Volume 10, Issue 6, page 6

invalidated and dispersed; disillusionment on
the one hand, manic enthusiasm for the new
"science" of Scientology on the other, were
the various reactions of the field.

The basic tenet of Scientology was simple.
It, too, recognized that there was a reactive
bank; but, instead of the Dianetic approach of
enabling the individual, basically a GE plus a
thetan, to cope with the reactive bank by reducing the power of the engrams by running
them out, recovering, and recognizing the selfdetermined decision to use the service facsimile to excuse failure and excite sympathy; the
approach of Scientology was to ignore the GE
component altogether and, by an enormous battery of techniques that have appeared in the
intervening years, to raise the ability of the
thetan to cope with or rise above the effects
of the reactive bank.

That the multifarious techniques o f Scientology have produced striking results is undeniable, but it is also undeniable that the
course of Scientology over the last 10 years
is strewn with the bodies of those who have
had a lift and then sagged to lower levels
than before they started.

What then is the reason for the failure of
the Scientology approach? I would suggest that
it is because it is as unbalanced as the Dianetic approach. In fact, perhaps more so . Just
as Dianetics failed because it did not take
into consideration the dual nature of the individual, so Scientology fails because it ignores the GE component of the individual and
worse, because it also fails to confront the
reactive bank. The thetan aspect can rise above
the reactive bank to be unaffected by it, but
the bank is still there and when the sag comes,
as it almost inevitably does, the bank keys in
again with enhanced force, and the last state
of the preclear is worse than the first.

Readers will perhaps criticise me for this
harsh judgment of Dianetics and Scientology.
Nevertheless, 'bile I have seen striking gains
by preclears and so have many other auditors,
the promises of the first book and the many
promises of Scientology have not been fulfilled.
Critical re-evaluation may help find out why.

Consider this as a datum. For aberrative
facsimiles, whatever their source, to be
effective in this lifetime, they must be keyed
in in this lifetime.

Here we must look a little more closely at
the nature of aberrative facsimiles and how
they are used. As has been said earlier, in
first book Dianetics a"basic-basic" was sought ,
and in the refined processing of Advanced
Procedure, this was more precisely delineated
as the service facsimile engrain which is used
to excuse failure and gain sympathy.

This service facsimile usually arises in the
vicinity of birth and often contains components
of the birth engram. Birth is a disturbing and
confusing experience for the individual, he is
subjected to strong counter-efforts and a violent change of environment; conflicting realities arise, possible loss of an ally is there,
and so on. Unconsciousness (anaten) often
occurs, due to autointoxication or shock. It
is not surprising that the store of facsimiles
of every sort should be ransacked to find those
suitable to explain what is going on; to excuse
his failure to cope and to excite sympathy or
gain assistance, from whatever source, in his
predicament .

We cannot ignore the fact that there are
engrains, call them what we will. And we cannot
ignore the fact that most engrams are full of
pain, noise, effort. unconsciousness, and the
most low-toned, potentially aberrative postulates. Also that they are heavily charged with
emotions such as fear, terror, grief, hatred,
and apathy. All these factors render them difficult and very unpleasant to confront.

Nevertheless, it is also true that, in the
"normal" and reasonably well-balanced individual, the majority of engrams are non-effective
(but see below, regarding pre-natals). In a
word, an engram is not effective until it is
keyed in, this occurring in a later engram.
The individual in a state of anaten searches
wildly around for facsimiles that will serve in
the particular circumstances on an A=A=A basis,
the fit is not necessarily good or rational;
the earlier facsimiles are then said to be
keyed-in. It is interesting to note that the
key-in engram need not be a severe one, the
moment of anaten may be due only to fainting,
for example. Also that the picking up of facsimiles may be very selective -- a phrase from
one engram, an effort from another, a somatic
from another, and so on .

The reason why the engrams of the prenatal
area(from the vicinity of conception to birth)
require bringing up for examination and reevaluation is not that they are particularly
aberrative in themselves, but because of their
nature which arises from the way they are
formed. The foetus is small and weak, and has
had little experience; indeed, so far as experience and perception go, one might say that
it is virtually unconscious. It is easily subject to anaten , and during this period of unconsciousness it is likely to pick up conversation(often"yak"), and the actions producing
anaten, especially coitus and other, reasonably normal activities of the mother, are
likely to be misinterpreted. Also, mothers are
not unknown to indulge in activities with a
view to terminating the pregnancy, and these
attempted abortions (AA) have a most depressing and aberrating effect on the individual.

The individual is almost completely effect
during this period, which is a blow to selfesteem, and there is likely to be confusion
about identity, inasmuch as he is in at least
three valences -- thetan, GE, and foetus -- and
also quite likely to be in mother's as an ally ,
and possibly that of another person too if
there are engrams of this nature.

I said earlier that the majority of engrams
in a case were non-effective. This is true, and
if one is interested to run all the engrains in
a case one will find that 90% of them will run
out easily, and have had little or no traumatic
effect. But in most cases there are a few engrams so heavy they are not confrontable by
ordinary processing techniques, one needs aids
to get at them at all. They are almost occluded
by heavy effort (somatics) and violent emotion
(usually terror) which may only appear as
overtones in other incidents or sudden, inexplicable tone drops. Another we, they can show
up is by a version of the incident appearing
and running off quite lightly, usually without
the effort or emotion , or only an attenuation
of then. A recent example was of a preclear
who had run his service facsimile years ago and
thought the pre-natal area was more or less
cleared up. He recently hit an extremely heavy
terror engram about two months after conception which took about four hours to run out,
and which had held him in his mother's valence.

So a real look at the pre-natal area and
the service facsimile of this lifetime should
give some degree of self-knowledge and an understanding of why one behaves as one does.

Unfortunately, this is not the whole story ;
6 The A B E R R E E _ OCTOBER, 1963