Volume 9, Issue 2, page 6

the changing interplanetary positions, are
often observable physically and always discernible psychologically in the individual's behavior pattern.

As for the fixed zodiac being 30 degrees out
of phase with the tropical zodiac -- all astrological work is based on the tropical zodiac,
which is merely a means of measuring our time:
days, months, and years, with relation to our
rotation and orbit around the sun. The socalled "fixed" zodiac came into existence somewhere in the 1500's, when some ancient works
of Ptolemy were unearthed which had accidentally
escaped destruction when the vast stores of
human history and knowledge were being burned
by the Christian church fathers during the time
they were busy setting up the Bible as the only
source of knowledge permitted to mankind. Among
Ptolemy's papers were found old astrological
charts and since many astrologers of that period as well as astrologers of today were interested in finding the basic fixed zodiac from
which mundane astrological calculations are
computed, these charts were seized upon as representing the basic positions of the fixed zodiac, when in reality these charts were nothing
more than current astrological charts using
the tropical zodiac of Ptolemy's time, The fixed
zodiac is still historically unknown. However,
in our work, "Seasons of the Ages', we have
made a serious attempt to give a rational,
logical, re-creation of the original fixed zodiac. The actual star clusters which were used
by ancient peoples to identify and give dimensions to the fixed zodiac are still unknown.
The key constellation could be Ursa Major or
Ursa Minor. The current fixed zodiac based on
these old charts of Ptolemy is truly fictitious
and had no dimension until recently, in this
generation, when astronomers, being embarrassed
by the lack of boundaries, decided to place
arbitrary boundaries thereon. Insofar as astrology is concerned, the fixed zodiac in use
today is meaningless.

The dire predictions of the Hindu astrologers received such wide publicity largely due
to the impending atomic war which has the whole
world in a hysterical state of mind. These
predictions were based upon the approximate
multiple conjunction of several planets in one
constellation, but since Jupiter was separated
from Mars and Saturn, effective reaction could
not be produced, and in normal times, this
grouping would have been given only nominal
attention. The grouping of a number of planets
in one constellation of the tropical zodiac
will unquestionably cause the thousands of
babies born in this period to have most difficult lives to live, and out of these thousands
it would be logical to expect a certain percentage to achieve some rather high degree of
spirituality in order to even cope with the
inner stresses that will be present within
their bodies. That this will result in some
new spiritual leader being born, as postulated
by some writers, I consider highly dubious. We
have been living in and are ending an age of
hypocrisy and hero worship, accompanied by a
rather universal desire on the part of the
people to be led by a heroic father-figure and
to lean upon the wisdom of others for their
every-day guidance and even basic subsistence.
We are entering an age of cold humanitarian
science, NOT the "Aquarian Age", which will
make anything that has to do with mythology,
hypocrisy, mysticism (embracing all organized
religions), highly unpopular, unacceptable,
and, during the early stages of this new age,
possibly banned by law, with perhaps a death
penalty for surveyors of mysticism. Into this
MAY, 1962
sociological climate, I can hardly anticipate
any kind of spiritual, sanctified creature becoming manifest.

One phase of astrology which I admittedly
have not thoroly pursued is occultations and
eclipses. The reason is, that writers on this
facet of astrology will invariably attribute
some effect or action to an eclipse or occultation weeks or months after the phenomenon has
passed and is no longer in effect. It has
been my observation that they could not possibly confirm their assumptions with observed
astrological positions and furthermore, were
they to use properly the astrological data
that is available, they would not have to resort to occultations and eclipses to explain
the effects.

All the answers and data relative to the
forces exerted by the planets of this solar
system on each other are far from known and
await intelligent men with rational minds who
will be willing to devote the necessary time
and study to the subject and who will do what
is done in all scientific investigations: set
up postulates and then proceed to either prove
and accept the postulates or disprove and discard them. With this in mind, the following is
a tentative postulate:
Since the sun is acknowledgedly the absolute
giver of all life and energy on this planet,
and since it is acknowledged that the planets
in this solar system do exercise a definite
gravitational force on each other and on this
earth, the energy from the sun is reflected to
the earth from the various planets and this
energy force is thereby altered by the size,
mass, composition, speed of rotation, and density of the planet involved. This fundamentally
solar energy as altered by the planets thereby
is in resonance with material on this earth --
each planet-altered (planetary) force covering
a section of the spectrum of atomic structure
of the earth. Thus, every particle of matter
on this earth is affected by interplanetary
relationships, the gravitational linkage being
the avenue by which this reflected energy
reaches the matter of this earth.

One factor of astrology which took me 20
years to accept was that astrological effects
operated only from a geocentric view, which
means that these forces affect matter on this
earth with relation to the line of sight and
not the heliocentric positions of the planets.
The line of sight, it should be noted, coincides with the gravitational stresses of this
earth in its orbit.

The only service that astrology can render --
and it is a very valuable service -- is to indicate in a broad and general way the pressures
and possibilities, or, let us say, ultimate
evolution of the living entity, or any project
or change in matter which can be termed as
having a beginning and ultimate ending. The
details of how a human life may unfold from
day to day and even hour to hour could theoretically be computed, but it would require a
battery of electronic computers to achieve
anything that would be remotely acceptable.

Anyone using astrology as a means to predict specific events should be looked upon
critically. Invariably, such an individual, if
he has any degree of accuracy whatever, has
the gift of some form of psychic or intuitive
faculty and is using astrology as the vehicle
to express his intuitions. Any astrological
chart which purports to be extremely specific
will positively not stand serious investigation, As stated before, it would require a