible that what he experiences will be for a couple of days more
real to him than the world he walks in, and
some consideration should be allowed for this.
Someone should be around him during this time
who can keep an eye on him and keep him from
getting lost in the physical universe.

The subject should be well fed before the
session, and he should be fairly fresh, not
too tired.

This should be a team drill only, the director coaching the subject and guiding him so
that he is free to devote his entire attention
to what he is experiencing within himself.
This method also permits the use of a closedoff room, wo that no one can walk in on the session while the subject is in a state of wideopen sensitivity and pitch something at 'him
which is damaging.

If the technique is properly run, the subject will experience past lives far down the
evolutionary trail, back down around the fish,
the clam , or even farther than that, depending
on how well the technique is driven. If the
individual can be thrown really far back and
then allowed to soak in what turns up, to explore it, examine the sensations, the feelings,
the thoughts, in thoro detail until it is very
sharp -- as clear or clearer than the room in
which he moves -- for two or three days afterward these impressions will keep getting sharper and sharper. They may be three or four
times as real as the physical universe in
which he is living, and he will be somewhat
disoriented. This is why it should be done if
possible on a Friday night -- so that he has
time to get back into good communication with
the real universe before he must return to
workday function.

The emotional tone scale was given in Lesson
6: Happiness, boredom, resentment, anger, suppressed anger, grief and apathy, and back up in