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NOVEMBER, 1959 * * Vol. VI, No. 7 for its founder. At least, he
g he is being creative, and occasRecusant Voice of The Infinites ionally taking responsibility
f o r Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn, for it . D i tto for all of the
Pluto, , and Zydokumzruskehen "ins", "isms", and "anities" .
They have their places in this
changing world, and will create certain effects for those
needing effects -- but no follower ever will be more than a
follower, no matter how many
hours he works at it, or how
long a string of whimsical
letters he picks up after his

Parenthetically, we might
tell those who doubt the above
statement that several of the
most degreed graduates of one
such school which insists it
has "all" the"answers", were
among the many who wrote us
seeking the name of a dealer
in a medicine made from flowers, which had little or nothing to do with the ideas on
which they had obtained their
degrees. 0 f course, it may
have been that they , too , had
ailing roses on which their
techniques were ineffective.
buld we recommend a study
of any of these systems? Yes,
why not -- if one can afford it.
Just because you are given a
taste of artichokes, and find
than appetizing, does not mean
you should go on a diet of artichokes. Your body will be
healthier, and your meals more
pleasant, by varying your' food .
So, too, will you be healthier
spiritually with broadened

Probably a more apt analogy
would be air. Those who close
their minds to other ideas are
closeting themselves with an
indeteainate supply of oxygen. For awhile, they may survive -- even enjoy a temporary
hysterical euphoria. Gradually, however, as the oxygen is
used up and the air becomes
more toxic, stupor follows.
They even forget that there is
fresh air outside the prison
they have made for themselves.
If they will only open the
windows, or, better yet, go
outside where the air can circulate purely and freely,, they
will find even contaminants so
diluted that they are almost

And what is true of air is
also true of ideas. Be open to
all, use what you can, and buy
none because someone else says
they're good for you. Maybe
they are - - but any goal not
your own is an aberration -- a
sack of stale air that can get
pretty stupefying if you bury
yourself in it.

If half the
world is trying
to sell a "secret of life",
by the law of mathematics that
leaves only half the world for
customers. But luckily, this
isn't an accurate division ,
even tho we often suspect such
a ratio may not be too far
away, as we survey the daily
offerings of books, magazines,
courses, and "new discoveries"
in our mail -- to say nothing of
the advertisements in FATE,
OBSERVER -- to name only a few
of the "exchanges" that cater
to such things.

Which must be pretty frustrating to anyone who considers himself a "student on the
path", who has been taught
from childhood that "man has
but little time" -- and so much
to be done. Even tho the student has revolted at other
dogmatisms of these negative
forces, some of these ideas
implanted during infancy, or
religious hypnosis, still bear
enough subconscious force that
the search for "truth" becomes
almost a frenzy. Apparently,
the half of us who are "customers" rush from one "dealer"
to another, hoping to find
quickly the "open sesame" to
Heaven, health, wealth, and
the everlasting life.

Man has spent the part of
" eternity" that is past becoming what he is -- yet he thinks
he can be changed within a
week or so to a perfect being
who can enjoy the rest of
"eternity" at no cost of suffering, disappointments, or

We may be wrong, but we
don't believe there's a single
ideology -- in book or course --
on the market that's going to
do anything of the kind for
anybody -- not even the promoter!
One of the questions most
often asked us -- and which accounts for almost half of our
heavy correspondence load -- is:
"What will Blankology (and
they name any one of a dozen
or so well-advertised 'systems' l do for me?" And it isn't with pleasure that we, in
all hone sty , feel forced to
reply: "Nothing. Absolutely
Of course, we know that not
many to whom we write this
will believe us; that they're
not seeking advice, they're
wanting approval of a course
of action probably already decided upon . Having taken the
step , actually or by decision ,
they don't want to assume responsibility for that step. If
they do take an expensive or
time-consuming course of study,
and nothing happens , they need
someone on whom to place the
blame for "getting me into

By failing to recommend any
of these ologies, we are not
condemning them, because they
must have SOME value or they
wouldn't exist. However, the
person who becomes a "believer"
and a "follower" has closed
the valve on the pipeline of
his own creativity. He no
longer looks within, he looks
without -- at what someone else
has created. He becomes an
effect"- -not " cause". He is
not looking to see what he can
do , but to see what can be
done FOR him.
"Blankology" is wonderful --