Volume 10, Issue 6, page 8

OOKS cannot alter Creative Action, change
human life, or confer immortality upon
man. Not even the "Word of God" can do
that. Far that is the exclusive work of
Creation, governed strictly by Cosmic Law.

No book is of value on that point except
as it presents the facts, the laws, the processes, and the secrets of Creation.

We are the Children of Creation, not of the
Bible. Our Father is not the pastor of some
church but the Creator of the Universe. Our
origin, nature, and destiny are not determined by the Bible, nor ruled by any creed,
formulated by a Council of Bishops. These are
determined by Creation and ruled ty Cosmic Law.

Creative Action produces everything known
and unkown, and that Action never changes. It
is fixed, eternal, in constant operation, and
operates the same today as it did a million
years ago. It will operate a million years
hence as it does now. No bewhiskered prophets
are needed to juggle that one for us.

What is the most vital of all points for
which humanity is searching? Why do millions
attend church? Far a sound answer to the great
question posed in the Bible, whether a man who
dies shall live again (Job 14:14). Give humanity a sound answer to that great question and
the Bible may be burned. Where can this answer
be found but in the facts, laws, and processes
of Creation?
Ancient Wisdom, sacred scriptures, religious
systems, creeds, doctrines, dogmas, belief in
crucified saviors and faith in resurrected gods
may be good business for the clergy, but they
do not rule Creation nor govern human life.
They change not the immutable, inexorable, inflexible, fixed, and changeless laws of Creation. And that is well for humanity.

The man Eusebius who began work on the Bible, and became the first Christian historian ,
made an amazing admission about Christianity
when he said it was nothing new -- just the old
pagan system under a new name.

That gives us the key. What was the basic
principle of the ancient system? The fire
philosophy of the ancient astrologers, adopted
by Pythagoras and prevailed until crushed in
the 4th, 5th, and 6th centuries by the Roman
emperors so it could not compete with Christianity.

The Pythagoreans held that fire constitutes
the heart of the universe. It is the monad or
first created form, and extends from the earth
to the uttermost reaches of the Cosmos. All
created phenomena are the product of fire, and
strive ever to return to fire.

This goes directly back to the fire philosophy of the Atlantean masters, to whose doctrine the Pythagoreans strictly adhered. It
got into the Bible in such words as these:
"The Lord thy God is a consuming fire" (Deut.
4:24). It had been plainer to speak right out
and say, God works thru fire. For the facts
show fire to be the first created formation.

Remember we said in Serial No. 1 that only
the created is visible and temporal, and the
uncreated is invisible and eternal. Hence, fire
being visible reveals that it is created; and
the primal source of fire in the blazing orb
of the universe, unto which the Psalmist sings
a lyric as follows:
"The Lord (of fire) reigneth; let the earth
rejoice; let the multitude of isles be glad.
Clouds of darkness (in the sky) are round
about Him (Sun), ,..A fire goeth before (floweth out of) Him. His lightnings enlighten the
world; and the earth saw, and trembled. The
hills melted like wax at the presence of the
Lord (of fire), ... The heavens declare His
righteousness, and all the people saw His
glory" (Ps. 97: 1 -6).

H. P. Blavatsky wrote: "The esoteric teaching sayeth that Fire is the perfect, unadulterated reflection in Heaven as on Earth of the
One Divine Flame. It is Life and Death, the
origin and the end of every material thing."
(Secret Doctrine).

Clymer said, "All the early fathers considered the Creator to appear as Subtle Fire.
...Without fire and the resultant heat, nothing
could exist. Fire and soul are one and the
same thing -- the Living Fire. "
The ancient astrologers taught that all
things are derived from fire and are eventually
transformed again to fire. "From fire to earth
and back again, an infinite number of worlds
are born, only to suffer annihilation (by explosion) in due course, succeeded by reconstruction and redestruction without end." The
entire universe is "fire in the process of
endless transformation".
(Continued in the next issue)
BY EVA W000FOII. Lest Creek, V. te.

Husbands worried for fear their wives may
be subjected to astral sexual attacks might
try forcing them to wear armor pajamas, Mrs.
Woodford suggests, reflecting her amusement
over recent letters in the 4BHRRCls' from Volney
Mathison and Jacob A psel. Of course, an oldtime "chastity belt" might be just as efficacious -- if one could find one -- but each solution
offers tts own problem -- as jealous husbands
have learned probably since "the sons of God
saw the daughters of men that they were fair."