Volume 9, Issue 2, page 20

The $1-a-Year
Starting this month, The ABERREE
is putting the crown back on the '<..:
head of King Dollar.i
Any subscriber, at the time of ;, -
renewal -- OR, if he already is osid
up in advance -- can send The ABERREE .. t~
for a year to a friend, relative, or $
even enemy, anywhere in the United
States or Canada All we ask is that the person
receiving your gift be someone not
now a subscriber -- and that your bwn
subscription be current at the regular rate of $2.00 per year. If you
are now a oaid-uo subscriber, it is
not necessary to extend your subscription -- just send in a dollar
for each person you want the magazine sent to as a gift -- with their
name and complete address.:`.

There is no limit to the number
of gift subscriptions any subscriber can send in -- as long as none of
them is now a subscriber. In the past, this offer has been
limited to our summer Christmas
season -- but in extending our offer
to cover the entire year, we are
joining the Supreme Court in ending
segregation and preferential treatment
for any designated months.

If you enjoy The ABERREE, think
how much pleasure you may be bringing
to someone who doesn't know
about it -- or, maybe, has been borrowing your magazine even before
you've had time to
read it. After a year,
they'll probably send
in their own renewal,
and you'll have your '. `
own copy to enjoy,or
file, or wrap sand- ,s /
wiches in, when you t, x

PLEASE NOTE -- We reserve the right to
withdraw this special $1.00 gift offer at
any time -- which may be necessary if postage rates continue their inflationary
spiral. Also, we are sorry ue can't extend this offer to cover foreign subscribers, but high postage rates make
such a reduction impossible.
20 The ABERREE MAY, 1962