Volume 9, Issue 2, page 18

is a man named Johannes Bron,
called Hannes. Hannes is doing
something for the world, and
the folks in the Netherlands
call it the works of the devil .
The article appears in a Dutch
magazine called 'Spiegel'. They
name it, 'Strange things are
happening in our Country'.
"The invention is a razorsharp disk put ina small case.
Wherever the case is placed,
things happen. An old crippled
man is now well and climbing
trees. Farmers grow more and
better fruit. Wet, unusable
fields are drying up; grass
stays green in dry weather,
etc., etc.
"As I understand it, the
disc causes negative earth
rays to become positive.
"A Dr. Schram in California
visited him and offered him
America for his laboratory but
he wants to help his own countryman.
"His fight is with the dear
ones who call all the miracles
the works of the devil. Keep
your ears alert for information about this man." -- Mrs. H.
Je Westerhaven, Benton Harbor,
Mich. 0 0 0
"Your periodical is as well
edited as any in the nation,
including the literary magazines. I am not myself particularly interested in metaphysical subjects, but I know professional writing and editing
when I see it." -- Jack L . Fe Its,
PAN PRESS, Tahlequah, Okla.

liar to conclusions currently
being entertained by The ABERREE staff...

An aura of mystery and
secrecy seems to surround the
whereabouts of Dys. Richard and
Blanche Pritchett, who took
Reprieve! p lED TOHDIE
At last a scientific philosophy of life that teaches how
to avoid the cause of all disease, old age, and death. No
medicine, diets, meditation,
esoterics or yoga. Learn the
facts of life, obey them, and
live indefinitely in health and
vigor. Modern science in the
laboratories has revealed the
truths that set us free from
domination by our fatal bodies.
All the ancient ignorances refuted.

By Nira A. Cromwell
Author of Escape This Life
Alive" most revolutionary book
published up to 1956. This latest book has 250 pages, 158,000
words. $2.00 P.P. Satisfaction
or ^oney back -- 10 days.

P. O. Box 629, El Monte, Calif.
oTt from their Lakemont, Ga.,
location for "a research tour",
supposed to be both a rest for
Dr. Blanche and a check into
conditions as written about in
her book "Japhalein ". A short
note from Blanche hinted that
Enid might be included in that
tour, but at the time this is
written, we wish to assure the
readers who expect us to " do a
Louis on 'Where's Blanche?'"
that we have no information
about the trip, or even that
it's any of our business. And
that isn't the Japhalein hovering over our orchard, Friend;
it's plain old Colorado dirt,
which a good rain could settle. Anybody got one to spare --
a "good rain", that is .. .