Volume 9, Issue 2, page 17

at the Duke University parapsychology laboratory, who
scored 100% in calling their
cards, etc. She was given a
complete medical examination,
given corrective treatment for
what was discovered to be a
thyroid condition, and on subsequent tests was entirely
'normal' and unable to score
more than any average person.
"During a period of severe
illness, I experienced a similar psychic ability for a period of about 60 days, and many
people.., are born with this
kind of abnormality and are
otherwise little more than
crude animals. In other words,
psychic ability and spirituality are not one and the same
thing. A person who descends
to such crude attacks as Louis
has in this instance, upon
people who are sincerely trying
to find a close relationship
to the spark of God within
them, certainly does not bespeak spiritual development on
his part." -- W. Burton Essex,
Allendale, Ne J,
"The Government tried to
suppress my books by threatening to deny me the use of the
mails. An F. D. A. doctor was
the main witness against my
teachings, but his opinions
fell apart under cross-examination. I expect the decision
in that case to be in my favor. That will clear the way
for me to carry on my work
without fear of the A.M.A.,
or entrapment by undercover
agents, or interference by
anybody else. I expect to resume my healing work to prove
that what is regarded as incurable can in many cases be
cured. In time I hope to prove
that cancer can be cured by
regeneration. Good results were
obtained in curing arthritis.
Arthritis and heart trouble
are also degenerative ailments .
The highest medical authorities
in the land have a right to
their opinions, but their opinions individually or collectively cannot alter natural
truth. Mankind cannot evade
the punishment for the violation of natural laws." -- Morris
Xatzen, Cooks Falls, N. Y.
"In your March 1962 issue I
see where L. E. of Detroit,
Mich., asks Louis what books
to read. Louis recommends Peter
Hurkos's new book, 'Psychic'.
"My advice to Louis and L.
E. is to read the report published by the Belk Psychic Research Foundation of Miami,
Fla., that reveals the real
truth about Peter Hurkos. Hurkos proved to be a poor prophet, for most of his prognostications proved to be false.

MAY, 1962
"Many thanks for your prescription. I think I got the
point of the therapy -- I am to
make a 'long nose' at the various 'experts'. Yesterday, I
went to see the psychiatrist,
and then I noticed that he was

"It looks like the whole
world is full of crooks. Yesterday I got a Safe Driver
Award, suitable for framing.
'Be it known that George W.
Lagus is hereby presented... '.
But one thing is wrong with it.
I have never owned a car nor a
driver's license. The whole
thing is a trick of a car insurance company.
thing is a trick of a car insurance agency." -- George W.
Lagus, San Antonio, l'exas.
"I like you. You give me a
choice of material from which
I select the best for me.
"The best of all in your
last (March) issue was where
Louis answered on the question
'How do we distinguish between
spiritual and material.' The
answer was and is: 'All is
spirit, or spiritual. Hence,
material is spirit that can be
seen and felt. Thus, everything is One -- namely the Father.'
"Many other articles have
been eye-openers for me.
"I'd like to tell you something. In Holland, right now,
Yet he is excellent in telep- ill. His eyelids started to
athy. In trance he predicted twitch and he gave me a bottle
his own death for Nov. 17, of pills. 'Try this,' he said.
1961, which did not happen... He as usual didn't give me the
"Louis should look deeper slightest instructions for use.
into others' lives before rec- So I had to ask him for the
ommending them or their works little details (his samples
to anyone else. My own ESP an- never have any printed direcalysis reveals that Peter tions.) Some time ago he gave
Hurkos is not half the great me some other stuff with the
wonder he wants the world to words, 'Try this'. When I arbelieve. Certainly he has solved rived home, I realized I didn't
murder cases, that is his know how much to take, how
special gift and field, and in many times, so I decided I'd
that field he should stay. Why take it three times a day.(ED.
try to be something you are NOTE -- Which was twice as safe
not? as taking it six times a day.
"It also seems that Louis Another use for most pills is
stuck his neck out on a limb to feed them to the goldfish,
in the December 1961 issue of bury the goldfish, and grow an
The ABERREE in his fantastic organic garden on the spot. A
predictions on Page 5. My ad- better way might be to bury
vice to Louis is to stop copy- the doctor -- he'd make more coming the prophecies and thoughts post -- but Ithink there's a law
of others, and use his own against something like this.)
brain. I also went to see a Yogi
"As for myself, I am far who came here from Chicago. He
from perfect, and will admit also treated me. I felt only
it openly. I have made mistakes slight benefits, but he sure
in the past. But in my psychic helped himself. He is 80 years
work -- which I place above men- old, yet has the physique of a
eye -I have corrected these mis- much younger man. Only his
takes and work only in my cho- face shows his age. When he
sen field of ESP analysis -- put his hands on me, I was rewhich is proven by actual, lieved, but the mysterious illeveryday tests to be 95%, 99%, ness soon came back. He sure
and often 100% correct. In that emphasized with great joy that
field I shall stay. I leave his life expectancy of 150
prophecy, telepathy, and other years is going to cost a lot
psychic phenomena to others, of money to the Soc. Sec. Adm.
"It's about time the Gov- He then beat his chest so vigernment passed laws to clamp orously that I got scared. When
down on the frauds and phonies a book dropped to the floor,
in these fields of psychic phe- he beat me to it and swiftly
nomena. Too many phony-balonies picked it up with great youthare making millions on books, ful
courses, and thoughts that are
useless to those who purchase
them. Let's clean house and
get at the truth, instead of
accepting every two-bit psychic
that places advertisements for
the public to spend their hardearned money on, and receive
nothing in return.
(ED. NOTE -- Let's have no
new laws, please, unless we
first set up safeguards that
make it essential that law enforcement agencies first know
what they 're doing. Too many
laws today protect the guilty
and persecute the innocent.)
"I will put my ESP analysis
work up against any other psychics in the business. I will
put it up for investigation to
any Government or psychic test
-- when others will do the
same." -- Vern J. Texter, Chestertown, N. Y.