Volume 9, Issue 2, page 8

There are two things wrong with that method. First, two distortions pulling in opposite
directions cause an unconscious conflict, which
would constitute a neurosis. Second, if the
command phrase which caused the arthritis goes
uncorrected, it will force the victim to find
some other disabling affliction so people will
care for him.

Because of the demand, autosuggestion has
been presented under many names. By autosuggestion in its varying forms, you strive to
put orders into the subconscious mind. In other
words, you strive to install distortions. Serious mental or physical damage can result.

Any person who has resorted to autosuggestion will have to get rid of the distortions thus installed, along with his others, if
he is ever going to get his thinking completely straightened out.

Every command phrase somehow indicates the
trouble it can cause -- describes the punishment. It also describes the circumstance under
which the punishment occurs. Both elements are
always obvious or implied in every command
phrase. For example, "Whenever my mother-inlaw comes to visit, I get sick."
The victim of the foregoing command phrase
never realizes that he is being punished for
his old emotional thinking. He thinks his
mother-in-law causes his trouble. He may try
to solve the problem by influencing his motherin-law. Or by avoiding her. That only keeps
him locked in his mental trap, and hence in

Other command phrases may bring punishment
which seems less like punishment than reward.
Consider a command phrase which says, "Smoking
gives me pleasure", enough to counteract his command phrases. He

After a person has installed many command has set powerful command phrases in opposition
phrases on the subject of smoking, his punishto weaker ones. If he would correct his disment seems so much like a reward that he may tortions of logic, he could stop easily. He
be unwilling to consider giving it up. Whether would not need to use determination.
he likes the result or not, the action he is
compelled to take by a command phrase consti- There is only one way for a person to gain
totes his punishment for installing the dis- release from punishment. He must put attention
tortion. The punishment lasts as long as he where attention belongs: on the cause of his
retains the distortion. It ends when the dis- punishment. He must inspect the command phrases

tortion is corrected. of the offending distortions, and release himThe most subtle punishment is that which self from their domination. If he does enough
the individual enjoys. of that, he gives himself a complete moral
Startling as it may at first appear, smok- cleansing.

ing is the punishment for installing distor- Consider a person who hates to go to bed or
tions which compel smoking, drinking is the get up, who is always bored, who despises his
punishment for installing distortions which work and his boss, who gets into frequent arcompel drinking, overworking is the punishment guments and disputes which he cannot settle,
for installing distortions which compel over- who cannot discuss money with his wife, who
working. And it is obvious that every punish- cannot get his children to listen to him, who
ment can be stopped. has indigestion, constipation, loose teeth, and
The danger of pleasant punishment is exem- insomnia, who would like to stop overeating
plifled by an alcoholic who became an alcoholic but cannot, who feels frustrated most of the
by pursuing pleasant punishment. Ultimately he time, who is haunted by vague feelings of anxmay reach a point of unhappiness which makes iety and guilt, who is depressed and unhappy,
him wish he could retrace his steps, but the who has little confidence in himself or his
punishment still retains enough attraction future.

that he cannot retrace. Consider a person who has compulsions to
People are notoriously unsuccessful in succeed in all he tries, to be a pillar of his
changing their conduct by direct effort. They church and his community at the cost o f his
make New Year's resolutions they cannot keep, health, to boss everybody he deals with, to
They resolve to diet, but never quite succeed, make so much money he cannot spend it, to prove
The difficulty is that they are trying to change superior intelligence, to refuse to see anya result while ignoring the cause. thing but the best in himself, to make a big
The punishment is the result. The cause is name for himself regardless of how many pera distortion of logic. sons he hurts in the process.

To change his conduct by trying, a person Our world would be better off if all such
needs a powerful reason. For example, he may persons learned to destroy their compulsions
try to stop smoking for years without success, and act sensibly. And so would they.

Then perhaps his doctor tells him he must stop (The above is condensed and adapted from the publito keep from dying, and he suddenly musters cation HUMANETI CS. Copyright 1981 by Richard W.
the needed determination. wetherill. Further information will be sent free on
His wish to save his life strengthens him request. Address: Humanetics. Wynnewood. Penn.)
8 The A B E R R E E MAY, 1962
Creation of a thing imposes no way of its
use upon Man save as he chooses to use it.

All things do not have the same way of
their use, but all things are used.

All men do not have the same way of their
living, but all men live.

Man creates for himself the ways and the
illusions of his being, and having created,
uses them. And by the use of his creations Man
creates more.

There is no need for Man to destroy that
which he creates. When it is not used, it is

Only Man creates illusion. Only Man binds
himself to the performance of his dreaming.
Only Man hinders the achievement of his dreams.
And only Man refers to God the performance or
the failure. And God accepts but does not uphold the reference.

What is created is God and God creates what
is. God grows as creation widens and God widens conception for creation.

What is within the heart of Man is God and
is within the heart of God. What is within the
belief of Man is God and is within the belief
of God. Nhat is the act of Man is the act of
God and is in the action of God. What is within the use of Man is within the use of God.
What is aspired by Man is aspired by God and
is within the aspiration of God.