Volume 10, Issue 6, page 15

pie; it is the only magazine I
read from cover to cover. Do
you think it would have come
into existence if it were not
for what Ron Hubbard did, or
did not do?'' -- John Schoop, 465
Harding Av., Glen Ellyn, Ill.
"As to baiting health patients with Inca gold, I don 't
receive patients -- tho the local
health board approved my doing
so, as you read in Journal. You
probably see that writing,
printing, mailing of a Journal
with correspondence is enough
for one man -- but I don't attempt this in English alone,
but now do it in Spanish twice
as hard on brain, and in Spanish with no return for paper,
ink, stamps, etc. -- humanitarian
mission. As you know I run no
ads in Journal -- no income except when a person sends a
`tip' on literature or magazine order which I produce at
cost. How I do it is a miracle
I can't fathom, but here I am
living in comfort any American
enjoys in perfect Californialike climate, free of frost or
heat waves, with papayas, bananas, oranges, mangoes to pick
from trees -- perfect realization
of an ideal I have worked to
realize since I was a boy in
high school. As to poisons,
that is in commercial lands on
west coast -- but here in frontier, nobody can afford Yankee
poison sprays ... It is freest
region from fallout next to
Chile's." -- Johnny Lovewisdo.n,
Vilcabamba, Lo j a, Ecuador.
0 0
"Yesterday... one of your
friends, Irene Schmeling, of
Ontario, paid me a visit. She
was very charming, and we had
a nice chat about spiritualism
and so on. She did a bit of
automatic writing, but the
spirits who came in were
strangers to us. She is going
to look into this when she gets
in contact with her own, and
maybe can report the solution
to the mystery. I think the
new contacts were just wanderers. Tried to convince one
of them that she should find
her own `orbit' or vibrational
field and stay there. But if
she was one of those 'astral '
spirits -- never lived on earth
-- this piece of advice probably
made her laugh. These spirits
are sort of like what we term
`elementals', but they are
equipped with human-type bodies. They're usually totally
irresponsible -- you can't believe a word they tell you.
And it's all in fun, to them.
"I was absolutely amazed
when reading 'Hart to Heart'
this Christmas issue! Referring to Mrs.Ferguson's predictions... that California would

not be inundated, but that the
Colorado river basin w o u l d
sink from the Gulf of California to Puget Sound. My spirit
contacts told me this long ago ,
but with a different slant. If
you remember, I said that even
the mid-west would not be safe
later on. What I've been told
is that major quakes, caused
by explosion of the bombs under ground, would rock California, and tidal waves would
wash over her, drowning a lot
of people, causing terrific
damage. But California would
not be destroyed -- except that
a lot of the coastal area might
fall into the ocean (much of
it lies on a shelf-like ledge
now and the ocean washes under
it. An island would be formed
just as Mrs. Ferguson predicted ; but later on there are to
be more quakes, and the result
eventually will be to cover
most of the middle states with
water -- clear to the Great
Lakes. Seems that this is the
way it was thousands of years
ago -- all under water. Salt deposits in Kansas seem to verify that the ocean once roamed
the plains. But California was
once a part of Lemuria -- the
Hawaiian Islands are former
mountain tops of that great
continent (as was California)
When this area submerged, the
highest dry land became just
ordinary land areas. When Lemuria rises, this land area
will rise too, again forming
huge mountains on the 'new'
continent . In other words ,
things will be changed back to
the former time -- complete reversal. Much of Europe will go
down when Lemuria and Atlantis
rise from the sea...
"I am about to turn vegetarian. There are numerous
reasons to be one and all the
reasons for eating meat have
about glimmered out. Make no
mistake, I like meat. I am not
sure The ABERREE is the place
for such sordid comment , but
maybe it is exactly the medium
in which to air this awful
stuff. It has just come to my
attention (a mild statement!)
that much of our meat is unfit
to eat. This is true information, as it comes from friends
of mine. A friend of a friend
recently took a job feeding
cattle in a `feed yard'. He
hates his job because 'a lot
of calves are all eaten out by
worms', and when they die they
are dragged out. He asked what
they did with these, and was
told, 'That's where your veal
cutlets come from -- didn't you
know?' 1 was telling another
friend about this -- a small
rancher who raises his own
meat -- and was told another
horrible story. These ranchers
had bought calves that died
the next day. When examined,
it was found that the calves
had had 'scoures', or a diarrhoea-like condition common
to calves. But that is not all.
To avoid letting people who
bought the animals find out
about the diseased condition
of the animals, they had stuffed
rags or other obstructions in
the bowel outlets...Naturally ,
the poor things suffered agonies and died soon after. The
ranchers told of another trick
common to the trade. In buying
a bunch of live calves, they
returned to pick them up (next
day, I guess) and' found one of
the calves dead. 'This one
goes with the bunch,' said the
seller, and made them take it
along. Since they had made the
purchase before the calf died ,
they were stuck. Other friends
who have worked around chickens have told me that many
chickens that die of heat exhaustion, or maybe other
causes, are picked up and
dressed out and sold. All this
meat has the stamp of the U.S.
Inspector. The inspectors
either do not happen to come
around at the right time, or
they overlook this vile practice of preparing meat from
already dead or diseased animals . I suppose a piece of
meat looks just the same regardless...
"Not only are the above
shady dealings going on, but
these sick calves get shots
every day to keep them alive
or standing up until they can
be butchered Imagine eating
meat with all those chemicals.
Well, I have eaten many chickens and some beef that tasted
like disinfectants and medicine. Probably was.
"The worst of it is, we
could buy meat from these
friends an d get good meat ,
raised right from healthy
stock. But they are not allowed to sell it right off the
farm . Must take out a licepse
and have ii inspected. They are
small-time ranchers and cannot
afford this expense, just to
sell to a few customers...
"These rancher friends say
that the reason a lot of the
calves die is (they were told
by an authority on it) that
artificial breeding practices
make weak calves that are susceptible to every disease coming and going. Another penalty
we pay for trying to out-fox
"Which brings me to another
subject -- those birth-control
pills. PREVENTION Magazine
tells us that they are known