Volume 10, Issue 6, page 16

to cause formation of blood
clots in some cases and the
victims die of a sudden heart
attack or 'stroke' symptoms.
Well, the F. D. A. did have an
investigation of the pills and
cleared them as 'safe'. So they
are safe. The FDA said so!
However, I have noticed a number of deaths in this area...A
young married woman collapsed
and was rushed to the hospital
-- dead upon arrival. Reason of
death was listed 'Unknown'.
Not long after that, another
young woman went thru the same
process. Cause of death was
officially 'unknown'. Then, a
local girl, a friend of a relative, died suddenly. Only a
day or so before she had talked
with my relative -- was happy,
healthy, and full of life.
Then she just fell over and
died. They could find no reason
-- another mystery. It is not
known whether these girls were
taking the birth-control pills
or not -- I mean, friends don't
know... I know for a fact that
most young married girls are
taking the pills -- and some of
the unmarried ones too... Wish
other ABERREE members would
put in their two-bits on these
subjects. Compare notes." - -
Rosalind John, 15334th, Norco, Calif. 0 0 0
"Quite some time ago, you
published an article on wheat
grass manna by Ann Wigmore D.
D., Stoughton, Mass. I was interested and sent for the literature.
"This summer I decided to
spend part of my vacation at
Stoughton as a visitor to observe the preparation of the
soil, planting, and sprouting;
and finally within a week I
was served a glass of freshlycut wheat grass chlorophyll
(ground in a meat grinder),
rich in live minerals, vitamins, and trace minerals . Instead of staying one week I
remained four and enjoyed every
moment. Before the end of the
first week my eyesight showed
vast improvement and I had
greater p h y s is al endurance.
Between meals I drank two or
three glasses of the juice diluted in water.
"The unique characteristic
of wheat grass from a nutritional standpoint is, it contains a greater variety of human nourishment than probably
is found in any other vegetable growths. You can grow it
indoors as well as outdoors.
As a matter of fact it grows
better in boxes, indoors. After
the wheat is sown, it sprouts
in about five days from 5 " to
7" which is its best growth
for cutting. Turned under the
soil, it constitutes the best
fertilizer, and fed to human but haven't found it or later
beings , it seems to have the ones available recently. Would
ability to supply the elements like to go over his work again.
necessary to banish nutrition- My successes in this specialal deficiencies. Anyone who ized telepathic mode have been
may be interested in how to confined mostly to dogs, tame
grow wheat grass can obtain birds, and flying bugs (wasps
pamphlets from Ann Wigmore, and moths mostly). Of course,
Box 189, Astor Station, Bos- wild animals are scarce in
ton, mass. Send self-addressed midtown Houston, except squirlarge envelope and 8 cents for rels, mice, and a few small
10 sheets and 16 cents for 20 snakes. I tried Kimball's thing
sheets." -- Easy V. Corday, 139 at the Herman Park Zoo, but
E. 57th, New York, N.Y. was only able to connect with
0 0 o the apes. They take a very
"This is in regard to your sardonic and unflattering view
reprint on Page 8 of the Sep- of the human spectators. Very
tember issue of The ABERREE, unflattering. In fact viewing
It concerns Van Tassel 's Inte- the apes and spectators, one
gratron. This machine purport- got t h e impression all the
edly will rejuvenate people. monkey business was outside
"As you know, many older the primate house and all the
people who are sick and need civilized dignity was inside.
help might give all they have All I conclude is that if our
to further such a project. species is the apex of creaSome of them could not afford tion, as many of us have
this, indeed some have already claimed, then God help God! In
contributed who could not af- the travelog you didn't menford it. tien if there were psychedelic
"I know this is a reprint experimenters at the convenand as such you are not re- tion -- mescaline, LSD, peyote
sponsible f o r investigating etc. Anderson with Faraday
it, but I am reasonably sure cage, seems to be working along
you would not like to have the lines of Andrija Puharich.
anyone taken in by such a - "I like Roy Eugene Davis's
story. I know quite a lot article which has significant
about this man and his Inte- sayings in it. It reflects the
gratron. . . and if you should almost universal confusion (not
get letters from your readers mistake) about what and where
inquiring about this, please the Self is, and who and what
advise them to investigate it an Individual is. This confuvery thoroly before putting sion is built into all Indoany money in it. European languages and is the
"If you should publish this fault of nobody. Even if a
letter, do not put my name nor person knows what he's talkaddress on it, as I would be ing about, he finds it almost
afraid of what might happen to impossible to say what he
me if Van Tassel knew I wrote means. I think especially of
it." -- Naze withheld. the paragraph beginning, 'A
(ED. NOTE -- Not often do we major problem is this. When we
publish anonymous letters, but no longer accept a personal
we make an exception here only God... we have nowhere to go.'
for the purpose of appending But we still are left with the
this warning: We suggest no idea that we 'have to go'
one invest money in anything -- somewhere... We don't actually
even a stick of gum -- unless have to go anywhere. We're althey first investigate it. And ready there...
the fancier the promises that "Dr. George Crawford takes
are made, the more investiga- an awfully lot for granted,
t ion. and I grant none of it. If a
(This is especially true of law is natural, it is necespersons selling "ways of life". sarily unbreakable. An event
How successful are they in contrary to natural law is a
their personal affairs? What logical contradiction because
of their family? and friends? a natural law is a descripAnd you might check the "dead" tion of the way events happen.
preachers of your church to see A natural law isn't a statute
if they went to hell or heaven passed by somebody. It's a
before you drop more than a descriptive formula. There are
dime in the collection plate.) no exceptions. There are only
3 0 unnatural l a w s. Unconscious

" Report of a communication
Report on the July-August is impossible. A communication
issue : The travelog was en- is a transmission of a signal
lightening and enjoyable even from a transmitter to a reif it restricted the all-im- ceiver. I f the receiver is
portant letter section. Esnec- turned off , no communication
dally the convention pictures. occurs. My F.M.radio is turned
read Kimball 's first book off. A dozen or more programs
('He Who Speaks with Beasts' are being transmitted now, but
The A B E R R E E OCTOBER, 1963