Volume 9, Issue 2, page 16

Hubbard and 'Excalibur' plus
the article about, Arthur Burks
are tops on our list of what we
like to read about in your publication. The life and works of
these men make fascinating
reading. Can we expect more
details about both of them?
"You probably read the latest P.A.B. from Saint Hill .
It hit the bottom of the CDEI
(Curiosity, Desire, Enforce,
Inhibit) scale. How do you reconcile the fact that the man
capable of writing the 'Factors' has reached so low an ebb
as to demand the following: 'I
herewith forbid classes and
authorize only one daily seminar. I forbid more than the
above to be taught in any Academy. I forbid as well length
of time present to operate as
any criteria of the skill of
an auditor.'?
reading too. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED is too good to leave out.
Looks like you better just
keep up the whole darned mag.
We like it." -- Carl and Lorraine Harr, Portland, Ore.
"Morris Katzen's ideas are
not scientific, but I doubt
that his books violate postal
regulations. Many postal investigations involve complaints
from dissatisfied customers whc
demanded but were refused cash
refunds. In my own book sales,
I follow the Sears Roebuck
policy of satisfaction or money back. However, we often get
letters lambasting us for not
sending something that the
confused purchaser a c to ally
ordered from someone else. And
some send remittances without
enclosing name or address or
any clue of origin beyond the
mailing postmark. We put such
orders in a special file, for
we know that after a time a
postal inspector will come in
with a letter complaining that
we're bad, bad boys who took
the complainant's money and
sent nothing. So we're glad to
see the postal inspectors;
they're good Joes.
"And a word about the U.S.
Dept. of Health and Welfare
and its Food and Drug administration. Without the FDA, the
flood of toxic fakes in the
drug stores would be appalling. A lot of bad items are
sold anyway, as the FDA is
sadly understaffed. The FDA has
thrice been here at our place
and inspected our electropsychometer for labeling, safety
to user, accuracy of claims,
validity of certifications,
etc. There is a $10,000 fine
for any FDA inspector indorsing anything, so he cannot indorse, but gives us a certificate bearing the single word,
'Inspected' which is govern- is not afraid. A vicious sinment cryptese for 'OK'. ner may study any of the sci" Dr. Taller's book presents ences for the purpose of maka tremendous breakthru in ing money to gain power. Many
weight reduction by the dis- have deeply studied the Bible
closure that carbohydrate mo- for the sole purpose of provlecules, that is, those of ing it a book of contradicstarches and sugar, burn or tions.
oxidize in a dirty mode with a "If by advanced perception,
residual slag that goes into the author means a phase of
fat deposits, while some types clairvoyance, I would say that
of protein and fat molecules these lessons (sight unseen)
oxidize completely and do not will not bring fulfillment. I
go to body fat. This explains would even challenge the author
why some fat people go onto with not being able to demona starvation diet of 1000 strate advanced perception.
calories a day and still gain "Not one of the metaphysiweight. I use Dr.Taller's con- cal schools has at its head, on
cepts exclusively now in all its staff, or in the memberweight-reducing self -hypno ship, one person who can dempersonalized tapes, and the onstrate clairvoyance, adresults are most gratifying. vanced perception, or qualify
The FDA has bought and paid as 'clear', L. R. H. included.
for samples of all my books My address is 1310-A S. 37th
and tapes, and have registered St., Milwaukee 15, Wis., headno objections. quarters for debunking false
"So, I have no problems psychic claims -- for free!" --
just now, and I'm not mad at Jacob Apse l, Milwaukee, Wis.
anybody any more -- not even o 0 0
Hubbard! Maybe a result of my "In the December issue, betape-using habit. I use my own latedly received, under 'Brink
medicine." -- Volney G. Mathison, of a New Era' by Louis, I was
Los Angeles, Calif. mildly amazed to learn that
0 0 0 Louis is also an accomplished
"my sister who lives in astrologer, mouthing no less
Chicago wrote and asked me to than the ancient 2,000-yearcall on Mrs.Emy Corday, to buy old myth of the forthcoming
two combs, one for herself and 'Aquarian Age'. He is even so
her husband ... I have a hair kind as to give us the date.
problem, and my sister thought "Since astrology, at some
it a good idea to consult her. time in the history of human
"Mrs. Corday gave me some life on this planet, was a
lessons and put me on the right science comparable to electritrack... Our mother used to cal engineering today, and
take these treatments in Chi- since the basic premise upon
cago. I was searching for some- which that science was computed
one who knew about this meth- has been lost for thousands of
od, and to my great surprise, years as a result of some kind
discovered it in your maga- of kaleidoscopic upheaval of
zine." -- Cathleen Trask, New this earth which wiped out DosPork, N. Y. sibly whole continents and
(ED. NOTE -- No one should be surely an overwhelming portion
surprised at ANYTHING they of the then-existent mankind,
discover thru The ABERREE.) I am sure (in view of all
0 0 0 this) that we should all be
"Your March auditorial is impressed by Louis's remarkaAlphia at his best. I could ble divinations. The only flaw
easily select more than half a is that you can pick up any
dozen potent slogans from it current magazine and find the
to bestir sluggish thinking. same drivel, in better presen"To pinpoint what I mean, I tation even.
will select two for further "The only truth Louis has
meditation by ABERREE readers: ever stated is that anybody
1. 'A belief is only a poor car- could do what he does. With
bon copy of someone else's this I heartily agree.
opinions.' 2. 'True emancipa- "In the March ABERREE is an
tion will never come until man emotional attack on Subud by
has freedom from beliefs.' Louis. In this instance, Louis
"It astonishes me, however, exposes himself...
that the same person who wrote "What Louis is purveying as
the above also wrote the intro- spirituality is a genuine demduction to 'Advanced Percep- onstration of psychic ability,
tion' by H.S.Schroeppel on Pg. which can be induced by Yoga
7. This is the 'warning' and exerbises, by various chemical
caution that these lessons are compounds, of which peyote is
'not to be treated lightly or a mild form, thru mild herdelved in by the curious for maphroditism, or thru a conquestionable goals.' genitally defective thyroid.
"I can guarantee that no An example of this was a young
harm will come to anyone who highschool teacher, examined
16 The ABERREE MAY, 1962