Volume 9, Issue 2, page 11

(From the Published Lectures of Richard Ingalese.

Copyright 1902 by Richard Ingalese.)
SYCHISM is a subdivision of occultism. It
is essential to know something about the
psychic realm so that we may avoid it.

Persons who take up this line of study are
in a position where they must contact very
closely the psychic realm; and humanity as
a whole, in its evolutionary career, is now
beginning to approach the psychic plane.

Psychically advanced members of the human
race have contacted this plane already -- much
to the detriment of some of them. For this
reason, some facts should be revealed, even
tho the revelation may excite the incredulity
and scorn of the ignorant and possibly the enmity of those who, in their researches, have
contacted the psychic side, and have fallen
under its deceptive influences.

The "dwellers on the threshold" are what we
all have to face when we contact the psychic,
realm. Not only do students of occultism have
to meet them, but the whole human race, as it
develops, must come in contact with this realm.

Many of these "dwellers on the threshold"
are detached objective minds. We know that the
subjective and objective minds were united and
became men. We also know that a battle must be
waged between these two minds when the subjective awakens, and undertakes control of its
affairs. Sometimes the fight between these two
minds of men becomes so tremendous that there
comes a cleavage between the two, and the subjective conquers its lower mind, making it a
tractable vehicle. But sometimes the objective
mind is stronger than the subjective and refuses to be governed. It is then that a separation comes, and the objective mind, strong in
its victory, becomes detached from its subjective. The subjective, unwilling to remain
under the domination of its objective mind,
leaves it to its ultimate destruction, and returns into the Infinite, to rest until another
Cosmic Day shall come, when it can start forth
with a new objective mind.

This rebellious objective mind is so strong
that it may continue to occupy its physical
body for several years after the separation,
and goes thru the remainder of that life the
semblance of a human being, but devoid of moral character. When it excarnates and its body
is destroyed, it may or may not be strong
enough to reincarnate. If it does, then it will
be of an intellectual animal nature, with no
conception of morality or spirituality. In case
it is not strong enough to reincarnate, it becomes a "dweller upon the threshold" -- an individualized consciousness upon the subjective
side of life, invisible to the physical eyes
of men, but active in its destructive desires
and purposes. It becomes one of the many unpleasant forces or entities with which we have
to come in contact when we reach the psychic

In our study of mankind, we will find many
of these objective minds without their subjective or higher minds; this is especially true
among the older and sub races. We find them in
our own country, but not in such large numbers
as in China, Japan, and in Egypt. These are
designated as degenerates and perverts, and
are also many of our most hardened criminals.
Such entities seem to be maliciously wicked,
and persistently destroy and pull down everyone
with whom they associate.

Every soul that excarnates, if it is not
able to pass into the planes beyond because of
its undevelopment and strong animal nature,
also must remain on that plane and become a
dweller on the threshold.

There is a third class of dwellers called
"elementals". These centers of consciousness
and force have not developed to the point where
incarnation is possible. They are the fairies,
goblins, brownies, and undines. These entities
are not fanciful creatures of the imagination,
for they have been seen and described by persons whose psychic sense made them conscious of
them. Man cannot imagine that which does not
exist, for no one can make a picture of the

Elementals are created by the thoughts of
men. As man develops he thinks more and more
forcefully -- and as he thinks, he creates little
centers of consciousness within Divine Mind.
These centers of consciousness assume different
forms according to the quality of the thoughts
which created them. The elemental grows very
much as the embryo grows inside its mother.

These centers which man creates draw strength
and vitality from him, and remain within the
photosphere of their creator. Since whatever
is created upon the mental plane must, in the
course of time, objectivize, or embody itself
in a physical form, these elementals eventually
must take on material bodies of some kind.

So-called good and bad elementals, when they
became embodied in animal or insect form, will
assume that form which corresponds to the nature of the consciousness seeking embodiment.
If the elemental is mischievous and destructive, then it was the result of mischievous,
destructive thoughts of man, and will take upon itself the form of animal or insect that
will annoy man and destroy his property. Biting, stinging thoughts embody themselves as
flies, wasps, bees, and mosquitoes; poisonous
thoughts become spiders and reptiles. Thus Man
himself creates the destructive things of earth
which turn and wage war against him.

Denizens of the next plane, and especially
the excarnated minds of depraved men and women
and the detached objective minds, utilize mankind for the purpose of vicarious enjoyment. A
drunkard does not lose his love for liquor when
he leaves his physical body. There is nothing
in the process called "death" which changes
character. So, a drunkard selects a subject he
can influence. This sensitive, whose will is
not strong enough to resist this strange influence thrown upon him, yields to the temptation, and is overpowered. He indulges what he
believes to be his own appetite and the more
he drinks the more he wants. When he is overcome, he is crowded out of his body by the controlling entity, who takes possession and
enjoys a drunk at the expense of his victim.

A love for gambling, intense sex desire,
civic wrongs, and all kinds of crimes are often
traceable to what many persons c all "spirit
control" -- but actually were instigated by a
dweller on the threshold.

It is impossible for ignorant or semi -ignorant persons to investigate the psychic realm
without being more or less influenced by it.
MAY, 1962 The ABERREE 11