Volume 9, Issue 2, page 14

God -- and with God all things Penney's. I like a loose garSee :,. are possible. Ilike what Gurd- ment such as this, then I can
jieff had to say on miracles: read from the seven centers of
"A miracle is the manifestation my bodY.
-~ in this world of the laws of ï
another world."
DEAR LOUIS -- Someone saw
0 ,4 ï pink in my aura recently. What
does that mean? -- K.N.' Little
ti_ .- DEAR LOUIS -- How can we thank
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you and your column in The ABERREE. You have changed our DEAR K. N. -- You can't pick
YeLi whole outlook on life. Will we out a specific color and give
sell our business? -- M.T., Hol- it a great deal of importance;
lyuood, Calif. you must read the total patDEAR M.T. -- Living on Cloud tern. However, pink is usually
By "LOUIS" Nine is fine, but -- you need to indicative of carnal love, debalance it with Cloud Six pending upon the shade and de(Send your questions direct to which is the negative aspect, gree of intensity. Also, it is
LOUIS, 1411 East Missouri, Phoenix, the first thing that shows up
Ariz., enclosing a stamped, self- Thus, you form the ying and in a woman's aura to indicate
addressed envelope. For those who yang. Your business is brand pregnancy.
wish personal replies, a minimum new, and you have not given it ï
contribution of $2 per question a chance. Don 't be foolish and DEAR LOUIS -- I have read of
should be included.) sell at this time, for you're the number 999; does this have
involved in a good thing.

DEAR LOUIS -- How many psych- special meaning at this time?
is powers do you have? -- N.Y., ï You write of the Golden Age
Racine, Wis. DEAR LOUIS -- As I visualize we're in -- is 999 and the Golden
Really, now -- There is no you answering questions, I see Age the same? -- B. H., Lancaspower other than the Father; you in a white robe, eyes ter, England.
there are no gifts that all do closed, you hold the envelopes DEAR FRIEND -- The nine is the
not have. Anyone can do what I to your head, then without key to the total pattern -- for
do, if they will but do it. We reading them you answer them. It is written: "Nine are the
are all channels of the Father Your robe interests me -- is it interlocked dimensions, a n d
if we will only be STILL and from the White Brotherhood?
nine are the cycles of space,
KNOW. P. G., Dallas, Texas. nine are the diffusions of cone DEAR FRIEND -- You did quite sciousness, and nine are the
DEAR LOUIS -- What is your well as to the process I use in worlds within worlds -- yes,
thinking on miracles? I be- answering letters. But Honey nine is the master of the cy -
lieve in them -- do you? -- D.F., Child, on the robe, I'll let Iles that come from above and
Los Angeles, Calif. You in on a secret -- the robe below." Yes -- we are in the
DEAR FRIEND -- I believe in is white and it came from J.C. age of nine.
terpret the Cosmic taw of rec- admitted. They are now deiprocity, or cause and effect. spised! "
Much enlightenment on the The author also reminds us
sibyl subject is found in the of the plastic, wooden, and
author's divination, page 35, marble statues of the Virgin
where he says, "The Fathers of Mary, Mother of God, found in
the Christian church, in the the Roman Catholic church,
Second and still more fre- which are comparable in purquently, in the Third Century, pose to those originally used
refer to passages of the sib- in the temples of Artemis, the
"DIVINATION, Ancient and Mod- ylline verses and depend upon Great Mother of Nature. The
ern"; by John H. Manas, B.Sc., them as prophetic messages, huge dome of Saint Sophia in
Ph.D., F.C.S., 298 pp., B.Sc., from these highly revered and Constantinople rises above the
Pythagorean Society, 152 West God-inspired prophetesses of columns of green jasper which
the ancient world." once stood in the temple of
42nd, New York, SN. Y. ociety,
And then, "Godfrey Higgins, Artemis in Ephesus; and Emperor
Dr. John H. Manas tells us the well-known English writer Justinian, the builder of the
that the art of divination is in his Anacalypsis, Volume 1, great temple of Christendom,
as old as man himself. In the Page 56 , writes on this im- ordered these columns taken
beginning, with his limited portant subject of the sibyl- down and brought to Constantiknowledge of nature's unseen line verses as follows: 'By nople. In the great church in
forces, man became fearful and the expression, the sibyls, was Pisa, Italy, two pillars were
desired to know beforehand, if generally meant a collection of also transported from Ephesus.
possible, what was going to books, written partly in very The occult student and layhappen to him, either thru the early and partly in later times man alike will find a wealth
wrath or the benevolence of by female prophetesses bearing of knowledge in a nutshell in
the gods. This necessitated that name. In the earliest this scholarly presentation of
him to think for himself and time of Christianity, they were a fascinating and mysterious
to seek help from those spir- considered by the Fathers of subject -- and find that there
itually advanced souls who had the church as of the very first are now as of old all grades
become, by earned merit, ad- importance, in fact of such of seers on all planes of bevisers, leaders, counselors, very great importance, that the ing.

sibyls, and oracles. Christian religion might be The reader who delights in
We learn from this fasci- considered almost to be found- illustrations will find many
nating account that the first ed upon them, and by most of beautiful pictures in divinaseers and prophets of recorded the early Fathers their genu- tion -- especially photographs of
history were the sibyls, who ineness was not only neverdis- the frescos of Michelangelo. --
Jiad earned the ability to in- puted. but it was expressly -- Alberta M. O'Connell